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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTITUTE

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Glamour, 44:those on Cosmic Fire and White Magic. They will constitute a series of relatively short volumes,Glamour, 49:it, it certainly will. Whatever you decide will constitute, in its turn, an authoritative decisionGlamour, 49:obligations, and new relations to others. These constitute an authoritative control. None canGlamour, 71:past history, and world interrelations but constitute in themselves a glamorous condition out ofGlamour, 86:forces or impulses, plus the prana available, constitute the etheric body of the undeveloped andGlamour, 105:produced in that expression of divine existence constitute predisposing factors or initiatingGlamour, 115:the expression of the different forces which constitute a man's lower nature, of which he isGlamour, 117:or which he will easily attract, for they constitute the line of least resistance. The glamor thatGlamour, 128:as it should (even though it probably may not) constitute the major glamor of the members of thisGlamour, 135:and to the shutting out of the real, then they constitute an illusion for as long as they controlGlamour, 135:secondary and temporary principle; they can thus constitute a "forbidding dark cloud of rain" whichGlamour, 141:of daily life, are not natural to the soul and constitute eventually a condition which serves toGlamour, 151:hearts is rest. They run not here and there, but constitute a point of peace and rest. That whichGlamour, 154:of time the forces of the personality do not constitute a Dweller. The man is not on the thresholdGlamour, 182:a Custodian of a divine principle. These forms constitute true revelation, imparted or embodied;Glamour, 200:These likewise (strange as it may seem) constitute a glamor, for they are temporary and illusoryGlamour, 206:of its character. But all these revelations constitute one great unified revelation which is slowlyGlamour, 208:and by races, and these in their entirety constitute the astral plane and possess no inherent lightGlamour, 212:the three stages of focusing, referred to above, constitute a preparatory process. These threeGlamour, 242:part of the world of energies and forces which constitute the life expression of the planetaryHealing, 3:time let it not be forgotten that these four constitute one mechanism. Five percent of all modernHealing, 5:flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any particular form. It is interesting toHealing, 10:and based often on selfish desire? Do they not constitute [11] utterly meaningless sentences inHealing, 19:on life; there are also those tendencies which constitute a form of dangerous appetite, which leadHealing, 37:of the seven centers. [37] These centers, which constitute the quality aspects and theHealing, 48:is good and needed but should, with osteopathy, constitute a definite subsidiary technique to thatHealing, 67:All this is good and of help, but it does not constitute a basic cure, as its protagonists wouldHealing, 90:the intelligent usage of the future. This will constitute an entirely new science, and the rhythmHealing, 94:to do anything about it, as the forces which constitute the physical body, for instance, and whichHealing, 120:that diseases of the heart and of the nerves constitute their major problem. In this connection itHealing, 133:flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any Particular form. Law II Disease is theHealing, 139:all merge and blend into each other, and often constitute a formidable and confusing arena forHealing, 140:the vast number of energies and forces which constitute man's being and form his environment areHealing, 140:future civilization will be built. The glands constitute a great relating system in the body; theyHealing, 142:are very closely related to each other and constitute an interlocking directorate of energies andHealing, 149:of the way of matter and the way of spirit. They constitute symbolically, therefore, the two [150]Healing, 151:or before the first. These three planets constitute a most interesting triangle of forces and inHealing, 189:system are closely "related to each other and constitute an interlocking directorate of energiesHealing, 193:threefold system, plus the conveying stream, constitute a conscious problem and one which theHealing, 195:of the entire intricate network of nerves which constitute the nervous system. These counterpartsHealing, 195:in the Hindu philosophy, the "nadis"; they constitute an intricate and most extensive network ofHealing, 200:present within the circumference of the head, constitute the mechanism through which: The soulHealing, 243:the units of energy which, in their totality, constitute the atomic substance of the body; they areHealing, 275:through in previous incarnations, and thus constitute the patient's karmic liabilities or hisHealing, 276:and their effect upon the many organisms which constitute the whole man. Surgery will remainHealing, 280:with orthodox medicine that, in many cases, they constitute a definite and real danger to theHealing, 306:art than you do and about the energies which constitute the human body, but your point of view,Healing, 339:fear which has never materialized but which does constitute an idée fixe, so that the person is theHealing, 351:or a baby who is not normal. These cases constitute definite instances of an offsetting of the LawHealing, 361:therefore, is their opportunity and yours to constitute increasingly a channel for this force.Healing, 396:Ashram, even this process of integration will constitute no barrier. In the next few pages I willHealing, 408:into two stages: That in which the atoms which constitute the physical body are restored to theHealing, 441:and of this principle, death and service constitute two aspects. Service saves, liberates andHealing, 443:- Pages 301-302. Fear of death and depression constitute for man the Dweller on the Threshold inHealing, 444:in motion by an act of the spiritual will, and constitute the "resurrection principle which liesHealing, 458:dying man will be found to respond), may later constitute also a part of the ritual of transition,Healing, 496:awareness of process and purpose, in reality constitute the state of consciousness which has beenHealing, 523:to make his contacts in the three worlds which constitute his environment when in incarnation. TheHealing, 523:the fundamental Law of Essential Integrity. They constitute nine elaborations or aspects of thatHealing, 532:flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any particular form. Law II Disease is theHealing, 538:flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any particular form. [539] This lawHealing, 571:a-b-c of occultism but is sometimes forgotten) constitute the personality, and the friction isHealing, 576:however, he imposes upon himself, and they constitute the conditions which he is advised to followHealing, 587:hope, of the world. The energy and the forces constitute the sumtotal of all that is. This isHealing, 589:not that the seven planes of our solar system constitute the seven subplanes of the cosmic physicalHealing, 593:around these centers. [593] These in reality constitute the major conditioning factors for the massHealing, 599:and open to attacks upon the form aspect; these constitute part of the agelong action of evilHealing, 610:of a unit in one of the kingdoms which constitute His body of manifestation. There is still no trueHealing, 617:of the various glands to each other; these constitute an interlocking directorate of vitalHealing, 620:other centers, and these, with the above three, constitute the seven centers, or the sevenHealing, 624:Lords, who build and construct the bodies which constitute the personality; later, the law works inHealing, 689:mental plane is one of the three planes which constitute the cosmic dense physical plane; this is aHealing, 691:mental), together with the life principle, will constitute the atomic substance of the first bodyHercules, 6:onlooking, and the result of their attainment, constitute the Thrones, Principalities and PowersHercules, 29:the forces let loose through their combination, constitute a complete story which is full ofHercules, 31:of return, of inward-going, and the two together constitute the two arcs of the great circle ofHercules, 33:to the building of the form, which for ages will constitute the prison house of the soul. ThisHercules, 37:unkindness, love of gossip, and criticism constitute a large part of his thought content and thatHercules, Note t:Taurus is that of Scorpio, and these two signs constitute the [47] field of a stupendous effort onHercules, 48:can enter upon its right function; which is, to constitute a medium of expression and a field ofHercules, 50:where group realities and universal truths constitute its kingdom. The bull, to Hercules, typifiedHercules, 50:in the world of form which, in their totality, constitute the great illusion. The disciple, likeHercules, 52:associated, and a life of loving service: these constitute the ideals of the aspirant. A rightHercules, 53:of physical plane life. These divine aspects constitute the controlling factor and once they haveHercules, 85:sign to Cancer is Capricorn, and these two constitute the two gates, one being the gate into formHercules, 124:command goes forth in the following words, which constitute the activity of Virgo: "And the wordHercules, 216:It contains the twelve constellations, which constitute the twelve signs of the Zodiac, and fromHercules, 223:disciples, and of the average human being. They constitute the totality of the twelve signs. Initiation, 133:gainsaying that fiery energy and electric force constitute the sumtotal of all that is. He isIntellect, 12:the mechanism, upon the sumtotal of cells, which constitute the body and the brain, with theirIntellect, 40:the emergence of the new type, the soul, constitute the main distinction between the western andIntellect, 216:thousand four hundred and forty minutes which constitute a day, that they are not interested?Magic, 68:the constant pressure on each one from those who constitute their group, the complexity of theMagic, 202:bodies in which we, as souls, are functioning, constitute primarily energy bodies. They areMagic, 212:These two directions in which the soul looks constitute the world of its spiritual experience andMagic, 224:So the world war and its resulting effects constitute the Kurukshetra of the world Arjuna, and theMagic, 238:through the subjugation of the "Agnisuryans" who constitute his astral body and are the livingMagic, 243:the development of races and nations, and constitute the problem of the aspirant who has built forMagic, 252:power at work upon the energies which constitute his lower nature, until all is subordinated and heMagic, 276:the head center of humanity and their forces constitute the brain forces. On the physical plane are
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