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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTELLATIONS

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Hercules, 120:by Life which pervades them all". The Constellations and Stars The three constellations in closeHercules, 120:all". The Constellations and Stars The three constellations in close proximity to that of VirgoHercules, 120:an animal plus a god. This is the lowest of the constellations and it is notable that Hercules,Hercules, 128:Over and over again on this journey round, the constellations are all harmonious, good and for aHercules, 137:Libra at-one with its opposite sign, Aries.) The Constellations and the Stars There are threeHercules, 137:The Constellations and the Stars There are three constellations in Libra, all of special interest.Hercules, 138:Libra, interpretations and understanding of the constellations are difficult, but provocative ofHercules, 153:That is the underlying story of Scorpio. The Constellations and the Stars Taurus, which is theHercules, 153:fly back from whence he came. There are three constellations connected with this sign which areHercules, 161:pilgrim has found his way home. Two Gates, Three Constellations Sagittarius is the little gate toHercules, 162:himself from soul. Will you take those three constellations as your symbol: Cygnus, Aquila andHercules, 166: The Labors of Hercules - Labor IX Three Constellations There are three constellations connectedHercules, 166:- Labor IX Three Constellations There are three constellations connected with this sign, the threeHercules, 167:desires, and wisdom. And hovering over two other constellations: Aquila, spirit; and Cygnus, theHercules, 175: The Labors of Hercules - Labor X Constellations There are three constellations connected with theHercules, 175:- Labor X Constellations There are three constellations connected with the sign Capricorn. One isHercules, 187:bear any adequate concept. Decanates, Rulers and Constellations Aquarius, like other signs, isHercules, 190:the way for his own later work. There are three constellations in Aquarius. The Southern Fish,Hercules, 200:the chained woman. We have three women among the constellations, Cassiopeia in Aries representingHercules, 216:path (the ecliptic). It contains the twelve constellations, which constitute the twelve signs ofHercules, 216:The movable or natural Zodiac is a succession of constellations forming a belt of 47 degrees inHercules, 216:retrograde movement through a circle of constellations which lie near the ecliptic. The Zodiac isHercules, 216:each, corresponding loosely to the twelve constellations of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo,Hercules, 216:A Life Epitome. Alan Leo tells us also: "...the constellations are groups of fixed stars, theHercules, 216:the 'motion' of the sun through space, makes the constellations appear to move forward against theHercules, 217:by Alan Leo in the following: [217] "The twelve constellations form the Zodiac of the whole solarHercules, 217:of the precession, the far greater circle of the constellations passes across the earth'sHercules, 217:days, because during that period all the twelve constellations rise and set once." Ibid, p. 167 TheHercules, 217:and the lesser. The former comprises the twelve constellations through which the sun and planetaryHercules, 217:25,000 years. The latter is the same circle of constellations through which the earth appears toHercules, 218:progression around and around this vast belt of constellations. The idea of eternal recurrence andHercules, 219:system as it passes in and out of the various constellations. If this is a fact, and if we can getHercules, 221:[221] One other instance of the effect of the constellations upon our Christian faith might beHercules, 222:[222] The Cardinal Cross, consisting of the four constellations: Aries - Creation, commencement.Hercules, 222:The Fixed Cross, consisting of the four constellations: Taurus Illumination. Mind. LeoHercules, 222:Mutable or Common Cross, consisting of the four constellations: [223] Gemini The interplay betweenMagic, 46:etheric web of life. The solar web of life. The constellations of the Zodiac appear to have a realMagic, 434:research. They emanate from the twelve constellations which form our solar zodiac. Their effect isMagic, 437:focus their energy through one or other of the constellations and [438] subsequently one or otherMagic, 438:sacred planets, corresponding to the twelve constellations, but the time is not yet. Our solarMagic, 438:is this meeting of the energies of two types of constellations in the case of the man who isPatanjali, 277:of the zodiac, that is, from their corresponding constellations. These points are enumerated toPatanjali, 303:relation of our solar system to the other six constellations which (with ours) form the seven forcePsychology1, 58:basis for astrology and for the effect of the constellations upon the solar system and thePsychology1, 136:the solar system as a whole, and from certain constellations (embodied Lives) with which our solarPsychology1, 153:example, esoterically. The relation of the constellations to the solar system, which is the basisPsychology1, 153:under the astrological control of, the twelve constellations whose energies are contacted by ourPsychology1, 154:coming from The seven solar systems. The twelve constellations. Each ray passes these energiesPsychology1, 154:from the seven solar systems and the twelve constellations. This blend of energies, working onPsychology1, 160:[160] which are seen as emanating from the seven constellations, the ten planets, and the twelvePsychology1, 332:the ray forces do not come from the twelve constellations of the zodiac, but emanate primarily fromPsychology1, 332:system, and which themselves come from the seven constellations which form the body ofPsychology1, 332:Be Said. Our solar system is one of these seven constellations. This is the world of Deity Itself,Psychology1, 395:a trifling incident in the affairs of the seven constellations, of which our solar system is butPsychology2, 196:certain angles, the circle of twelve signs or constellations constitutes a special unity whichPsychology2, 232:instinct to synthesis underlies all universes, constellations, solar systems, planets, and kingdomsRays, 228:at this time, conditioned by three great constellations: Aquarius - The Custodian of that "lifeRays, 229:It has been produced by the past. As these three constellations pour their energies into the greatRays, 268:seventh ray and draws the needed energy from two constellations: Cancer and Gemini. The Act ofRays, 269:second ray, drawing the needed energy from the constellations Capricorn and Aquarius. The Act ofRays, 269:the seven sacred planets, and six of the major constellations - the three and the six which mostRays, 269:kingdom in nature. Other planets and other constellations are also related to the human family, butRays, 270:5. Two interlaced triangles, created by the six constellations from which the three Buddhas ofRays, 324:we took into consideration the influences of the constellations and planets upon the man and uponRays, 324:of esoteric astrology; the rays, the signs, the constellations and the planets are all of themRays, 330:about the various nations, their governing [330] constellations and their planetary rulers. ThisRays, 330:and the energies pouring through them from the constellations which they "rule" in the esotericRays, 550:to energies emanating from the twelve zodiacal constellations. [551] The end of the Piscean Age.Reappearance, 153:it pursues its orbit in the Heavens (the twelve constellations of the zodiac). Astronomical andReappearance, 156:of the nature of a particular constellation or constellations influencing those months. ForTelepathy, 43:after due preparation. From one or other of the constellations which are at any particular timeTelepathy, 178:systemic and planetary and is related to the constellations, to the worlds of suns, to the mostTelepathy, 179:indwelling Lives of the Universe, of the many constellations, of the distant stars, of our solar
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