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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTITUTE

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Psychology2, 505:definitely a part of the Great Illusion. They constitute, in the bulk of cases, man's effort at thePsychology2, 512:the reverse of the problems of stimulation which constitute the major difficulty of the mysticalPsychology2, 520:out of the awakening of the centers. These constitute a major difficulty and will, therefore, bePsychology2, 551:abstraction" (as it is esoterically called) they constitute a fruitful source of difficulty. 3. ThePsychology2, 569:sitter, the communicator and the medium. They constitute however, the exceptional occurrence. ThePsychology2, 569:quality and caliber of the circle of people who constitute the audience. This, the mediumPsychology2, 590:with the Atlantean consciousness (and they constitute the great majority) is functioning normallyPsychology2, 606:at all to emotion or to the astral plane but constitute the specific difficulty of the aspirant orPsychology2, 621:There is little to say about this. It will constitute a major difficulty as the groups grow inPsychology2, 623:difficulties. I only mention them here as they constitute a problem of a mystical nature with whichPsychology2, 633:the fires of hatred and fanaticism, and so they constitute one of the greatest and most innocentPsychology2, 635:new leaders and organizers are being drawn. They constitute an intermediate group between the worldPsychology2, 636:and in every Church and religious grouping. They constitute the most influential unit today,Psychology2, 642:cooperate together in their vast masses. Those constitute an incredibly large number of people whoPsychology2, 643:together in complete understanding and thus constitute a slowly growing body of people whosePsychology2, 648:turned to practical use. These people will constitute a new body of practical thinkers in everyPsychology2, 652:The statement has been made that Those who constitute the inner government of the world, or thePsychology2, 656:purpose of God, and the intelligent public. They constitute the "brain trust" of the planet, forPsychology2, 660:It can go forward to a large usefulness and can constitute eventually a most potent instrument toPsychology2, 669:It is not possible for the new ideas, which constitute the coming ideals of the race, to make anyPsychology2, 673:nation. They, and all men and women of good will constitute the New Group of World Servers. APsychology2, 676:- of this emerging group of people, who can constitute a third group or "middle party" (to borrow aPsychology2, 695:help of the world disciples and aspirants, who constitute the New Group of World Servers, has gonePsychology2, 695:of the New Group of World Servers, who constitute our instrument in the world today. To fuse andPsychology2, 696:potency to the subhuman kingdoms, and will constitute a channel of communication between "thatPsychology2, 697:as a group and only as a group, they unitedly constitute themselves channels for service in purePsychology2, 697:even with one's own Ray life. All these factors constitute preliminary [698] implications and arePsychology2, 698:effort of these groups in the world today (who constitute subjectively One group) light andPsychology2, 724:points of danger can, nevertheless, in itself constitute a momentous crisis. The fanning of the hotPsychology2, 730:the proper term) or through regimentation. These constitute (as may be easily recognized) aRays, 9:and mental. The aggregate of these lives which constitute in themselves four types of elementals orRays, 9:existences. These four lunar lords constitute what the Ageless Wisdom teaching calls "the fourRays, 41:first two initiations will for a very long time constitute major initiatory experiences, but in theRays, 72:two divine aspects in himself, and they now constitute one integrated unit. This fusion producesRays, 84:is set in motion through the will of Those Who constitute the Council at Shamballa and Who areRays, 100:refer to the eighteen states of matter which constitute the personality. They are: seven physicalRays, 114:nature of life and of monadic experience will constitute the normal next revelation - one that is,Rays, 134:the establishment of that brotherhood which will constitute the germ or the seed of the comingRays, 151:to soul energy and spiritual life, and they constitute a complete response apparatus to theRays, 163:in motion by an act of the spiritual will, and constitute the "resurrection principle which liesRays, 169:with the consciousness of the atoms which constitute the forms in all the subhuman kingdoms ofRays, 173:These reactions to the united Ashrams which constitute the Hierarchy are steadily increasing andRays, 178:upon the etheric planes. The four planes which constitute the etheric levels of the physical planeRays, 179:the multiplicity of lives and beings who constitute the forms through which God expresses divinity.Rays, 184:Triad and the threefold personality; these constitute another septenate. The seven groups ofRays, 187:reference. Personality aims and ambitions; these constitute a form of focused desire of aRays, 195:unseen obstacles to his progress. They constitute the lowest concentration of forces precipitatedRays, 205:substances in the planetary form so that they constitute one coherent, energized and functioningRays, 206:the spiritual Hierarchy. It is these Lives Who constitute the innermost circle of the CouncilRays, 239:of absorbing them into the various Ashrams which constitute the great Ashram of the Lord of theRays, 261:Triad - he must now master. To summarize, they constitute the four phases of an activity which willRays, 274:and of goodwill are essentially invocative. They constitute the A.B.C. of the coming Science ofRays, 276:Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara and of Those Who constitute its membership. I would pause here toRays, 278:third major injunction (but which symbolically constitute the fifth injunction in the rule) mightRays, 279:intention and effective interplay; they also constitute a paralleling activity to the task ofRays, 291:know - the rules controlling group life; they constitute the key to the laws under which allRays, 304:I tell you that these words for initiates which constitute what I have called Rule XIV have aRays, 308:which we call the dense physical planes. These constitute our physical plane in its two aspects.Rays, 308:from the buddhic plane up to the logoic, which constitute the cosmic physical plane. TheRays, 336:scattering, the teaching is protected and cannot constitute a danger to the general public.Rays, 336:is dangerous if misunderstood; the centers constitute a menace when prematurely awakened or undulyRays, 337:magnetic powers or energies within himself which constitute channels of activity and modes wherebyRays, 339:conflict in his life and circumstances; these constitute the reason for the tests of initiation.Rays, 352:form, and the massed forms of these glamors constitute the opposing door and oppose the passing ofRays, 353:the pure light which shines behind them. They constitute the sumtotal of illusion. This "door" isRays, 359:lower planes - mental, emotional and physical - constitute the three dense physical subplanes ofRays, 359:in its response to etheric energies; these constitute the etheric bodies of all forms created outRays, 363:to the life and consciousness of Those Who constitute the great center called Shamballa; theRays, 377:for this lies in the fact that all our planes constitute the cosmic physical plane and areRays, 377:energy, pouring into two of our planes which constitute part of the cosmic etheric body - theRays, 433:and for which preparation has been made do not constitute true tests in the real sense of the word,Rays, 440:entails. Not all souls liberated or limited constitute the Kingdom of God in the sense which thatRays, 449:and substance or of the basic energies which constitute the first differentiation in time andRays, 450:proper, which is one of the two threads which constitute the sutratma, is anchored in the heart,Rays, 450:threads which have been created by the soul, constitute the five types of energy which make man aRays, 453:thread and the creative thread, as they constitute in themselves a woven dual strand. They are (forRays, 474:the constructing of the antahkarana. This will constitute an intensely practical teaching for whichRays, 494:through the Spiritual Triad. This does not constitute a moment of crisis, but is in the nature of aRays, 533:degrees; the higher degrees of the Scottish Rite constitute a vague and nebulous attempt to holdRays, 544:that these five (in reality [544] seven) senses constitute avenues of spiritual approach to varyingRays, 560:always that they are only symbolic in nature and constitute attempts to indicate visually a truth. Rays, 564:to the initiate after the fifth initiation and constitute one of the prime factors which areRays, 564:the seven planes, and which in their totality constitute the cosmic physical plane. Many lesserRays, 588:is, the cosmic etheric levels of activity), constitute a great and applied process of initiatoryRays, 615:primary work upon the mental plane. This will constitute one of His most effective methods in HisRays, 618:towards right human relations; this will constitute the first major human decision leading to theRays, 630:the destiny of humanity. These three nations constitute the three points of a most potent worldRays, 640:Conflict. The U.S.S.R., the U.S.A., and the U.K. constitute a governing triangle of energy which,Rays, 656:of the Hierarchy and of Shamballa, they constitute the major factors which make possible theRays, 679:the susceptibility to emotional reactions which constitute the major human limitation - both fromRays, 681:leaders of the Zionist movement of aggression constitute a real danger to world peace and humanRays, 688:second rays. These, as you might expect, will constitute the emanating energies transmitted throughRays, 696:not that the three worlds of ordinary evolution constitute the dense physical subplanes of theRays, 697:known, then the three worlds of incarnated being constitute one unit of experience in the life ofRays, 712:the divine intention which are immediate; these constitute the "over-shadowing cloud of knowableRays, 747:fields but these with which I have dealt constitute a triangle of schemes undergoing national andRays, 760:of your own spiritual endeavor. Let humanity constitute your field of service, and may it be saidReappearance, 8:the masses of men must work and which still constitute an objective to the greatest minds of theReappearance, 21:are an expression of the love of God; they will constitute man's major and next demonstration ofReappearance, 23:which the Christ will inaugurate and which will constitute His unique work - within which all His
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