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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTITUTE

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Astrology, 6:nature and of humanity as a whole - these will constitute the major part of our theme. [7] Astrology, 10:totality, along with the etheric body of the sun constitute the etheric [11] body of the solarAstrology, 13:to remember that the twelve constellations which constitute our particular zodiac are themselvesAstrology, 22:and of all monads, souls and personalities who constitute the planetary body of expression. ThisAstrology, 31:trends which are already established and which constitute the line of least resistance. The risingAstrology, 31:else over a period of seven lives. The last two constitute the Greater Zodiac. Disciples andAstrology, 57:collaboration, create man and, at the same time, constitute the field of his expression. Man isAstrology, 61:of Reorientation which may take a long time and constitute an interlude of many lives of struggle.Astrology, 87:be based upon the four previous ones and will constitute an interpretation of the future which willAstrology, 117:the [117] status of Themselves in so far as They constitute the fourth Creative Hierarchy. This isAstrology, 117:of service and the directed intention to serve constitute a scientific mode of achieving release.Astrology, 137:of Aquarius are of a peculiar interest. They constitute an effective group of planets and bring inAstrology, 137:the fourth ray and the fourth Creative Hierarchy constitute essentially one expression of truth. Astrology, 151:in themselves and in their relationship they constitute a complete unit. It is interesting to noteAstrology, 164:- Taurus, Gemini, Libra and Capricorn - constitute a potent quaternary of energies and between themAstrology, 179:and Pisces - you have the six signs which constitute the six pointed star of the human or fourthAstrology, 194:numbered in the twelve signs of the zodiac; they constitute another field of relationships: AriesAstrology, 199:the seven rays and their seven groups as these constitute the active Hierarchy. The Fixed Cross - aAstrology, 200:in Scorpio. Aquarius, Alcyone and Humanity constitute a most interesting triangle of force. AlcyoneAstrology, 202:of Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and the Pleiades; they constitute one of the greatest and more importantAstrology, 204:signs of the zodiac (which in a peculiar manner constitute the "zodiacal decanate") in each ofAstrology, 207:of wrong mental attitudes; to these (as they constitute a blended whole) we give the name of theAstrology, 210:and the great war between the dualities which constitute the man began. The pairs of opposites wereAstrology, 232:are polarized mentally and will take place and constitute the Judgment day, referred to above. OfAstrology, 233:For most aspirants in the early stages, sex does constitute a fundamental problem. Esoterically,Astrology, 247:beginning in Aries. Aries, Libra and Aquarius constitute therefore another triangle of power whichAstrology, 257:and - as you also know - the four energies which constitute this Cross (for the three Crosses areAstrology, 266:it should be noted that: Leo-Libra-Capricorn - Constitute the triangle of the Father or willAstrology, 266:triumphant achievement. Cancer-Virgo-Pisces - Constitute the triangle of the Mother or matterAstrology, 274:for me to consider in this treatise. It will constitute the astrology of the future and will beginAstrology, 276:in a normal manner; the myriads of lives which constitute the form are conditioned by the signs ofAstrology, 305:- human, planetary, systemic and cosmic - and constitute the life pattern of the particular BeingAstrology, 320:of relationship (Gemini), and these constitute the triple incentive to the manifestation of man andAstrology, 327:carry forward the development of the lives which constitute the form through which divinity isAstrology, 348:the initiate whose intuition is functioning they constitute but six great potencies, because he hasAstrology, 363:transmitting those potencies which, with Gemini, constitute the Mutable Cross. These are the Moon,Astrology, 389:wheel. In a certain sense these six signs constitute two major triangles of force. I have hereAstrology, 395:or the initiate - who is born in this sign. Such constitute the difficulties with which he isAstrology, 414:and space, man discovers this to be true and to constitute a law in nature, and it might be saidAstrology, 418:of the basic elements and thus qualified. These constitute a series of basic triangles with aAstrology, 419:on Cosmic Fire, these four groups of stars constitute the manifested aspect or personality of aAstrology, 450:this Capricornian influence most easily. It will constitute a line of least resistance, offeringAstrology, 454:note that the three lower kingdoms in nature constitute in themselves a triangle of force and areAstrology, 458:through the other three and they, therefore, constitute the higher points of their respectiveAstrology, 468:of manifestation, of spirit-matter, as they constitute one substance. But, in its relation toAstrology, 474:into the world of meaning and of reality. They constitute the keynote or the motif of each of theAstrology, 487:sacrifice. In a peculiar sense, these three constitute a triangle of initiation and are ofAstrology, 559:which brought the solar system into being; they constitute the three major and syntheticAstrology, 599:liberating members of the human family who will constitute the nucleus around which the third solarAstrology, 602:of these seven Rays are, therefore, as they constitute the revelation of seven Great Beings:Astrology, 621:expressions of the will-to-good and, therefore, constitute the line of least resistance for theAstrology, 639:of the Great Bear and of the Pleiades constitute the greatest mystery of occult nature." (S.D. Vol.Astrology, 645:26. "Mercury and Venus, the Sun and the Moon constitute the 'Guardian angels of the four corners ofAstrology, 670:of form, the sun and the seven chief planets constitute one active potency." (S.D. Vol. II, 27)Atom, 39:gathered together in certain forms, the atoms constitute animals of the lower order. Finally theyAtom, 64:myriads of lesser lives and intelligences which constitute his physical, his emotional, and hisAtom, 147:the sphere of its influence the [147] atoms that constitute the different bodies, mental,Autobiography, 11:things which must not pass unrecognized. They constitute the great conditioning factors of life.Autobiography, 213:and today both the 31st and the 32nd floors constitute the headquarters of the Arcane School, ofAutobiography, 224:with him and the many years of work with him constitute one of the outstanding happy factors in ourAutobiography, 239:of Christ. The other full moons in each month constitute lesser festivals in which certainAutobiography, 284:emotional nature and the vital, physical person constitute one functioning unity, then the man isAutobiography, 287:development; the graded order of Beings Who constitute the Hierarchy are regarded by us asAutobiography, 290:is best summed up in the following lines which constitute the blueprint upon which he is asked toAutobiography, 298:with me the knowledge of certain essentials that constitute our esoteric background as a group. WeBethlehem, 22:in the past thus worked, agonized and attained, constitute a long chain, reaching out of theBethlehem, 88:unfolds and awakens. In their totality they constitute his "response apparatus," as theBethlehem, 91:imminent revelation of the coming century will constitute the foundation upon which the future willBethlehem, 91:story of history; but curiously enough, ideas constitute the one unpredictable element of theBethlehem, 92:in human form, and, thus manifested, could constitute a possibility for all men. His life was theBethlehem, 118:disciples and aspirants have to face, and which constitute in their entirety the world in which weBethlehem, 119:for the flesh, the world and the devil, which constitute the threefold test that confronts everyBethlehem, 121:healing, seem a prostitution of reality, and constitute the temptation which Christ so triumphantlyBethlehem, 135:and to which we may all in due time aspire, constitute in themselves a living synthesis ofBethlehem, 137:initiations, the first, the third and the fifth, constitute the three syllables of the Word madeBethlehem, 182:are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, and they constitute pre-eminently the cross of the soul, theBethlehem, 184:We call them the four kingdoms of nature. They constitute, symbolically, the planetary reflectionBethlehem, 202:might be cited as a case in point. They constitute the boundary which ancient custom, ordainedBethlehem, 241:than the entire population of Great Britain, and constitute a large group of human beings who makeBethlehem, 244:form and quality, and these, rightly or wrongly, constitute that which is the Self, that which isBethlehem, 277:shall be satisfied." (Isaiah, LIII, 11.) We may constitute God's crucial experiment. The germ ofDestiny, 11:seventh ray and the outgoing sixth ray. They constitute, in their duality, the reactionary and theDestiny, 46:and dominant and because of this they definitely constitute today the major problem of theDestiny, 55:America, Russia and Brazil are all feminine and constitute the nurturing mother aspect. They areDestiny, 82:that the belief of the German race that they constitute the super-race, the intense nationalism ofDestiny, 93:than through the other three; they, therefore, constitute the higher points of their respectiveDestiny, 135:will be easily effective and will necessarily constitute the line of least resistance. ThisDestiny, 136:major initiations to these centers. These hints constitute a new line of thought. In thisDestiny, 140:implications become a reality and henceforth constitute the motivating impulse of the initiate'sDestiny, 144:Rays, through Their planetary Representatives, constitute a body of directing Forces inDiscipleship1, 11:of impressions kept. You should, therefore, constitute a group of active contemplative and theDiscipleship1, 19:however, be borne in mind that those forces also constitute a hierarchy of entities, constitutingDiscipleship1, 32:souls and the outer world of humanity. This will constitute an actual fusion or blending and willDiscipleship1, 35:- Part IV I have said that these groups constitute an experiment. This experiment is fourfold inDiscipleship1, 38:second ray and these - in their totality - will constitute this sixth group. [39] 7. The seventhDiscipleship1, 39:or intermediary between the energies which constitute the forces which construct the forms andDiscipleship1, 49:one group member (and perhaps several) who constitute a problem to themselves and to their groupDiscipleship1, 54:of you who are now working with me. These groups constitute the germ of a great experiment. IfDiscipleship1, 59:of you. Three things are of great importance and constitute your individual responsibility: 1.Discipleship1, 60:Contact, impersonality and love - these three constitute the individual objectives which I set
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