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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTITUTES

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Discipleship2, 25:obliterates the need of their fellowmen. This constitutes one of the problems with which theDiscipleship2, 122:is a correspondence to the dual energy which constitutes the essential nature of the soul -Discipleship2, 128:coupled with the use of the will, this formula constitutes a Word of Power of magical service. Discipleship2, 134:symbol which is the theme of your meditation. It constitutes a normal development from the workDiscipleship2, 181:- Directed Energy - Circulation This meditation constitutes the second stage of the first oneDiscipleship2, 293:soul and of the world of phenomena; it therefore constitutes in a very real sense the world ofDiscipleship2, 319:method is no longer being used, and this change constitutes one of the modes of training theDiscipleship2, 328:that the discovery of the factual nature of this constitutes a major test for all disciples. ThereDiscipleship2, 346:related to them, but the right order in itself constitutes a revelation, and none of them can beDiscipleship2, 438:in extra-planetary areas of consciousness. It constitutes a fundamental revelation and is in theDiscipleship2, 454:Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. This necessarily constitutes a problem until you remember that theDiscipleship2, 472:This produces an inevitable crisis and constitutes a load which - when added to the other threeDiscipleship2, 494:- The third Ray of Active Intelligence. This constitutes an interesting combination and produces aDiscipleship2, 509:in South America. This type of meditation constitutes a definite act of service and should - whenDiscipleship2, 515:as an act of breathing in and breathing out and constitutes an activity carried forward on oneDiscipleship2, 565:energy as a channel of approach; that, however, constitutes a much later stage. The above threeDiscipleship2, 599:hold you, and it is the overcoming of these that constitutes your life problem and your presentDiscipleship2, 600:and therefore not theirs) overwhelms them and constitutes a major conflict. So it is with you. InDiscipleship2, 630:exercise and - could you but grasp it - constitutes a definitely advanced form of meditation. YouDiscipleship2, 635:it is this process of recognition which oft constitutes the final test, prior to being allowedDiscipleship2, 656:its intelligence and experience, in itself constitutes a glamor and one with a most potent effectDiscipleship2, 658:sixth ray. The astral body first ray. This constitutes an interesting and somewhat unbalancedDiscipleship2, 722:which you have come into incarnation and which constitutes your major life problem, you know thatDiscipleship2, 734:distort your point of view but its very presence constitutes a disturbing element to you. YouDiscipleship2, 734:or the knowledge which it brings, but it constitutes an environment in which you have to learn toEducation, 29:and the soul. The recognition of this constitutes the problem with which the modern educator isEducation, 95:between the soul and the spiritual triad. This constitutes active work in substance subtler thanEducation, 140:much which is familiar to you today and which constitutes a definite part of the recognized factsExternalisation, 34:for [34] the Members of the Hierarchy and constitutes the sine qua non prior to withExternalisation, 85:work for the various nations. This information constitutes one of the major hierarchical sciencesExternalisation, 110:all, a recognition that modern academic history constitutes only one page in a vast historicalExternalisation, 122:is a definite effect. Let us also hope that it constitutes a climax which will never again occur.Externalisation, 126:certain measure of free will displayed, and this constitutes an entirely new factor and a mostExternalisation, 134:such as the world has never seen before. It constitutes an educational system of untold value,Externalisation, 138:or vindictiveness to be found, and this fact constitutes the difference between this war and theExternalisation, 176:revolt. The inner speechless revolt in itself constitutes a menace to world peace and, if evokedExternalisation, 180:by the defeat of the totalitarian powers, constitutes a far lesser evil than the subjugation ofExternalisation, 219:of the evolutionary plan, but in so far as it constitutes a problem, is too big for the individualExternalisation, 232:This last quality, a true love of humanity, constitutes a basic test of wrong or right action. ItExternalisation, 267:shift or move on the part of men. This in itself constitutes a definite problem, because no suchExternalisation, 271:temporarily relinquished, and this in itself constitutes an important symbolic happening. It had toExternalisation, 327:the [327] New Group of World Servers). What constitutes the difficulty, if we analyze theExternalisation, 334:ranks of the new group of world servers. This constitutes the second difficulty, and it is hereExternalisation, 375:is a hard saying, but the nationalistic spirit constitutes a grave peril to the world; ifExternalisation, 382:the life so as to get the utmost out of each day constitutes the preparatory stage for the man whoExternalisation, 386:action and long patience. It nevertheless constitutes the most important opportunity confrontingExternalisation, 534:work and emanating energies. Shamballa, as it constitutes the synthesis of understanding where ourExternalisation, 546:for which I am responsible; the Triangles, which constitutes a deeply esoteric mode of working, yetExternalisation, 646:the receipt of money, or of this type of energy, constitutes the line of least resistance, plus theExternalisation, 658:a great test of His skill in action; its use constitutes the major test or task which faces HimExternalisation, 663:stimulation which is entirely new to Him; this constitutes His testing for the exalted initiationExternalisation, 663:exalted initiation which now confronts Him; it constitutes also the sacrifice He is making in orderExternalisation, 668:thinking has to be altered, and that constitutes a slow and arduous task; the evil personalitiesExternalisation, 688:is committed the task of consolidation. All this constitutes - for the Members of the Hierarchy - aFire, 7:relationship between all souls and the Oversoul constitutes the basis for the scientific belief inFire, 38:Love-Wisdom, the ray of intelligent love, which constitutes the energy of the Vishnu aspect, theFire, 46:is the correspondence in man to solar fire. This constitutes the thinking self-conscious unit orFire, 81:of having experience. This special relation constitutes the individual Prana in the individualFire, 91:the vital fluid emanated from any planet, which constitutes its basic coloring or quality, and isFire, 93:it? Does solar prana have no effect there? What constitutes the difference between the apparentlyFire, 350:of the Self of its relation to all that constitutes the Not-Self, and that it is evoked in threeFire, 350:to the triplicity of solar systems which constitutes for Him the Eternal Now, but which from man'sFire, 472:action of man the influence of his prior karma constitutes an important element. For theFire, 495:and the ruby, they will have found out what constitutes one of the stages [496] of theFire, 570:started systemic Karma which, once in effect, constitutes that which is called Karma in our occultFire, 601:together with the nine introductory questions, constitutes the main part of the treatise. In it weFire, 892:recognition of this essential livingness which constitutes the basic fact in all occultFire, 900:sixth subplane of the cosmic physical plane, and constitutes the sumtotal of the liquid substanceFire, 903:of the mental plane. This literally and occultly constitutes the transmutation of desire intoFire, 924:and of all intermediate forms of life, and which constitutes the raging fire which is seenFire, 1089:therefore, be apparent that the question of what constitutes sin and evil is far more intricateFire, 1096:from that part of the logoic manifestation which constitutes His dense body, and which He does notFire, 1165:this stage, macrocosmic and microcosmic, which constitutes the different grades of alignment, forGlamour, 27:has now to be done as a group, and this group constitutes one of the first of the exoteric groupsGlamour, 33:upon the mental bodies of the masses. This constitutes one of the major problems with which theGlamour, 33:is one of the greatest in the world. What constitutes the prime difficulty of any disciple is theGlamour, 71:using the word race to mean the human race. This constitutes a very ancient glamor or almost aGlamour, 73:part of a man's own energy nature, and therefore constitutes for him the line of least resistance;Glamour, 94:perception passes through various stages and constitutes the great problem of the conscious entity.Glamour, 97:are determined so to do whenever possible. This constitutes the major problem today in the economicGlamour, 159:It is this powerful human emanation which constitutes the major glamor in the life of humanity andGlamour, 195:the three worlds is a distorted expression but constitutes also the training ground in whichGlamour, 211:recognize that an emotional or astral condition constitutes a veil over the truth and is aGlamour, 218:the glamor." The saying of these three sentences constitutes an affirmation of power and of purposeGlamour, 224:must have an intelligent appreciation of what constitutes a world glamor so that they can occultlyGlamour, 233:and from his familiarity with their use. This constitutes an Act of Affirmation [234] which is theGlamour, 240:as it appears upon the astral plane where it constitutes the glamor to which the masses of menHealing, 2:streams, of lines of force and of light. It constitutes part of the vast [3] network of energiesHealing, 3:an individual human unit can use and impress, constitutes the fourth of the series of mechanisms atHealing, 11:only the perfected man has any real idea of what constitutes divinity? It is surely better for usHealing, 35:becomes so utterly negated that eventually it constitutes one of the major factors in the releaseHealing, 53:of complication" (if I might so call it) constitutes a "hard saying" for the student to understandHealing, 79:network of nadis (infinitely intricate) which constitutes the counterpart or the duplicate aspectHealing, 112:the outer expression of the inward reality. This constitutes, therefore, a unique and peculiarHealing, 178:and survival no longer hold sway. This constitutes a triplicity of ideas which requires mostHealing, 332:of intelligence, plus love-wisdom, and which constitutes what we understand as the consciousness,Healing, 338:with its relation to the blood stream, that constitutes both the possibility of disease and itsHealing, 342:concerning the moon and its phases, as it constitutes one of the major mysteries to be revealed atHealing, 346:soul, which informs and vitalizes the form and constitutes its temporary life. DuringHealing, 408:levels are (as you know well, for the knowledge constitutes the a.b.c. of the occult theory) the
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