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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTITUTES

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Healing, 444:the life force streams is preserved intact, and constitutes the path of return to the body. InHealing, 461:It is an unconscious realization of this which constitutes the prompting cause of the process whichHealing, 487:is not the case. The sentient substance which constitutes the astral plane is still being gatheredHealing, 490:mental body that it is broken up and no longer constitutes a barrier to the inner man. He can nowHealing, 497:during the continuous process of rebirth. This constitutes a state of consciousness (characteristicHealing, 531:at present no limitations, and this definitely constitutes a weakness. Both groups, in time, mustHealing, 543:most comprehensive in its statements and really constitutes a summation of two laws, one of whichHealing, 619:lotus, and the area of surrounding energy which constitutes the form of the lotus, are qualified byHealing, 627:centers with the glands. Forget not that this constitutes an interlinking and interlockingHealing, 665:is inherent in the nature of matter itself and constitutes an inheritance from a previous solarHealing, 690:time with the Seven Paths, because each Path constitutes a mode of penetrating into realms ofHealing, 699:the rays of the healer [699] and his patient constitutes a factor of importance: many conditioningHercules, 11:time and races is so vast that it now in itself constitutes a body of proven facts and cannot beHercules, 17:This duality is the glory of humanity and also constitutes the problem which every human being hasHercules, 86:in this sign the form is dominant, and constitutes a handicap. The crab builds its house or shellHercules, 218:such a strong response in the human mind that it constitutes what is called "the science ofInitiation, 7:a growth of that faculty of awareness that constitutes the predominant characteristic of theInitiation, 176:by the self of its relation to all that constitutes the not-self, and in this great initiatoryIntellect, 34:leaders in all fields of human expression, what constitutes the difference between them? Why areIntellect, 53:of that stream of conscious experiencing which constitutes what we know as the inner life of anIntellect, 86:the act of contemplation which essentially constitutes the life of every individual and that ofIntellect, 93:It throws a fierce light upon his problems, and constitutes the purificatory furnace into which theIntellect, 132:of love' to real and transcendental things, constitutes in the technical language of mysticism theIntellect, 178:for the coherence of the form nature, and which constitutes the acting personality in the physicalIntellect, 202:Whither Mankind, page 41. Our idea as to what constitutes spirituality has steadily grown. ThroughIntellect, 204:into a coherent unity that sumtotal which constitutes a human being: the mental, emotional andIntellect, 237:meditation work outline in the previous chapter constitutes a good concentration exercise for theIntellect, 266:mystics and knowers is the hope of the world and constitutes the World Savior. They are above andMagic, 86:relation between the mind and the brain, which constitutes the problem of the more advanced men andMagic, 178:the centers, coupled with karmic availability, constitutes the basis of choice by the teacher onMagic, 227:mental nature, and is that faculty [227] which constitutes him a mystic. This awareness he sharesMagic, 239:a prey to this. For the majority of them it constitutes the "dweller on the threshold", just asMagic, 274:system is one of many, and not the greatest. It constitutes a fragment of a greater whole. ThisMagic, 276:here, and one hint. The Hierarchy of the planet constitutes symbolically the head center ofMagic, 289:theories, is that the etheric body of any form constitutes part of the etheric body of the solarMagic, 294:to his point on the ladder of evolution. This constitutes his astral ring-pass-not, defining theMagic, 297:of astral energy, and is put first because it constitutes, for the vast majority, the Dweller onMagic, 311:on that other tiny involutionary life which constitutes our astral elemental. The fact thatMagic, 311:factors and the combination of these factors constitutes his protection from complete absorption inMagic, 392:and eternally be aware of that reality which constitutes the self, and which governs the integrityMagic, 432:subconsciously, because (in his form nature) he constitutes part of the planetary expression. TheMagic, 471:at a true understanding of the plan, which constitutes the will of God as far as human beings canMagic, 495:the life force streams is preserved intact, and constitutes the path of return to the body. InMagic, 495:which animates every atom of the body and which constitutes the principle of coherence or ofMagic, 512:in its cycles, throughout all nature. This constitutes the divine inhalation and exhalation.Magic, 525:Twelve - The Prisoners of the Planet Humanity constitutes a center of energy within the cosmos,Magic, 526:meeting-place for all the three types of energy, constitutes therefore a "midway point," [527] inMagic, 535:that each field of awareness in its boundaries constitutes a prison, and that the objective of allMagic, 543:qualification and answering the question: What constitutes the equipment needed by a whiteMagic, 553:is carried forward on the etheric level. This constitutes practically a second formula. The CreatorMeditation, 240:and the ability to manifest; plus all that constitutes the difference between the ignorant savageMeditation, 284:relationship with other units of the race, as he constitutes himself their guide and servant. SeePatanjalispiritual being called Pradhana. 46. All this constitutes meditation with seed. 47. When thisPatanjali, 74:in the macrocosm, the Monad (on its own plane) constitutes the seventh principle. There are otherPatanjali, 94:back of the field of knowledge (or form). This constitutes the nature of the soul within the form,Patanjali, 100:- Book 1 - The Problem of Union 46. All this constitutes meditation with seed. The last four sutrasPatanjali, 112:31. Yama (or the five commandments) constitutes the universal duty and is irrespective of race,Patanjali, 112:spiritual reading and devotion to Ishvara constitutes nijama (or the five rules). 33. When thoughtsPatanjali, 186:to Union 31. Yama (or the five commandments) constitutes the universal duty and is irrespective ofPatanjali, 187:of all true law and that their infringement constitutes lawlessness. The word translated duty orPatanjali, 187:spiritual reading and devotion to Ishvara constitutes nijama (or the five rules). As said above,Patanjali, 277:human being belongs to a physical family which constitutes his link with the animal kingdom, andPatanjali, 362:"As above, so below." That reflection is what constitutes evil; that reverse aspect of realityPatanjali, 397:is the true substance of every form, and which constitutes the support or scaffold of the denseProblems, 11:the goals and the ambitions of a nation) constitutes its ideal objective and is most effective inProblems, 27:each individual in the best interests of himself constitutes a danger to be avoided. It is a dangerProblems, 87:it leads inevitably to crime and cruelty; it constitutes the greatest hindrance to happiness in theProblems, 111:problem of the Negro in the western hemisphere constitutes a very ugly story, seriously implicatesProblems, 151:conferred in the far distant history of the race constitutes a divine heritage and the seed ofProblems, 170:the present unhappy state of world affairs. This constitutes a challenge and no challenge is everProblems, 170:entrenched forces and the emerging, new idealism constitutes the problem today; other factors -Problems, 177:be developed in every land and the doing of this constitutes a major spiritual duty. This will takePsychology1, xxi:laws whereby the Solar Logos works, so this book constitutes a treatise on the psychology of a SonPsychology1, 20:now appears. This aggregated, qualified material constitutes Their body of manifestation, just asPsychology1, 24:planet has produced. The work, as I outline it, constitutes only a fraction of the work undertakenPsychology1, 27:Earth which is best expressed by stating that it constitutes His heart and brain, so does the sumPsychology1, 54:as an entity apart from the body nature, and constitutes (when separated from the body) the ethericPsychology1, 55:than that, once the human stage is reached. It constitutes the spiritual entity, a consciousPsychology1, 57:and willingly offered, so that the form not only constitutes an aspect of the sum total (which hasPsychology1, 128:a man to certain strengths and weaknesses, and constitutes his principle of limitation, as well asPsychology1, 132:part of the planetary etheric body, and constitutes its most refined and most highly developedPsychology1, 132:and occult sense, the fourth kingdom in nature constitutes on our planet the eye of the planetaryPsychology1, 136:to occupy ourselves in this treatise, the planet constitutes the response apparatus of a superhumanPsychology1, 152:our sun is the center, and from that Being Who constitutes our own particular planetary Lord orPsychology1, 159:ray is the ray of the Master Builder. Ray III constitutes the aggregate of the active buildingPsychology1, 169:influence of this secondary or individual ray constitutes the main factor in the earlier stages ofPsychology1, 173:by class hatreds and racial antagonisms, constitutes a barrier to the true development of humanity.Psychology1, 228:of the dual unity of power and order. It constitutes the "foundation" of the ordered physicalPsychology1, 237:(from its form side) the sum total of all forms constitutes that entity's body of manifestation. InPsychology1, 242:inherent within the soil, to the surface. It constitutes the energy of externalization. The unitedPsychology1, 243:either [243] delight or repel. It attracts and constitutes part of the aroma of this kingdom whichPsychology1, 248:This work is begun in the animal kingdom, and constitutes its "secret," and hence the use of thePsychology1, 252:organization of a sensitive response apparatus constitutes, in reality, the densification of thePsychology1, 257:before man can intelligently decide what constitutes his problem of responsibility and how itPsychology1, 273:of the world is found illegal in another. What constitutes a difficult problem under one climaticPsychology1, 331:be done at will. We must now begin what really constitutes an outline of the new psychology. ThisPsychology1, 342:must remember that every kingdom in nature constitutes a totality of lives. Every atom in everyPsychology1, 365:unconsciously recognized, blindly followed, and constitutes the great discipline of the rhythmicPsychology1, 426:organization of a sensitive response apparatus constitutes, in reality, the densification of thePsychology2, 35:will for purpose of service, but which in no way constitutes a limitation and in no way holds the
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