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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTITUTE

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Magic, 276:in some way or other. They in their turn constitute what might be symbolically called the "pinealMagic, 277:family, the scientists, thinkers and artists constitute the pituitary body. They express theMagic, 279:on the potency of the inner builders, who constitute the subjective form and transmit theMagic, 281:These are due to the life of the cells which constitute the body. This cell life is responsive toMagic, 309:- and Depression - because these two fears constitute for man the Dweller on the Threshold in thisMagic, 310:and [310] for liberation, for these do not constitute for the majority such a problem as the firstMagic, 311:and those lunar pitris or lesser builders who constitute the sentient life of the personalityMagic, 312:disintegrates and then its particles [312] again constitute undifferentiated fragments of the greatMagic, 329:the subjective background of the new world; they constitute the spiritual nucleus of the comingMagic, 329:efforts, reinforce each other's message, and constitute an [330] organism through which theMagic, 367:that are not on mental levels at all but which constitute those from which the mental plane itselfMagic, 374:upon the human being and produce his unfoldment constitute his field of experience. Those two wordsMagic, 389:they are passed to us, through, or rather [389] constitute the bodies of, certain lives whom weMagic, 394:stage has been reached the three energies which constitute a personality have been successfullyMagic, 398:carry on the hierarchical work on earth and thus constitute a training [399] school for those whoMagic, 400:and all organizations and will [400] eventually constitute that oligarchy of elect souls who willMagic, 408:deity can be equally correct and in themselves constitute aspects of a truth which is greater andMagic, 410:working with the forces and energies that constitute the divine Life, dealing with the outerMagic, 414:philosophical, psychological or financial. They constitute part of the inner group of workers forMagic, 417:to form part of this slowly forming group. These constitute the nucleus of what will be some day aMagic, 421:it is that instinctive recognition of those who constitute part of this group when they meet andMagic, 432:Entity is the sum total of the forms which constitute the form through which the planetary SpiritMagic, 432:and mental forms, which, blended and fused, constitute our planet. Each is the embodiment ofMagic, 439:"the star will shine forth". This will constitute a new branch of psychology and its true exponentMagic, 460:in the human form (and they are few as yet), constitute literally the brain of the planetary life.Magic, 471:the word pronounced is to tell the lives which constitute the form "what to do and where to carryMagic, 476:blindly and without true realization; they constitute a part of the emerging activities of aMagic, 484:thought-forms which entirely surround him or constitute his mental aura, and will grow in strengthMagic, 493:of the desire nature, and the mind stuff. These constitute the sheaths or outer forms of theMagic, 503:such a close relation that they will in reality constitute one plane. Just as an at-one-ment has toMagic, 506:dying man will be found to respond) may later constitute also a part of the ritual of transitionMagic, 520:latent in all, to withdraw into the center. They constitute the door, speaking symbolically.Magic, 521:certain subdivisions. Inclusively they constitute all forms of life that we usually call subhuman,Magic, 526:and in which all forms are immersed, as they constitute functioning parts of the greater form. ToMagic, 528:cooperates with the planetary purpose. These constitute the inner group of vitally alive brainMagic, 530:in all forms, for all forms and organisms constitute part of some primary thinker and areMagic, 531:God, and sometimes the One Life. Those lives who constitute the Principle of Limitation in aMagic, 534:of Expansion. These three Principles together constitute the factors underlying the Law ofMagic, 537:of the Form of God, and of the forms that constitute the Form. Magic, 537:and of this principle, death and service, constitute two aspects. Service saves, liberates andMagic, 542:the four grades of etheric substance which constitute the etheric envelope of all forms in nature,Magic, 544:cycle of separateness and upheaval, do not constitute the real Armageddon. The war which is told toMagic, 546:First, he must recognize "the four that constitute the One." In other words, the first quaternaryMagic, 549:how the concept of the ideal requirements which constitute the equipment of the white magician hasMagic, 549:violet four, or the four types of energy which constitute the vital or etheric body of all forms inMagic, 550:and produce the dynamic purpose, and which constitute the four levels of the etheric body of bothMagic, 550:levels, or these four grades of vital substance constitute what is called the "true form" of allMagic, 552:characterized by separated, selfish purpose, and constitute, therefore, part of the work of theMagic, 553:these symbols emerging from the remote past constitute the working tools, if I might so express it,Magic, 553:diamond, superimposed one upon the other. They constitute, therefore, the base of the symbol. H. P.Magic, 566:of closely interlocking streams of force. These constitute his etheric or vital body, which is inMagic, 571:he has appropriated for his own use and which constitute the sum total of his personal, mental,Magic, 580:and the strength persistent of the forces which constitute your equipment. When you can wield,Magic, 582:acquiescence in the truths of the New Age do not constitute discipleship. If it were so, the ranksMagic, 589:who, in their totality throughout the world, constitute the heart center and the "center betweenMagic, 601:which have emerged. This, when completed would constitute a synopsis of the book and would fix theMagic, 612:watery element. This problem and this phenomenon constitute the basis of the Great Illusion toMagic, 615:spirit and matter are the two realities which constitute the unity and that it is only in time andMagic, 633:to a test, they discriminate and eliminate. They constitute a much smaller group than the truePatanjali, 12:the sun." The inherent nature of the lives which constitute these active versatile forms hasPatanjali, 89:the aggregate of the energy of the atoms which constitute his forms, or, in other words, at aPatanjali, 93:That all our three planes in the three worlds constitute the dense physical body of that One inPatanjali, 112:from theft, from incontinence and from avarice, constitute yama or the five commandments. 31. YamaPatanjali, 162:world of present ideas and those realities which constitute the world of spirit. Through thisPatanjali, 184:from theft, from incontinence and from avarice, constitute yama or the five commandments. ThesePatanjali, 190:Devotion to Ishvara may be briefly stated to constitute the attitude of the lower threefold self toPatanjali, 226:definite effects in the three sheaths which constitute the lower self and which veil the divinityPatanjali, 234:strength and the compactness of the diamond, constitute bodily perfection. 47. Mastery over thePatanjali, 251:the emotions, desires, feelings and form which constitute the lower man. He has learnt to recognizePatanjali, 267:and the atoms in Their bodies, or the monads who constitute Their vehicles are therefore notPatanjali, 271:and deals with those forces which in every form constitute the consciousness aspect, which concernPatanjali, 334:of divine manifestation and the lower triplicity constitute the reflection of that divine processPatanjali, 348:strength and the compactness of the diamond, constitute bodily perfection. Though many commentatorsPatanjali, 360:fix them on those more spiritual aspects which constitute the life of God Himself. Even the realmPatanjali, 379:of the great illusion and to the true aspirant constitute a limitation. In the sutra we arePatanjali, 412:and therefore to be found in the atoms which constitute the mind stuff. These latter, being alongPatanjali, 412:which seeks to hold the soul prisoner, and constitute the great illusion. The mind, therefore, canPatanjali, 417:form simply a channel for the divine light, and constitute the vehicle through which the life andProblems, 6:which will redound to the glory of God and constitute a vital testimony to the divinity of man.Problems, 33:and to instill new techniques, but they still constitute so small a minority that they areProblems, 34:the bad old ways, but that they also constitute a menace to those countries which are in the happyProblems, 43:of culture will and should always exist; they constitute the beautiful tapestry of human livingProblems, 59:presents an indictment; it does not either constitute an [60] impractical vision or a mysticalProblems, 68:Socialist Republics. Many nations and races constitute these three Great Powers - the centralProblems, 69:Fundamentally, however, these three Great Powers constitute the hope of the world and form theProblems, 69:cleaner in their political regimes and constitute basically the nucleus of that federated worldProblems, 71:relationships remain unbroken; they constitute the greatest menace mankind faces today; theyProblems, 83:something worth fighting and dying for; it must constitute the new foundation for all ourProblems, 95:They are: The Jewish Problem. The Jews constitute an international minority of greatProblems, 95:aggressiveness, exceedingly vocal, and they also constitute a minority in practically every nationProblems, 108:the situation is reversed and the Negroes constitute a minority, greatly outnumbered by the whiteProblems, 131:and faces a new opportunity. It does not yet constitute a factor in world affairs but there is hopeProblems, 146:spiritual and in their aggregated usefulness constitute a body of religious truth; they willProblems, 173:a vision of right human relations which must constitute the standard for the future of mankind.Psychology1, xviii:be taught to work in group formation and who can constitute one of the active units in the vastPsychology1, xxi:of workers and from the hierarchy which they constitute and to be fixed on wider horizons andPsychology1, 4:will affect potently the three bodies which constitute the personality of man, and the influence ofPsychology1, 6:which inform the personalities and which constitute the nature of the human being fall naturallyPsychology1, 7:of forces to which all forms respond and which constitute the body of expression for the seven, whoPsychology1, 27:evolutions within the entire solar system constitute the heart and brain of the solar Logos.
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