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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONSUMMATION

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Psychology2, 51:the regeneration of matter and not towards the consummation of its own salvation. It might bePsychology2, 66:and nirvanic realization. This process finds its consummation at the third initiation. [67] In thePsychology2, 219:and that destiny which will result from the consummation and fruition of the Plan on earth. It needPsychology2, 232:whole. Man is not all that is possible, nor the consummation of God's thought. The sweep of thisPsychology2, 267:the second and the third initiations. This consummation is finally achieved at the TransfigurationPsychology2, 282:the personality to the soul, find therein their consummation. Psychology2, 329:We have been apt to regard aspiration as the consummation or the transmutation of desire. However,Psychology2, 366:to perfection. This is typical of a fourth ray consummation, and if this thought is applied withPsychology2, 738:and has been carried through to the desired consummation and now the new world religion, which isRays, 37:itself is a part, are constructively served. The consummation of this ideal is to be found in theRays, 75:to mankind throughout the ages. It is the consummation of the activity of the Christ-consciousness,Rays, 99:as beauty, as joy, as spirit in action, as the consummation of all good. It will be obvious,Rays, 117:the fifth initiation. Producing purposeful life. Consummation. Such are the three points ofRays, 202:upon the star Sirius perfected and carried to a consummation. This has oft been hinted in myRays, 203:initiation upon this planet marks the end or the consummation of a great and final stage. It onlyRays, 312:attainment, perfection, illumination and divine consummation. This destruction wrought by theRays, 325:goals, the service they could entail and the consummation of the hierarchical possibilities; thisRays, 333:of the fourth kingdom in nature and the consummation of the work of the Fourth Creative HierarchyRays, 455:the outer world. The third initiation marks the consummation of the process, and there is then aRays, 495:of Shamballa. This is a statement of the final consummation. But before that can take place in itsRays, 507:all, and towards that purpose and its earthly consummation the seventh ray gives all it has." ItRays, 654:Earth humanity will reap, and this is the consummation of the preordained task of our planetaryRays, 660:intention and bring His "project" to a sound consummation, thus fulfiling the task given to Him byRays, 677:the concept that the process of initiation is a consummation of effort, to the higher and betterRays, 677:in effect and marks a beginning and not a consummation. What, therefore, lies ahead of the initiateReappearance, 104:of the physical vehicle was not the final consummation to all human struggle, loving andSoul, 152:the world and will carry all forward towards a consummation that is pictured for us in theSoul, 152:minute beginnings, up at last To man - the consummation of this scheme Of being, the completion ofTelepathy, 91:which is implemented by the Will, and its consummation is the complete assimilation of the "littleTelepathy, 120:by the presented Plan, and - in the glory of consummation - the completed Plan will reveal the
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