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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTACT

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Discipleship1, 553:establishing, as I do, a close and more enduring contact each time I communicate with one of myDiscipleship1, 554:and interest in connection with the Full Moon Contact for the establishing of a rapid and easyDiscipleship1, 554:olden time, because of your natural "facility in contact," regarded as a service that you canDiscipleship1, 560:should feel in months to come, a lessening of contact with me, be not deceived by the illusion.Discipleship1, 561:year. But at the time of the full moon, seek to contact, establish and strengthen your link inDiscipleship1, 568:effort to achieve a deepened and a more direct contact with your soul through a focused alignmentDiscipleship1, 569:and render the man insensitive to the higher contact. Fifth month...The nature of purification,Discipleship1, 573:your impact upon your co-disciples (whenever you contact them) so unduly forceful. There is noDiscipleship1, 573:light of Love" may pour forth upon all whom you contact. [574] Meditate upon the following words:Discipleship1, 575:my vibration and my thought when these points of contact were brought about by me? Seek to developDiscipleship1, 575:time. Do not infer from this remark that you contact and attract more force than do yourDiscipleship1, 577:Moon from over-stimulation, [577] yet evade not contact with that spiritual energy. PreserveDiscipleship1, 580:myself has been due to the urge of your soul for contact with a powerful second ray vibration, soDiscipleship1, 581:enough to enable you to understand truly. You contact people on the periphery of theirDiscipleship1, 582:body. Let your service lie within the field of contact where you find yourself and reach not outDiscipleship1, 583:and good physical health. In group work and contact comes relief from inner tension, through theDiscipleship1, 583:apply yourself to the five days of the Full Moon Contact, making the weeks between each full moonDiscipleship1, 585:to subject itself to group vibration and contact wherein the pressure exerted and the vibrationDiscipleship1, 593:by me and I have not been unmindful. Your inner contact with your soul and with me has beenDiscipleship1, 593:for a temporary space of time), detached from contact with the Master. Sometimes even his own soulDiscipleship1, 596:to keep these two lines of activity free from contact with each other. Your devotion served not toDiscipleship1, 599:growth. It is often the first result of a soul contact and means the revelation of personalityDiscipleship1, 605:thought and through the outpouring of love to contact your co-disciples and group brothers. This isDiscipleship1, 616:though I have not been able for some time to contact you subjectively. This inability on my part isDiscipleship1, 616:my part is because the stimulation, which such a contact would inevitably bring, might (as itDiscipleship1, 616:and you can be trusted today with a closer contact with me and with the group on the innerDiscipleship1, 617:you. See to it most carefully that this contact with me and with your brothers in the inner groupDiscipleship1, 617:reason that I again offer you a more conscious contact with myself. I here tell you my name - aDiscipleship1, 622:will be people who have already made their soul contact. Your ray is pre-eminently the ray ofDiscipleship1, 625:at those points where duty and obligation bring contact. Ponder on this... Discipleship1, 633:particularly intuitive, my brother, nor has your contact with the "inner brotherhoods" anything toDiscipleship1, 633:and from there seek to aid the sons of men. Your contact with the Hierarchy is, therefore, onDiscipleship1, 633:Hierarchy is, therefore, on mental levels. Your contact with what you call "inner brotherhoods" isDiscipleship1, 633:anything wrong or undesirable in this contact, provided that you recognize the plane whereon youDiscipleship1, 636:love this type of thing and believe that all you contact is a reality. As long as this is the case,Discipleship1, 642:at the center of your being, to achieve easy contact with the soul, and to build with care theDiscipleship1, 646:personality tendencies and the desire for outer contact which several of the group members have soDiscipleship1, 651:approach to the majority of people you will contact. You evoke as yet too violent a response fromDiscipleship1, 652:release. We need those who are seeking close contact with their souls and with us who are seekingDiscipleship1, 664:you should enter, through its means, into closer contact with the inner spiritual Sun, the soul,Discipleship1, 667:if I were to indicate the points of contact through which your soul and your personality primarilyDiscipleship1, 667:the line of least resistance. This established contact will rapidly transmute sixth ray devotionDiscipleship1, 673:A using of a thought-form of the Master. A contact in meditation. A definite remembered interviewDiscipleship1, 683:to make their personality adjustment and soul contact. It is not a place where character disciplineDiscipleship1, 688:of searching for it, of ability or inability to contact it and, [689] frequently, the distortion ofDiscipleship1, 689:angle and susceptible at all times to soul contact. They are not yet perfect, for they are not yetDiscipleship1, 691:for the helping of the world, if you seek to contact the Master as a group, if you are in aDiscipleship1, 694:the aspiring disciple and he has had a definite contact with him, but this has involved aDiscipleship1, 697:same and their task is to discover the points of contact, the analogous idealism for the groupDiscipleship1, 697:instinct is the capacity of the soul to register contact with the Hierarchy of which the soul isDiscipleship1, 698:to focus and raise the conscious mind, to contact the soul and evoke the intuition. When that hasDiscipleship1, 702:souls may direct and dictate strengthened by contact with the Master and with each other. They areDiscipleship1, 703:of the inner group potency and their facility to contact the Master - both as individuals or inDiscipleship1, 705:reach the mind or the soul of those you seek to contact, to project the thought-form, built in suchDiscipleship1, 707:it embraces the effort to establish mutual contact through an united recognition of the vision, ofDiscipleship1, 707:and their fellow disciples and to reinforce the contact between their own souls, the ashramic groupDiscipleship1, 708:reaction to the Master or the promise of future contact with the Master, with his own ideas anentDiscipleship1, 712:The using of a thought-form of some Master. A contact with the Master in meditation. A definite,Discipleship1, 714:succeeds in enabling him to make a soul [714] contact. The moment that that takes place the lightDiscipleship1, 715:to attract the attention of the Master. The contact is still too feeble and the grip of the soulDiscipleship1, 716:admitted into his presence and make a personal contact. The chela who is supervising this interimDiscipleship1, 718:and the Hierarchy) which prepares for a major contact between man and the Monad. When this takesDiscipleship1, 732:teaching. The thought-form of a Master. A direct contact with the Master in meditation. AnDiscipleship1, 736:of the self-centeredness of all those whom they contact and the intense preoccupation of theDiscipleship1, 737:that stage is, as you know, the establishing of contact with the Master; it is primarily andDiscipleship1, 740:their lives greatly enriched when they do so. Contact with disciples, initiates and Masters is everDiscipleship1, 751:in charge of him. The Master begins to contact him with greater frequency and - because he isDiscipleship1, 752:its recognition is an expression of a similar contact, carried forward this time into the realm ofDiscipleship1, 753:of the five senses and the three vehicles of contact in the three worlds of human experience toDiscipleship1, 755:is being built and is the first kind of contact to which the neophyte responds in the later stagesDiscipleship1, 756:factors which put the Master and the Ashram in contact with that which is occultly spoken of as theDiscipleship1, 771:opposing factions and groups and so enable later contact to be made. Some of you are not thinkingDiscipleship1, 777:In 1919, during the month of November, I made a contact with Alice A. Bailey and asked her to doDiscipleship1, 786:given. Necessarily these people have, from their contact with me, ascertained my identity. TheyDiscipleship2, XII:to help the student to get into an ashram or to contact a Master. The purpose of the Arcane SchoolDiscipleship2, 8:from having direct approach and direct contact with a Master without being dependent upon a seniorDiscipleship2, 16:one, and it is as a group that I shall seek to contact you. Therefore it is necessary for you toDiscipleship2, 26:your work in connection with your full moon contact. Two days before the time of the full moon, IDiscipleship2, 26:noonday recollection, and at the sunset hour of contact. This means - if you follow instructionsDiscipleship2, 26:more consciously within towards that point of contact where personality soul and the teacher in theDiscipleship2, 27:Tibetan brother, in deep meditation, seeking to contact you and all for whom he is, as a teacher,Discipleship2, 30:plane - his goal: His own soul - through direct contact, as the result of alignment. The Master -Discipleship2, 36:creating thought-forms which will make clear-cut contact with other minds and which will bringDiscipleship2, 46:and feel as he does and the mechanism of sure contact only exists within him in embryo. He isDiscipleship2, 49:speaking the phrase each month at our full moon contact, I will do it the day before, on the day ofDiscipleship2, 50:understanding. The success of the desired inner contact was based upon a realized group relation.Discipleship2, 51:as are other Masters, focused - as channels of contact and service - in the Hierarchy. You, as aDiscipleship2, 51:and together, were asked to approach me and to contact me just as, in the coming New Age, theDiscipleship2, 51:Achieve spiritual illumination through contact with the powerhouse of light, the Hierarchy. StoreDiscipleship2, 54:of the full moon, wherein a consciously achieved contact (dependent upon the success of theDiscipleship2, 54:you in these early stages in the attempt to contact me, I was laying the ground for twoDiscipleship2, 54:the ground for two eventualities: your future contact with your Master, prior to initiation, and aDiscipleship2, 54:with your Master, prior to initiation, and a contact with the Hierarchy. This was intended to beDiscipleship2, 54:was intended to be symbolic of humanity's future contact. The three days succeeding the full moonDiscipleship2, 54:of the previous work done and the subsequent contact. That realization would be facilitated by anDiscipleship2, 54:upon it at the moment of attempted or achieved contact; by the sense of expectancy which theDiscipleship2, 63:of their massed effect, quality or status. Contact and relationship are based upon vibratoryDiscipleship2, 67:among their fellowmen, [67] are brought into contact with this astral whirlpool. (I would call theDiscipleship2, 72:be the building of an aspect of the mechanism of contact and of approach which can be known andDiscipleship2, 73:which I shall choose one for each full moon contact. The golden lotus of the heart. The burning
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