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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTRUCT

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Astrology, 571:Come forth, O Mighty One, and blend these three. Construct a great defending wall. The rule of evilDiscipleship1, 39:the energies which constitute the forces which construct the forms and fabricate the outer garmentDiscipleship2, 477:the type of vehicle which you will, as a soul, construct, and the nature of the race, nation andEducation, 6:etheric body and the force centers. To build or construct a bridge between the brain-mind-soul,Education, 7:science. Step by step and stage by stage, we construct that Path just as the spider spins itsEducation, 20:respond to impact, to translate, analyze, and to construct forms for revelation. Thus the soul ofExternalisation, 249:Come forth, O Mighty One and blend these three. Construct a great defending wall. The rule of evilExternalisation, 280:World Picture The thought lying behind the words Construct a great defending wall might be simplyExternalisation, 312:evil through planned group activity. To construct a network of light and service in every land.Externalisation, 694:it guarantees the ability of the aspirant to construct the antahkarana; it is nevertheless quiteFire, 564:the next three planes (atma-buddhi-manas), who construct and control the work of the planetaryFire, 620:consideration of these building forces as they construct the thought-form of the Logos, the solarFire, 633:Agni The Agnichaitans. These are the devas who construct, and build in matter of the densest kindFire, 634:the two great groups of devas who build and construct the most objective portion of logoicFire, 641:purify by fire during alternate cycles, and to construct the metals and the minerals. It is alsoFire, 670:on the involutionary matter of the three worlds) construct the lower three bodies of incarnatingFire, ...:profound significance is that the Agnishvattas construct the petals out of Their Own substance,Fire, 762:the Ego, according to its state of evolution can construct his lunar bodies, acquire knowledge onFire, 786:to him. Later he will speak less, know more, and construct more accurate forms, which will produceFire, 856:The detailed history of the elemental lives who construct the bodies. This information is employedFire, 943:to the plan as embodied by the builders, blindly construct the fabric of the body, and form theFire, 946:forces and builders of his lower nature, and to construct the Temple of Solomon, then he is noFire, 951:that the third group of lunar entities who construct the mental body are swept into a willingFire, 957:consciously, proceeds to carry out the plan, construct through will and purpose the necessitatedFire, 966:therefore, why it is that so few people ever construct thought forms which are of constructiveFire, 1020:The building devas who have been impelled to construct the form out of the myriads of elementalFire, 1024:shade of violet which they evidence, and thus construct the shadow. When this is so, the shadowFire, 1186:required by the free Spirits in order to construct their bodies of manifestation. The [1188]Healing, 112:to the matter of which humanity has chosen to construct its physical vehicle, isolating it andHealing, 227:the type of material, with which they must construct their outer sheaths, and that this will beHealing, 624:cooperation with the lunar Lords, who build and construct the bodies which constitute theMagic, 98:can express itself in the three worlds, and can construct a form through which its energy canMagic, 136:failure to respond, in the failure to adjust, construct and refine, in the failure to turn theMagic, 294:Whole, enough of the astral energy wherewith to construct his own individual and separate astralMagic, 388:of manifestation as humanity does. He can then construct, for the work, his body of expression. HeMagic, 523:words in order to create a certain impression; I construct a thought-form which, when dynamicMagic, 541:work the shade of violet they evidence, and thus construct the shadow. When this is so, the shadowMagic, 582:is learning to be a server of the race, and to construct those forms of expression which willMagic, 624:build up a structure around their service, and construct a form which in reality embodies what theyPatanjali, 196:It involves also the ability of the aspirant to construct a form (tangible, objective, or of words)Patanjali, 348:bodily perfection, results, for the adept can construct a vehicle adapted to his need, can do withProblems, 83:men - these are the only concepts upon which to construct the new world, through which to abolishPsychology1, 86:thee, brother of the building light. Carve deep. Construct and shape the living stone. Quality -Psychology2, 65:current of the consciousness of the atoms which construct the form. It will be observed that we arePsychology2, 160:men to "let their light shine," he begins to construct the "path of light" which leads to thePsychology2, 191:the energies which constitute the forces which construct the forms, the fabricators of the outerPsychology2, 712:teaching. You can - if you so desire - help construct the thought form of the New Age teaching. YouPsychology2, 751:and intense inner cooperation which will construct that channel through which the spirit of peaceRays, 455:building of the antahkarana, its "creation." To construct the antahkarana between the SpiritualRays, 464:Out of the substance of his own life he must construct this rainbow bridge, this Lighted Way. HeRays, 480:and their area of influence, in order to build, construct and utilize the bridge which links theRays, 485:the existence of that which he is attempting to construct. His physical brain is unable to registerRays, 488:step. He therefore proceeds at this point to construct the blue print of the work to be done, bySoul, 96:purely 'scientific' theories have sought to construct the world." - Woodroffe, Sir John (ArthurSoul, 144:Spencer to the effect that: "Perpetually to construct ideas requiring the utmost stretch of ourTelepathy, 192:should attempt to realize and upon which he can construct the temple of his life and his current
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