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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSTRUCTING

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Discipleship1, 146:along the teaching line [146] and which are constructing those thought-forms which will embody theDiscipleship1, 162:Plan only really begins when that which they are constructing becomes public property and subject,Education, 30:in a position to begin the definite process of constructing the link or bridge between the variousFire, 442:all is accomplished - the Lord of the Builders constructing [443] the forms which the Lord of LifeFire, 564:Them, and sends Them forth upon the mission of constructing, and vitalizing the systemicFire, 632:desire, and which he holds within his aura, thus constructing a tiny system of his own. Both man,Fire, 744:incarnation. Their disappearance or pralaya. The constructing entities who in a threefold mannerFire, 786:is true of all thought-form. building. Alan is constructing thought-forms all the time, and isFire, 786:His system, and as a planetary Logos uses in constructing His scheme. A man speaks, and a veryFire, 966:through attractive energy, he is in process of constructing. 89 The Pineal Gland. The Third Eye. -Fire, 982:apparent the nature of the little system we are constructing - that system of which each human unitFire, 1004:magic, and in the second the thought form he is constructing. Fire, 1020:have completed their work, and now cease from constructing; this particular type of energy noFire, 1023:it to the thought form which he is in process of constructing. Much of interest will open up beforeFire, 1110:is its informing life and who is in process of constructing it, of perfecting it, and of enlargingFire, 1233:groups of Creators: The solar Logos, Who is constructing a "Temple in the Heavens not made withGlamour, 240:building, and of that which he succeeds in constructing and which he views as the creation of hisHealing, 145:which disciples and initiates are in process of constructing and which reaches its full usefulnessHercules, 35:when emanating from the lower mind, but constructing and saving when coming from the soul. TheIntellect, 143:sentences, building them into thought forms and constructing clear mental images. It is for thisMagic, 518:of spiritual purposes and for the work of constructing those forms and organisms which may beMeditation, 82:long period of building in order to destroy, of constructing in order to disorganize later, ofMeditation, 338:on it a new rhythm, definitely eliminating and constructing. [339] By work done on the emotionalProblems, 63:nations and people, we shall have succeeded in constructing a world in which war will be impossiblePsychology1, 11:Who see and guide, therefore, every group is constructing something that is relatively tangible andPsychology1, 92:suffered and relieved the strain of living by constructing a body of thought around a happyPsychology1, 374:of atoms and of the organisms within forms, so constructing that which is needed to express theRays, 442:for the man who is beginning the work of constructing the antahkarana to grasp the meaning ofRays, 448:in a position to begin the definite process of constructing the link or bridge between the variousRays, 474:this section and indicate the technique for the constructing of the antahkarana. This willRays, 476:the work of the disciple who is in process of constructing the antahkarana. There is a closeRays, 479:becomes the Cross. When, however, he succeeds in constructing the rainbow bridge (which can only beRays, 487:will enable him to begin the conscious task of constructing the antahkarana. It is this thoughtRays, 510:built by all other disciples. Thus the work of constructing the racial antahkarana is furthered. IRays, 511:Outline for Reflective Contemplation on Constructing the Antahkarana I. Points to have in mind.Rays, 710:physical adventures to this great adventure of constructing a pathway for himself from the denseTelepathy, 63:with forms which have established the modes of constructing and bringing into being the varyingTelepathy, 96:by the astral nature; he is successfully constructing the antahkarana along which the higherTelepathy, 130:Will and Purpose comes to the student who is constructing the antahkarana and who is, therefore,
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