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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTITUTED

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Astrology, 357:this world cycle and for humanity as it is now constituted you have: Ray 3 - Active Intelligence,Atom, 55:and the physicist, but of all forms that are constituted by their means, including theAutobiography, 40:beauty of the vegetable and mineral kingdoms - constituted one divine and living whole which wasBethlehem, 77:and in the home with His parents. This home life constituted the test to which He was subjected,Bethlehem, 77:with the long journey to Bethlehem. This constituted the uniqueness of His mission. Christ livedBethlehem, 103:was only progressively revealed to Him, His life constituted one great sacrifice, one greatBethlehem, 110:effort to control the Son of God. Evil is thus constituted, and we shall all some day have to faceBethlehem, 161:mission which Christ came to forward, and what constituted the Will of God which He came to fulfil.Bethlehem, 179:really played as the World Savior, and what constituted the uniqueness of His mission. What wasBethlehem, 222:of an utter renunciation of all that had constituted His very being. This brought the cry ofDiscipleship1, 162:of physical strength. Your body nature is so constituted that it responds to spiritual healing moreDiscipleship1, 168:This provides a definite opportunity to those so constituted at this time in connection with theDiscipleship1, 179:in devotion to persons or even ideals. this has constituted a paramount balancing factor in yourDiscipleship1, 217:most significant sense, the past few months have constituted an intense period of trial, of testingDiscipleship1, 433:attitude to life and to circumstances which has constituted your major lesson in this particularDiscipleship1, 434:flow through. Some people, my brother, are so constituted that they become servers and centers ofDiscipleship1, 455:to which you and others were subjected has not constituted for you, the chief problem. YourDiscipleship1, 509:personal problem is far from unique. What has constituted the main difficulty has been based on theDiscipleship1, 734:arises is: How can a group within an Ashram (constituted of relatively new disciples and beginnersDiscipleship1, 758:- conveyed a picture of an Ashram as technically constituted and of the Hierarchy as it essentiallyDiscipleship2, 6:which the group members - as they are at present constituted and motivated - are not capable ofDiscipleship2, 233:and ranks of initiates and disciples are so constituted that the result of their meditation uponDiscipleship2, 468:of [468] unity. "I and the Father are One." This constituted the real achievement of the Christ,Education, 42:and the entire gamut of his emotional attitudes constituted the life of the race, and colored allExternalisation, 77:planet and this solar system should have been constituted the nursery for the seeds ofExternalisation, 96:points of crisis and the cycles of tension which constituted for you the major opportunities andExternalisation, 96:groups stands the New Group of World Servers, constituted today of two bodies of people: Those whoExternalisation, 108:Hierarchy of Masters. This change of direction constituted a somewhat dangerous experiment as itExternalisation, 120:times, the lines of demarcation between what constituted purely physical life and that which -Externalisation, 122:was possessed by these priest-kings and constituted in the eyes of the masses a form of wonderfulExternalisation, 449:the Yalta triangle of workers. But they are so constituted that they do not resent this; they knowExternalisation, 493:This attempt to hinder the planned progress constituted a definite menace and indicated a supremeExternalisation, 595:- recognition of Those Who, down the ages, have constituted the Apostolic Succession, culminatingExternalisation, 633:of thought and the habit of their activity. They constituted a group who were subjectively,Fire, 5:seven centers of logoic Force are themselves so constituted that they form corporate Entities. TheyFire, 87:of the dense physical form, and in itself constituted a most important link between: Physical man,Fire, 891:fires are under their control. Their bodies are constituted so as to stand much pressure, and theyFire, 933:forced its rapid consolidation, and it is now so constituted that it forms a barrier between theFire, 942:are never built into the human body as now constituted; it is of too low a vibration, and tooFire, 1022:influences in due time, and to have the form so constituted that it can respond at the needed hourFire, 1048:the inherent life of the atomic matter thus constituted produces the later phenomena. The rotaryFire, 1059:cosmic, solar and planetary Logoi are constituted of living sentient beings, and the brain reels,Glamour, 6:into the light of day every cell which is so constituted that it will respond. Glamour, 109:and the physical body and the etheric body constituted a unity, and in the healthy person still doGlamour, 112:and which at the time of their creation constituted the hope of the race. They embodied then theHealing, 36:vehicles of manifestation are without exception constituted of energy units. These we call atoms,Healing, 434:process in relation to the forces which have constituted the astral body and the mental vehicle.Healing, 508:to evil purposes, with the emotional nature so constituted that it presents no obstacle to theHealing, 634:(within the one Life) of the many of which it is constituted; it is the demonstrated fact of innateHealing, 661:(physical, emotional and mental) is that they constituted a complete imprisonment of the soul andHealing, 682:on states of consciousness which have hitherto constituted almost insoluble problems. Hercules, 51:synthesized and unified the five senses and so constituted a "common sense", literally, the mind.Hercules, 63:the crucial point of the Labor and to that which constituted the real test. Hercules finds AtlasHercules, 109:to the myriads of human units, they have constituted a very small minority. Now we have a worldInitiation, 136:the lesser lives of which it has been constituted, return to the general fount of deva substance,Intellect, 57:the objective body lies a subjective form constituted of etheric matter, and acting as a conductorIntellect, 92:warfare between the two aspects of which we are constituted. We are conscious of a profoundIntellect, 240:of energy units, living in a world similarly constituted and working with energy all the time. TheMagic, 165:throat, and eye, will be found. It should be constituted of those who are submitting themselves toMagic, 236:the personality, takes to itself a triple form, constituted of the matter of all three planes, andMagic, 267:by the soul - is lacking. The form created is constituted of mental matter, of astral matter and ofMagic, 275:ebb and flux, and is the stream of life, constituted of forty-nine types of energy, which poursMagic, 284:or emotional sentient body and the mental body, constituted of mind-stuff, are all of them materialMagic, 482:is next to be revealed to mankind. This group is constituted of the unselfish and intelligent menMagic, 581:in a world of force and energy; we are ourselves constituted of force or energy units; and we wieldMeditation, 65:intensified, provided the groups are correctly constituted, or rendered null and void andMeditation, 257:there to be found. But the human mind is so constituted that the search for light and for the idealPatanjali, 90:to perfected power over the mind. The mind is so constituted that it serves the purpose of both aPatanjali, 100:realization. The mind of man is not in itself so constituted that it can apprehend the things ofProblems, 96:land of their citizenship. The Jews have always constituted a nation within a nation, though thisProblems, 104:not been alone in their persecution. The Jews constituted only twenty per cent of the dispersedPsychology1, 22:of life and substance is that a basic unity is constituted. Father and mother are at-one. ThisPsychology1, 47:of God to fruition. The field of knowledge is so constituted that it vibrates with intelligentPsychology1, 186:Should the spiritually minded and intellectually constituted people of the race fail at this timePsychology1, 240:together of fire and water in this kingdom, has constituted the subjective fact which brought thePsychology1, 358:that which was visioned and that which constituted the ideals of the preceding cycle of sixth rayPsychology2, 179:aspiration and objective. Yet they will be constituted of free souls, individual and developed, whoPsychology2, 211:chain, but that the egos of active intelligence constituted 75% of the total, the remaining 25%Psychology2, 211:of love-wisdom preponderated, and in their turn constituted 75%, with the remaining 25% being thePsychology2, 236:condition his conduct. These divine trends have constituted the basic, subconscious urges since thePsychology2, 293:to remember that the etheric body is uniquely constituted; it is the instrument of life,Psychology2, 399:radically from other Avatars in that They are so constituted that They are focal points throughPsychology2, 584:stuff of which certain of the lower forms are constituted; it can attract the primitive substancePsychology2, 690:Teacher alike of angels and of men. He has been constituted the direct intermediary between thePsychology2, 719:can get too tired to react, and this fact constituted a definite problem with which the HierarchyRays, 242:through the experience to be gained in a vehicle constituted, expressive and at the special stateRays, 243:the five initiations open to humanity (as today constituted) prepare the human spirit. d. TheRays, 257:organizing a group in the world which will be so constituted and so carefully chosen and interiorlyRays, 291:Logos upon the cosmic mental plane which constituted the unfolding awareness of the Christ upon theRays, 298:books which I have written, and they have also constituted the earnest search of the mystics of allRays, 351:when the electrical energy of which the door is constituted and that of which the man isRays, 366:first of all to speak of the Ashram as a whole, constituted of many Ashrams and creating anRays, 423:Sun or from our Solar Logos, and the base line constituted of the seven streams of energy whichRays, 505:frequently the "rainbow bridge" because it is constituted of all the colors of the seven rays.Rays, 523:gap separating him from his distant goal. This constituted the major part of the agony upon theRays, 563:by the energy units of which they are constituted, and all of them "focus their intention" throughReappearance, 26:of which we know nothing (as yet) which constituted the unfolding awareness of the Christ upon theReappearance, 41:- recognition of Those Who, down the ages, have constituted the Apostolic Succession, culminatingReappearance, 65:on Earth. What is this church of Christ? It is constituted of the sumtotal of all those in whom theSoul, 69:Behind the objective body lies a subjective form constituted of etheric matter and acting as a
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