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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTACT

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Discipleship2, 484:would suggest is Contact. Much soul contact and contact also with your group brothers on interiorDiscipleship2, 484:you believe it not. You have a well established contact along these lines, but your physical brainDiscipleship2, 484:by means of which you got close to someone, a contact with some stranger which seemed fruitful andDiscipleship2, 484:spirit and an interest in the whole process of contact. It is through contacts and the developmentDiscipleship2, 486:provided you keep it so yourselves. The inner contact is still there, exactly as it was before; theDiscipleship2, 486:sure, pondered and studied the three words - Contact, Impression and Relationship - I gave you inDiscipleship2, 486:was along the line of strengthening your contact with me, the Ashram and the group; to renderDiscipleship2, 486:of your life) direct your thinking towards contact with your fellowmen, towards the type ofDiscipleship2, 487:no discontinuance of the three processes of Contact, Impression and Relationship. These being theDiscipleship2, 487:bewilderment. With disciples there is still contact with people (usually those with whom they haveDiscipleship2, 488:increase the capacity of the three activities - contact, impression, relationship - you mightDiscipleship2, 489:your meditation along these three concepts of Contact, Impression and Relationship. The length ofDiscipleship2, 490:these directions in mind. Take then the word Contact into your consciousness and ponder upon theseDiscipleship2, 490:and ponder upon these three fields of contact in which it is possible for you to move - theDiscipleship2, 490:Study these planes of possible and unavoidable contact (for the aspiring disciple) and study themDiscipleship2, 490:lessons which physical, astral or mental contact makes on you, what they have done for you duringDiscipleship2, 491:"orient" in both cases; I have not said "achieve contact." The task of receiving impression is notDiscipleship2, 491:register any definite response from an achieved contact, for that is what it then will be. ThenDiscipleship2, 491:the OM twice. Having reached as high a point of contact as you can, at any given time, you thenDiscipleship2, 492:be to hold a subjective attitude of detached contact - an occult paradox! - and at the same time toDiscipleship2, 492:to the establishing of the gained soul contact and the training of the inner attentive man to catchDiscipleship2, 493:I commend you, reminding you always that soul contact is universal and inclusive in its effects butDiscipleship2, 493:my ideas. Through me, however, and through your contact with me (which is based on the recognitionDiscipleship2, 494:power of your directing, awakening brain, soul contact is fairly easy of achievement for you atDiscipleship2, 494:Your real problem is to free the results of this contact from distortion and glamor by the power ofDiscipleship2, 499:Write letters. Locate your students. Establish contact, and step by step, the way will open upDiscipleship2, 499:full month for the establishing of such a close contact with your own soul that love, enthusiasm,Discipleship2, 502:which comes from constant service and constant contact with others, might be enumerated as follows:Discipleship2, 506:personality will have the capacity to reawaken contact with your students in Spain or hold steadyDiscipleship2, 508:focusing, seek, with an alert consciousness, to contact: Your soul. My Ashram. Me, your Master. YouDiscipleship2, 509:is developed, you should eventually arrive at a contact, at a registered sense of spiritual powerDiscipleship2, 514:Way but am assured, through study of your soul contact, that you will not be hindered. I ask myselfDiscipleship2, 517:entirely in your own hands and the amount of contact between the three of you is your personalDiscipleship2, 524:to write if these days are productive of renewed contact with hierarchical force. You will know toDiscipleship2, 525:however, are not the things which hinder an easy contact with you. What do hinder are the resultsDiscipleship2, 528:to write upon it) you brought yourself [528] in contact with the energy emanating from Shamballa.Discipleship2, 540:equation, and you can therefore make this closer contact either with rapidity or slowness. It isDiscipleship2, 540:That which will impel you to make a closer contact with your ashramic group will be anDiscipleship2, 540:as your karma carries you towards hierarchical contact, and as your radiation produces itsDiscipleship2, 543:deal practically with the effects of ashramic contact on the emotional nature and on the daily lifeDiscipleship2, 549:the life of the Ashram and an increasing steady contact with the Master demonstrate to him theDiscipleship2, 552:by an open window, and you have thus sought contact with me. This trained facility forms the basisDiscipleship2, 555:into the Ashram, the less need he finds for contact with the Master; he comes to realize the extentDiscipleship2, 564:at will. Masters of my degree can only make contact with Shamballa at certain stated periods, andDiscipleship2, 568:in the case of a chela at your point of ashramic contact. Your link with me remains unbroken. Discipleship2, 570:and this creates a glamor. Forget not that contact with disciples older and more experienced thanDiscipleship2, 572:a soul include all with whom you are brought in contact within the dynamic vibration of yourDiscipleship2, 575:Later an effort is made through meditation to contact the soul. This order is wrong. Man shouldDiscipleship2, 585:I would ask you every Sunday to endeavor to contact the Ashram and myself (expecting no outerDiscipleship2, 588:their training - to make this attempt. A line of contact must eventually be built, and those of youDiscipleship2, 590:Inward to the world of men, seeking to contact the subjective world of human thought and aspirationDiscipleship2, 602:his presence long before the brain registers the contact or the response of the Master. All in thisDiscipleship2, 606:that the physical body is a definite channel of contact (and sometimes the only one as it [607]Discipleship2, 609:circle of another Ashram, and at their point of contact and of overlapping an increased intercourseDiscipleship2, 609:is a coming and a going; there is relation and contact; there is increased opportunity andDiscipleship2, 611:a full and rich life; you have been brought into contact with thousands of [613] people of allDiscipleship2, 613:this relationship will be both good and bad. Contact with any disciple acts as a precipitatingDiscipleship2, 613:from the results, but see to it that reaction to contact with you and with your band of associates,Discipleship2, 614:not if you will attempt to establish immediate contact with your second ray soul. Look back overDiscipleship2, 619:you stand alone, spiritually repulsing contact from the inner side of daily living (andDiscipleship2, 620:emphasis gives to other people whom you contact a sense of insincerity and thus evokes from them aDiscipleship2, 632:Master. They detailed his progress from a rare contact to a position close to the Master. It is ofDiscipleship2, 635:he has arrived at this point, that all desire to contact the Master for his own satisfaction orDiscipleship2, 640:the tendency of the first ray to withdraw from contact to the isolated aloofness of the first rayDiscipleship2, 645:sources of strength: First and foremost, your contact with your own soul through meditation,Discipleship2, 645:through meditation, reflection and joy. Your contact with me, your Master, because through me someDiscipleship2, 646:are made available. Beginning with the lowest contact, your group brothers, you have theDiscipleship2, 646:stimulation upon the physical plane of your contact with them; through your soul contact, the loveDiscipleship2, 646:of your contact with them; through your soul contact, the love aspect of divinity can be madeDiscipleship2, 646:manifest in you; and through your hierarchical contact, the will of God can pour into you. Thus allDiscipleship2, 653:and in your own way) are privileged to establish contact. See the Ashram as a sphere of radiant,Discipleship2, 653:the Master K.H. See yourself also as a soul in contact with first ray energy, and thus contributingDiscipleship2, 658:two things in relation to you: That your soul contact must be intensified. That your life problemDiscipleship2, 661:hinder your inner life and joy. Seek closer contact with me, your Master, and look for response. Discipleship2, 663:verification upon those rare moments when you contact consciously your soul, and then suddenlyDiscipleship2, 668:of lesser rating, are upon the line of this contact or designated service. By the training given,Discipleship2, 668:they start with a strong bias towards wisdom. Contact with the "Ashrams of loving intent" (asDiscipleship2, 670:vehicle and with your present equipment you can contact the Master of all the Masters; nor does itDiscipleship2, 673:The new seed group is discontinued. My contact with you and with some other members of the group isDiscipleship2, 674:Go ahead, brother of mine, in our service. Every contact has its unrealized importance; give ofDiscipleship2, 674:and common sense dictates) everyone who seeks to contact you, and this with love and willingDiscipleship2, 699:are the most distasteful to your lower nature - contact with other people, particularly with yourDiscipleship2, 699:down the opposition which it presents to soul contact and impose a different note and key upon yourDiscipleship2, 701:should not be hard for you to use the will, once contact can be more firmly established with theDiscipleship2, 708:through your soul, and therefore a closer soul contact is increasingly needed by you as the workDiscipleship2, 708:increased sensitivity to my presence and to the contact of my mind. Contact with me will affectDiscipleship2, 708:to my presence and to the contact of my mind. Contact with me will affect [709] your heart center;Discipleship2, 709:with me will affect [709] your heart center; contact with my mind will bring about changes in yourDiscipleship2, 709:a much more sensitive response to all you contact in your life of service. That is primarily whatDiscipleship2, 710:to the free flow of love and impede a constant contact with the soul, imposing themselves betweenDiscipleship2, 710:the teaching ability; you have also a third ray contact with the physical plane which should enableDiscipleship2, 715:that the result is that all the energies you contact become focused in the mind. You do not need toDiscipleship2, 715:fifteen minutes to dedication, consecration and contact with your soul and with me every SundayDiscipleship2, 718:has already established a measure of definite contact. The way into the inner circle of the AshramDiscipleship2, 728:else to be done but to strengthen your soul contact by practical spiritual living upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 733:see you raising your human soul towards a soul contact you seldom achieve, consciously at least,Discipleship2, 733:you at one time achieved a most definite soul contact, but knew not how to handle the forceDiscipleship2, 748:confidence and with joy; establish a closer contact with me, your friend and teacher. Discipleship2, 754:the astral plane with which you are in contact, thus bringing an outpouring of love. This againDiscipleship2, 760:in a consequent close relationship, easy contact and a deep comprehension. In this sense,
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