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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTITUTES

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Psychology2, 103:no longer any hold over the disciple. All this constitutes the theme of esoteric psychology and,Psychology2, 109:is peculiarly concerned with form, and which constitutes the cohering [110] magnetic agent in anyPsychology2, 131:and a higher rhythm upon world affairs. This constitutes, therefore, a definitely scientificPsychology2, 139:and form a network of light in the world. This constitutes the magnetic aura of the New Group ofPsychology2, 144:The sixth ray, it should be remembered, when it constitutes the personality ray of a man or aPsychology2, 196:the circle of twelve signs or constellations constitutes a special unity which revolves within ourPsychology2, 222:in the good of the greater whole. This constitutes the basic cause of evolution itself -Psychology2, 226:involutionary and evolutionary urges, humanity constitutes one of the fundamental "original centersPsychology2, 239:and possible developments, each of which constitutes an expansion in consciousness, and each ofPsychology2, 240:Endurance. This principle of continuance constitutes the capacity of God to persist and "toPsychology2, 250:of the soul is the factor of analysis. It constitutes a law, governing humanity. [251] This mustPsychology2, 284:This is, of course, well known, as the theory constitutes the very bones of the occult body ofPsychology2, 312:the Angel of the Presence face each other. This constitutes the final pair of opposites. ThePsychology2, 321:sentient form attracted and the vital body which constitutes the attractive agency upon thePsychology2, 350:entity, the spiritual man. This integration constitutes alignment and - when a man has achievedPsychology2, 358:center does to the other six centers, for it constitutes a great clearing house. The first rayPsychology2, 427:should eventually be accepted by the man who constitutes the problem case. These same rules andPsychology2, 444:within [444] the fourfold field of energy which constitutes the lower self. You will, therefore,Psychology2, 462:mental focus) upon their fellow men. This constitutes quite often the crux of the difficulty forPsychology2, 474:and attention. It should be remembered that this constitutes the line of least resistance for thePsychology2, 492:of values which the factor of the soul itself constitutes. The awareness of the soul is a part ofPsychology2, 497:of his difficulty and in line with that which constitutes the way of least resistance, thePsychology2, 507:are selfish) or unselfishly carried forward, constitutes much of the material of many of thePsychology2, 556:this unfolding process. The fact that humanity constitutes a central point from which thisPsychology2, 572:he distinguish the real from the illusory? This constitutes an individual problem for every mysticPsychology2, 630:calls the Christ and His Disciples), and constitutes the focal point of their struggle. I use thisPsychology2, 642:group which exists for world betterment, and constitutes an unused power which has never yet beenPsychology2, 656:and the aim of its Custodians. Each phase of it constitutes a field of active service, and all menPsychology2, 722:From certain angles, the energy of this group constitutes the hope of the world, and the task ofPsychology2, 732:an impossible task. It is engrossing but as it constitutes an imposed life pattern, it can beRays, 35:aspect is ever the invoking factor, and this constitutes an unalterable law lying behind the entireRays, 39:its unremitting, intensive and revealing light constitutes a major test in its effects. TheRays, 41:must gain life and "life more abundantly." This constitutes the supreme test in the life cycle ofRays, 55:the expression of the seven ray impulses. This constitutes the sevenfold AUM of which the AgelessRays, 69:in its immediate implications and application, constitutes the point of tension from whichRays, 92:Moon of June, 1945. This period, in reality, constitutes one event to Him Who lives now free in HisRays, 131:and is therefore a sevenfold woven thread; it constitutes the first stage of the Path of the HigherRays, 131:of the intuition is known by all disciples; it constitutes at times (from its very rarity) a majorRays, 144:(and its reflection, soul) by matter is what constitutes evil and this is true whether theRays, 173:men. This manifesto or declaration of the Christ constitutes the first attempt to convey reactionRays, 178:upon those planes. That, in the last analysis, constitutes the main field of unfoldment and ofRays, 192:the sound of power in the mineral kingdom. This constitutes an unparalleled condition and creates aRays, 202:the higher degrees of initiation. This knowledge constitutes the first step towards theRays, 205:form incomprehensible to disciples, and which constitutes the goal of such advanced individuals asRays, 208:as it is practically an untried experiment and constitutes essentially a pioneering effort. ThatRays, 276:Sanat Kumara. Brotherhood, as it essentially is, constitutes a major mystery; also it is one whichRays, 277:the Council Chamber at Shamballa and which constitutes the motivating impulse behind the planetaryRays, 279:three worlds. The antahkarana is constructed and constitutes an active channel of contact. The soulRays, 299:This he knows to be a complex organism which constitutes a functioning unity through the medium ofRays, 315:He was speaking as Head of the Hierarchy, which constitutes His Ashram, and also speaking as theRays, 317:of "unalterable Being." This unalterable Being constitutes the nature of the Monad, and it is toRays, 338:will differ according to their ray type; this constitutes a most interesting and little known phaseRays, 347:hackneyed words "door of initiation," and what constitutes the difference between the door whichRays, 372:of Sanat Kumara, as His Ashram) and as it constitutes "the noble middle Path" to which the BuddhaRays, 388:the Master in Atlantean times. This in itself constitutes a reasonable fact, does it not, myRays, 389:ring-pass-not of our planetary Life in itself constitutes a powerful limitation. SpeakingRays, 392:with the sixth Initiation of Decision." This constitutes part of the problem facing the Masters WhoRays, 395:of which He is the focal point. This energy constitutes the animating life of the Ashram as well asRays, 420:choose this Path, but it is not the one which constitutes for Them the line of least resistance, asRays, 428:anent points of tension. This present tension constitutes a major problem for the disciple inRays, 428:It is this same totalitarianism which also constitutes their weakest point, because it leadsRays, 433:if there is to be true understanding as to what constitutes the dual life of the disciple or theRays, 471:awareness, and finally directly. This process constitutes the individual parallel to the presentRays, 503:Power. You can see from all the above that this constitutes a definitely planned process of a basicRays, 519:is an inherent urge in all forms. It constitutes one of the most subtle and one of the leastRays, 531:the disciple and (which is of major importance) constitutes his contribution to the futureRays, 565:to be found in the soul-infused personality and constitutes an upward movement of the initiatoryRays, 585:group and in his field of service; there, he constitutes a point of tension and precipitates greatRays, 600:Paths becomes possible. This basic illusion constitutes for mankind a great hierarchical mysteryRays, 618:established, scientifically and under law; this constitutes a call which He may not deny and oneRays, 635:have precipitated is basic and useful. It constitutes a test case, being based upon physical planeRays, 644:time of emergence from the tomb of darkness and constitutes an entrance into a light of an entirelyRays, 683:below the diaphragm into the heart center. This constitutes a long process which the aspirant isRays, 753:and change it, and it is this that basically constitutes the Science of Redemption. But humanityReappearance, 78:to the energy of the divine will-to-good) constitutes the major objective of the New Group of WorldReappearance, 186:an impossible task. It is engrossing, but as it constitutes an imposed life pattern, it can beSoul, 15:that dynamical context, the development of which constitutes mental life. Opposed to this beliefSoul, 65:reality of it, everywhere prevails and constitutes the whole of our purely mundane experience."Soul, 83:of that stream of conscious experiencing which constitutes what we know as the inner life of anTelepathy, 22:This is an exceedingly interesting stage. It constitutes one of the major rewards of rightTelepathy, 25:the necessity for love and for non-criticism. Constitutes the coherent quality which links togetherTelepathy, 118:Let me phrase it somewhat differently: The Plan constitutes or is composed of the substance inTelepathy, 119:with the energy of WILL. [119] The Plan constitutes a reservoir of energized substance, held inTelepathy, 130:unsuitable name of Love. It is this energy which constitutes the cohering, unifying force whichTelepathy, 132:two centers were created and en rapport, which constitutes a major event upon the involutionaryTelepathy, 133:(the guarantee of future successful alignments) constitutes most ancient history; an evolutionaryTelepathy, 173:their vibrations, are in reality what creates or constitutes the so-called aura of the human being,Telepathy, 179:the planets within the system, and of all that constitutes the sumtotal of these separated livingTelepathy, 179:correct and recognizable. Each form (because it constitutes an aggregated area of substantial livesTelepathy, 194:The distribution of energies from the Hierarchy constitutes a very interesting sequence, some of
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