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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTACT

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Discipleship2, 78:the soul, and the Master of the Ashram, are in contact. The supreme Master, the Christ, said whenDiscipleship2, 85:from me to enable you to make your individual contact with me if you follow the rules and live theDiscipleship2, 88:with the Hierarchy and provides a channel of contact with the Ashrams of the Masters. The ArcaneDiscipleship2, 98:effective? In order to establish a closer contact with your soul, with the same objective ofDiscipleship2, 99:Have there been any results of that attempted contact and, if so, what are they? What should nowDiscipleship2, 102:Do not infer from the above statement that contact and mutual interplay in world service will notDiscipleship2, 105:One of the qualities, developed through ashramic contact, is the ability to live always within theDiscipleship2, 108:of the term although they may yet be lacking any contact with the soul or any desire for suchDiscipleship2, 108:any contact with the soul or any desire for such contact. This means that they are relativelyDiscipleship2, 119:Full Moon and in group formation, plus direct contact with myself, you were permitted together toDiscipleship2, 128:the need for Alignment. You need a more direct contact between heart-head-soul. This, necessarily,Discipleship2, 128:necessarily, in preparation for a still higher contact. The two parts of the exercise you have beenDiscipleship2, 131:simple attitude of instantaneous relation to or contact with the soul, and through the soul [132]Discipleship2, 134:at the recognition, and in some cases the contact, with the spiritual triplicity, which is thatDiscipleship2, 134:of you has been towards the registering of soul contact and the expression of loving understanding;Discipleship2, 138:bring that organized instrument of service into contact with the source of inspiration and theDiscipleship2, 138:and impression consciously, by determined contact with their sources. I will therefore brieflyDiscipleship2, 139:creative imagination, all the Ashrams in close contact with Shamballa as: Responsive to theDiscipleship2, 154:of alignment, a conscious use of the mind as a contact agent, and a receptive activity of theDiscipleship2, 169:Christ rules and from whence he seeks closer contact among men, and the center which we callDiscipleship2, 183:III Meditation III - Alignment - Mode of Contact This deeply esoteric alignment exercise isDiscipleship2, 183:man, grounded in the soul, entering into a close contact (leading eventually to fusion) with theDiscipleship2, 184:Evolution. There is then a direct channel of contact - whenever needed and desired for service -Discipleship2, 192:following: That the vertical life of spiritual contact with the Ashram is constantly preserved byDiscipleship2, 194:soul-infused personality into a higher realm of contact and awareness. But again - as you can wellDiscipleship2, 197:or other, and also of originating modes of contact. The entire Science of Invocation and EvocationDiscipleship2, 197:mode of scientific invocation which governs the contact made in the Council Chamber of ShamballaDiscipleship2, 197:through meditation in some form or another that contact is made; this again is progressive inDiscipleship2, 197:formulated idea of the unspiritual man to make a contact with that which will later condition hisDiscipleship2, 199:and - in its highest form - it is the mode of contact which relates the highest Beings on ourDiscipleship2, 207:who are in touch with Shamballa can contact the Hierarchy, and through the Hierarchy can impressDiscipleship2, 215:desire with aspiration for soul relation and contact; he, through the proved efficacy of prayer,Discipleship2, The fu:disciples in that group; thus the great chain of contact and the great channel for the inflow ofDiscipleship2, 222:of the higher energies, and creates a channel of contact between soul and spirit. This is broughtDiscipleship2, 226:fixed intention at this moment of dedicated contact with my soul? Is my concentrated and expressedDiscipleship2, 231:fixed intention to express this love to all you contact. It is the great attractive and selflessDiscipleship2, 245:and the other relates to your capacity to contact me at will - a thing as yet only permitted toDiscipleship2, 248:group members. Its second use is to bring about contact with the Master of your group - in thisDiscipleship2, 248:achieve through my instructions re the Full Moon contact - something you have most inadequatelyDiscipleship2, 248:now you will work harder at the production of "contact relationship" as it is esoterically called.Discipleship2, 248:is the production of effective and direct contact with the soul. The alignment to which thisDiscipleship2, 253:following: Your perception of the vision. Your contact with me, your Master. Your recognition ofDiscipleship2, 254:takes initiation. Hence the emphasis upon soul contact when a man is upon the Probationary Path andDiscipleship2, 256:- disciple, but provides a medium of facile contact with the Hierarchy. This is due to the factDiscipleship2, 257:into the inner Ashram as "practicing chelas." To contact the Master at will. To develop divineDiscipleship2, 257:life, it is not possible for you to arrive at contact with the "Point." The disciple starts on theDiscipleship2, 262:of this, just as the [262] goal of hierarchical contact marks the present effort of the disciple.Discipleship2, 269:of the year 1400 A.D.) were for conscious soul contact; today, it is for a measure of establishedDiscipleship2, 269:This is a very different matter; soul contact is necessarily present, but is not deemed to give allDiscipleship2, 270:work of aeons is culminating in a general soul contact, where humanity as a whole is concerned.Discipleship2, 284:express the underlying idea - the idea you can contact at your present point of development. ThisDiscipleship2, 288:Way of the Higher Evolution as he retains his contact with the Earth and works as a Member of theDiscipleship2, 296:for initiation. Instead of the past objectives - contact with the soul and entrance into an AshramDiscipleship2, 312:the initiate. It is indicative of success and of contact and present - the opening up of a newDiscipleship2, 313:he has learnt through meditation to make contact with the soul, the Son of Mind, who is himself,Discipleship2, 314:is to find and admit men into hierarchical contact. It is that minor phase of hierarchical activityDiscipleship2, 316:of a much closer and a more widespread contact between the Hierarchy and humanity. The revelationDiscipleship2, 325:is that the period required for a truth, a contact, or a spiritual apprehension to be registered byDiscipleship2, 343:revelation? This would involve constant ashramic contact. These hints are therefore intended forDiscipleship2, 348:heart is only one of the conditioning points of contact through which the "advancing point ofDiscipleship2, 349:The emphasis has been laid in the past on contact with the Hierarchy and - as we [350] have seen -Discipleship2, 350:of devoted, emotional zeal as the medium of that contact. Again, as we have seen, the period ofDiscipleship2, 352:advancement in consciousness into closer contact with the Hierarchy and a group within theDiscipleship2, 371:the whole, and of the five points of spiritual contact upon the physical plane (outlets for theDiscipleship2, 374:within the ashram; this is a point of sevenfold contact, available at all times for the use of allDiscipleship2, 376:is of peculiar interest. It concerns the first contact of the initiated disciple with the energyDiscipleship2, 376:He has not yet reached the stage wherein direct contact is permitted, but still needs the ashramicDiscipleship2, 378:his complete freedom from the phenomenal contact of the astral plane at the second, the third andDiscipleship2, 390:soul. In so far, therefore, as a disciple is in contact with the soul and is becoming aDiscipleship2, 402:at this time makes his first and very temporary contact is that which the planetary Logos employsDiscipleship2, 409:(in this long interim) have not come forth to contact humanity on any large or group scale; many ofDiscipleship2, 412:of the personality to the problem of soul contact and are an integral part of the process whichDiscipleship2, 412:providing a better instrument for soul contact, and later, for service. The major emphasis was,Discipleship2, 412:service. The major emphasis was, however, soul contact, and the hint was usually of a purelyDiscipleship2, 412:and negations which interfere with true soul contact and present a barrier to progress into anDiscipleship2, 412:and with a substantial measure of soul contact already satisfactorily established; the ancientDiscipleship2, 413:were not entirely interested in the task of soul contact. The problem confronting the Hierarchy wasDiscipleship2, 413:personality to be trained upon the point of soul contact, so that the lower mind becomes theDiscipleship2, 433:cycle wherein the Soul is seeking to establish contact with and control of the personality. TheDiscipleship2, 444:there is always found an easy problem of inner contact, relation and integration. When, however,Discipleship2, 445:which you must learn to put yourself in direct contact. There is the magnetic will of the third rayDiscipleship2, 455:to your group brothers. Seek to establish a contact - subjective and real - with F.C.D. who is soDiscipleship2, 457:group of special workers such as yourself, must contact these groups, bringing them together on oneDiscipleship2, 459:entrance into the life of the Ashram and thus contact me. This may take time, but the link isDiscipleship2, 461:yourself (for selfless purpose) from too close a contact with those in distress. Aid them; loveDiscipleship2, 461:insulation and not of a refusal to meet and contact suffering humanity upon the physical plane. IDiscipleship2, 462:head. Sound the OM as the soul and believe that contact has been made between soul-mind-brain. ThenDiscipleship2, 470:kind, and there would not be so much need for contact work on the physical plane. I claimed thatDiscipleship2, 471:which the disciple realizes through his contact with the Ashram. [472] These are the result of hisDiscipleship2, 473:desirable and seek constantly and daily a closer contact with your Master and with mine - theDiscipleship2, 480:and with a spirit of waiting anticipation - to contact me, your Master and your friend. ExpectDiscipleship2, 483:apart from others; you have not been easy to contact or to know; you were never responsive toDiscipleship2, 483:and your reactions to those who desired contact have been negative, and this at times when youDiscipleship2, 483:someone comes within range of his possibility of contact. This is almost unknown to you. TheDiscipleship2, 483:discernment. He needs to learn discrimination in contact if he is to avoid a useless, if wellDiscipleship2, 483:opportunity for you to find a wide sphere of contact, to work in full cooperation with other peopleDiscipleship2, 484:[484] you need to strain after outer ability to contact, to influence and to evoke response fromDiscipleship2, 484:be natural at first until your "technique of contact" is discovered by you and established inDiscipleship2, 484:is he." The first word which I would suggest is Contact. Much soul contact and contact also withDiscipleship2, 484:word which I would suggest is Contact. Much soul contact and contact also with your group brothers
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