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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTITUTE

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Discipleship1, 71:earth) certain focal points of energy which can constitute magnetic centers or rallying points forDiscipleship1, 72:connection with them should be remembered: They constitute a unique experiment in the sense that -Discipleship1, 100:rhythms of the personality are stabilized and constitute your line of least resistance. You mustDiscipleship1, 101:beyond all that was believed possible. It will constitute a release, self-achieved andDiscipleship1, 133:however, indicate the three rays of energy which constitute your personality. As you already know,Discipleship1, 145:the Great Ones. They are not yet ready and would constitute poor stones in the building and weakDiscipleship1, 160:In this will lie the recognition of those who constitute the world group. Here D. R. S. is ofDiscipleship1, 177:its personnel is not yet complete; but it does constitute already a harbor of refuge upon the innerDiscipleship1, 184:the past. These cannot be evaded and frequently constitute - through their interplay in the life ofDiscipleship1, 185:without physical contact, and this should constitute your joyful service. joy is the most powerfulDiscipleship1, 185:exercise more directly useful, and, therefore, constitute a more adequate test.... There is needDiscipleship1, 188:you are responsible is relatively brief can constitute a glamor of a most handicapping nature. IDiscipleship1, 197:ray. The building of the antahkarana should constitute for you no real problem. Your astral body isDiscipleship1, 198:a review? What, in my estimation, would constitute a reviewing of my day with the idea of LightDiscipleship1, 230:tenor, choose six short passages which should constitute your seed thoughts for the next sixDiscipleship1, 234:both inner and outer, may not within itself constitute a hindering glamor, thus handicapping theDiscipleship1, 260:swell the numbers - small as yet - of those who constitute the "lighted points." To do thisDiscipleship1, 264:vibration to gather to themselves those who will constitute their own group, those whom they canDiscipleship1, 270:rapid spiritual reaction at all times should constitute the major emphasis from now on. I have toldDiscipleship1, 283:of ordered beauty in time and space must constitute your synthetic effort. Ponder [284] on theseDiscipleship1, 289:and in serving. The idea of freedom can itself constitute a prison. There are no free soulsDiscipleship1, 297:the increasing "lucidity" of the mind which must constitute the goal for all of you during the nextDiscipleship1, 298:"magnetic service"? These two papers will constitute your individual offering to your groupDiscipleship1, 335:for the present. The occult phrases which should constitute your subject of meditation during theDiscipleship1, 352:You have a sound grasp of the rays which constitute your equipment for this life but you need toDiscipleship1, 353:of thought and of awareness; they must constitute an integral part of the whole man, just as theDiscipleship1, 375:not the two things which you desire and which constitute your aim, and do you not require assuranceDiscipleship1, 384:has touched you not. It did not and would not constitute for you a test, but your test has been theDiscipleship1, 387:and under the law of normal development. It can constitute for you exactly what it is, and you needDiscipleship1, 395:an equally constant urge to serve and to help, constitute no simple problem. This problem, sheDiscipleship1, 402:OLD: You have lately been given work which will constitute for you an integrating point. Much canDiscipleship1, 422:(which you should keep in mind, and which will constitute a service to me and to the group) of fourDiscipleship1, 443:from this attitude. This will, in itself, constitute an arduous undertaking and will serve toDiscipleship1, 448:Order or Magic. The other energies which constitute your working material are all on the second rayDiscipleship1, 449:At the same time, your rays are such that they constitute a deep pool or well of lovingDiscipleship1, 450:or with failure, and yet that must be done. They constitute just as much a part of the expressionDiscipleship1, 453:The coming world religion and what should constitute its major and universal tenets. I would likeDiscipleship1, 465:the personal daily meditation. For you, they constitute your major service. My instructions to allDiscipleship1, 499:That is very good and this will ever constitute for you the rightful method of release, because itDiscipleship1, 533:I want the theme of loving understanding to constitute the focus of your attention. Forget not thatDiscipleship1, 545:than to yourself. This testing and its results constitute a responsibility, and open up avenues ofDiscipleship1, 611:but, my brother, it looks to me that this will constitute my last effort to assist you, for if thisDiscipleship1, 624:thought [624] for the next few months and should constitute the keynote of your meditation. You areDiscipleship1, 659:and crisis, do not warrant attention and constitute an easy tuning-in on glamor and illusion. YourDiscipleship1, 661:be true, my brother, but these statements do not constitute an alibi for what is wrong. The thingDiscipleship1, 664:and love of the group do most certainly constitute a powerful help and bring a sense of life andDiscipleship1, 665:clarified for you. The five ray potencies which constitute your problem (and, with the soul,Discipleship1, 665:constitute your problem (and, with the soul, constitute also the mechanism of service through whichDiscipleship1, 666:when you take up the group meditation it can constitute a preliminary exercise. Continue with theDiscipleship1, 696:and integral parts of the Ashram. Such disciples constitute a definite problem. The question nowDiscipleship1, 717:I say this is that they should be assumed to constitute part of the exoteric life expression of allDiscipleship1, 719:with the future, are likewise found. The three constitute one race of men and embody the whole ofDiscipleship1, 723:the physical plane - they are persistent and constitute one of the factors which produce:Discipleship1, 733:rightly interpreted and explained, they can constitute a series of graded revelations upon the WayDiscipleship1, 737:along the lines of the specific activities which constitute his intention. To achieve this vitalDiscipleship1, 755:group aura is influential, yet the two together constitute the group aura. When this initialDiscipleship1, 764:of technical interest, are purely academic and constitute simply word symbols of an inevitableDiscipleship2, 18:of seven great centers of energy which will constitute the group centers, fed and enlightened byDiscipleship2, 27:brothers standing with you. Then each of you can constitute himself, in imagination, as spokesmanDiscipleship2, 30:the world of men and the world of forms and they constitute the great chain of Hierarchy. TheDiscipleship2, 31:result of the inspired impulse; it must constitute the motivating impulse at the center of theDiscipleship2, 51:Approach is the Path which it is planned should constitute a more familiar symbol than has hithertoDiscipleship2, 73:kingdoms. It is this mechanism which [73] will constitute the bridge between the fourth and fifthDiscipleship2, 80:major, presented hierarchical intention must constitute the very groundwork of your life pattern.Discipleship2, 87:all over the world and as expounded in my books, constitute the foundational teaching of the ArcaneDiscipleship2, 87:part of the continuity of the Ageless Wisdom and constitute the latest emanation of the AgelessDiscipleship2, 93:is a matter easily rectified now; it does not constitute a fault, but only a karmic liability. IDiscipleship2, 96:the many actuating and incentive energies constitute a vast process of many interrelations andDiscipleship2, 103:to another. The forty-nine Ashrams which constitute the Hierarchy in this planetary period are someDiscipleship2, 108:setting, environment or milieu; they therefore constitute a problem in this preparatory cyclic eraDiscipleship2, 117:Humanity. These three recognized factors now constitute a definite and linked triangle of force.Discipleship2, 136:This coming externalization of the groups which constitute the Ashrams of the Masters (not yet ofDiscipleship2, 149:are only seven in number, and they will constitute his complete, new utterance. I have only beenDiscipleship2, 176:truly the result of intuitive perception, could constitute a useful book, giving the general publicDiscipleship2, 212:presentation of ideas appeal to them, and they constitute the active creative group who act as theDiscipleship2, 213:have studied the Science of Meditation, know to constitute its recognized stages, and note how eachDiscipleship2, 250:individuals in the group, and these, together, constitute and form the astral body of the group.Discipleship2, 250:planet and to the solar system. The concept must constitute the foundational idea in all reflectionDiscipleship2, 256:becomes at this stage increasingly close. They constitute essentially a pair of opposites whichDiscipleship2, 271:of the world initiates and disciples who constitute the Hierarchy of the time. Their plans, theirDiscipleship2, 276:with the awakening of the chela. These no longer constitute hints to the modern disciple; he knowsDiscipleship2, 321:hide. THE SUN - BLACK - ANTAHKARANA These words constitute, and when placed in their correct orderDiscipleship2, 353:in some form or other in human affairs and constitute a great obstruction (apparently andDiscipleship2, 412:The entire process was too easy and did not constitute a test of the disciple's intuition. WhenDiscipleship2, 449:disciple coming forth from my Ashram. This will constitute your cooperative contribution to theDiscipleship2, 451:which to meditate and which were intended to constitute [452] the theme of your meditation workDiscipleship2, 505:involved in each attained position should constitute another; the effect produced by each of themDiscipleship2, 506:modes of thought. This reflective work should constitute your meditation work in the future; itDiscipleship2, 517:and service; the two basic energies in reality constitute one great expression of divine planningDiscipleship2, 546:is no call, because such renunciation would constitute an error. I am giving you, therefore, aDiscipleship2, 550:the knowledge and the life of the Ashram which constitute in the last analysis what is meant byDiscipleship2, 576:of the teaching is of importance and should constitute the service of you and R.S.U. inDiscipleship2, 630:steady enrichment of your entire life. This will constitute a richly rewarding exercise and - couldDiscipleship2, 634:approach. Though there for others, for you they constitute no longer any concern. The way stretchesDiscipleship2, 659:like yourself (and they are fairly numerous and constitute some of the most promising material forDiscipleship2, 660:this, recognize your identity with all souls who constitute - in their entirety - the One Soul.Discipleship2, 712:Switzerland, must become more potent and should constitute three major points of light in theDiscipleship2, 750:carried forward year after year because they constitute your duty and life function and alsoDiscipleship2, 756:experience, will radiate from your life and thus constitute your major working asset. What is yourEducation, 4:creature we call a man. These three aspects constitute the most important part of his nature: [5]
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