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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTRUCTED

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Magic, 161:on this powerful reaction their thought-forms, constructed so diligently and prayerfully, come toMagic, 316:victim of an emotional body which he has himself constructed as he responded to the energies of theMagic, 352:the form that the Christ is to occupy has been constructed and now that form is to be vivified andMagic, 449:to the objective for which the form has been constructed, and the mystic phrase concerns theMagic, 472:doing, and fortunately, for the race, the forms constructed are so feeble that they are largelyMagic, 472:intricate problem which he has himself blindly constructed and which will indeed shut out the lightMagic, 473:selfish ends. Before a thought-form is by thee constructed, vision its purpose, ascertain its goal,Magic, 478:work, fulfil the mission for which it has been constructed, and carry out the purpose for which itMagic, 484:should be borne in mind that the thought-form so constructed will either remain in his own aura, orMagic, 537:humanity in releasing the units of which it is constructed, and in releasing the prisoners in theMagic, 570:vital body or the various pranas of which it is constructed emanate: From the planetary aura. InMagic, 584:the Way may not speak, knowing that the Path is constructed by the aspirant as the spider spins itsMeditation, 28:to radiate the indwelling Light. It has been constructed to a point where it is fine enough to actMeditation, 233:play of the material of which those bodies are constructed. Therefore, I would like to point outMeditation, 336:force to the centers of the initiate; it was so constructed that it answered this purpose. Now, onPatanjali, 19:far as they are conjured up by men themselves, constructed within their own mental auras, energizedPatanjali, 20:of any kind (from the planetary form to that constructed by any band of thinkers) form the sumPatanjali, 30:forms, into that "forest of delusion" which is constructed of men's ideas about God, heaven orPatanjali, 30:is a condition of sensuous enjoyment, and being constructed for himself by each individual is asPatanjali, 147:The physical vehicle of the adept, though constructed of substance predominatingly sattvic inPatanjali, 205:of substance out of which the dense physical is constructed. When the sense perceptions are refinedPatanjali, 228:transmutation of the matter with which they are constructed so that they become so purified andPsychology1, 92:into an impossible heritage which he has himself constructed out of the unrealized hopes and dimPsychology1, 159:of the plan upon which the form must be constructed and the idea materialized, and (through thePsychology1, 221:the myriad of structures in manifestation are constructed and founded. The system of numbersPsychology2, 69:first half of the "bridge", the antahkarana, is constructed. By the time the third initiation isPsychology2, 72:bridge. It is built through meditation; it is constructed through the constant effort to draw forthPsychology2, 79:and these determine the nature of the forms constructed, the quality of the life which is expressedPsychology2, 97:the dark materials of which human history is constructed. When this urge to sacrifice in order toPsychology2, 103:fact, the tiny thread of the partially constructed "way of escape", under tremendous pressure andPsychology2, 170:Destroy thy tunnel, which thou has for ages long constructed. Stand free, in custody of all thePsychology2, 208:of the mechanism of contact which they have constructed in order to enable them to function in thePsychology2, 225:the disappearance of forms, human and humanly constructed. It is the. result of at-one-mentsPsychology2, 428:the lower aspect and higher can be built and constructed. "As a man thinketh, hopeth and willeth"Psychology2, 454:becomes the victim of that which he has himself constructed; he is the creature of a FrankensteinPsychology2, 455:which will add color and beauty to the already constructed thought form. It is at this point thatPsychology2, 455:The thought form of an idea has been potently constructed. It has taken to itself also color andPsychology2, 462:of adult years and has for a long period of time constructed his thought forms and brooded overPsychology2, 571:reproduction with the original, and the humanly constructed with the divinely created. Forget not,Psychology2, 713:ambition of those aspirants. They are not constructed by the disciples of the world, for no man isRays, 30:When the antahkarana of a group is rightly constructed, then the individualized group-will willRays, 145:itself - of which all the many forms of life are constructed. At this time, the work of the GreatRays, 153:of the response apparatus and the newly constructed spiritual mechanism which exoterically enablesRays, 161:must bear in mind that when the antahkarana is constructed and in use, there is consequently a freeRays, 167:developed in you and the antahkarana tenuously constructed will be your understanding of my words.Rays, 183:initiate employs. There are four veils of maya, constructed necessarily of seven forces, and theseRays, 257:you. Necessarily, this great antahkarana is not constructed correctly except by those whoseRays, 273:type of triangle will at some much later date be constructed but only when these two earlier typesRays, 279:in the three worlds. The antahkarana is constructed and constitutes an active channel of contact.Rays, 299:be broken or in any way diminished, for it is constructed around a major principle of evolutionaryRays, 316:way of saying that the antahkarana has been constructed and [317] the Way to the Higher Evolution -Rays, 351:door is constituted and that of which the man is constructed at any particular time synchronize andRays, 356:"fire by friction" of which that door is constructed, and which spreads to and creates the burningRays, 408:and the Spiritual Triad is aided and finally constructed, but this is only incidental to the farRays, 444:the first half of the "bridge," the antahkarana, constructed. By the time the third initiation isRays, 447:bridge. It is built through meditation; it is constructed through the constant effort to draw forthRays, 451:and the strengthening of the bridge thus constructed, goes on until the Third Initiation. The linesRays, 464:and across this stream the antahkarana must be constructed. This is the concept which lies behindRays, 475:via the soul. The bridge which must be constructed is called, technically, the antahkarana. ThisRays, 490:real capacity to visualize, and having therefore constructed by its means the desired form, andRays, 491:disciple is focused in the center which he has constructed upon the mental plane, and is drawingRays, 494:forth towards the aspect of the antahkarana, constructed by the disciple, along which the life ofRays, 520:of the divine purpose. Once the antahkarana is constructed and the higher initiations are taken,Rays, 528:did by virtue of a [528] completely finished and constructed antahkarana, and thus He facilitatedRays, 591:antahkarana; these come when the antahkarana is constructed or in process of construction. [592]Rays, 620:created, and that a "Path of Return" is being constructed which will bring the long-awaited ChristRays, 672:and the soul. Just as the antahkarana has to be constructed and established as a bridge of lightRays, 753:by that which is material; it has thus constructed the "broad and easy way" which leads to theReappearance, 129:prior to that, we must have a history which is constructed around the development of humanity underSoul, 52:laws and methods by which perfect bodies may be constructed which, in turn, can be the instrumentsSoul, 90:Science and New Thought, a bridge has been constructed between the East and the West. It is nowSoul, 126:What more natural than this, that man, who has constructed mechanical reinforcements, shouldTelepathy, 74:term) upon the brain of a man who has constructed the antahkarana and passed the fourth initiation.Telepathy, 122:the antahkarana is to some measure adequately constructed, though not yet perfected. It becomes ofTelepathy, 157:which is found below it. When the antahkarana is constructed and the higher three are directlyTelepathy, 190:is only actively useful when the antahkarana is constructed or in process of construction. Energy
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