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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTACT

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Externalisation, 525:training in order to react correctly when fuller contact has been established by Shamballa with theExternalisation, 525:I would have you note the phrasing here. That contact has now been established as a result of theExternalisation, 528:will, however, show you certain direct lines of contact and of relationship which are true andExternalisation, 530:but to the fact that He had to submit Himself to contact with humanity. The Hierarchy is therefore,Externalisation, 536:and therefore has two points of planetary contact: the first, via the Hierarchy, as has been forExternalisation, 539:- on a more powerful [539] basis - a more direct contact with mankind. Since 1925 the Hierarchy hasExternalisation, 542:the Lord of the World. He could cease His annual contact with the Hierarchy at this time, if He soExternalisation, 542:this time, if He so chose, owing to the direct contact now established between the Hierarchy andExternalisation, 542:with the Christ in widening the channel of contact between Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity.Externalisation, 555:a return to the real values. The keynote of Contact, of a closer relation between Christ and HisExternalisation, 568:however, Who will make the move outwards into contact with the world are not the Ones WhoExternalisation, 568:of perfection, there are aspects of physical contact which They have completely transcended andExternalisation, 568:concerned, exist and, are used at need, but the contact established and maintained with disciplesExternalisation, 569:greatly increased effectiveness over individual contact through the senses, has entirely supersededExternalisation, 571:disciples with a full and conscious constant contact with their particular Ashram are able to workExternalisation, 582:the angle of its active Ashram. [582] Once the contact - in physical manifestation and physicalExternalisation, 585:the fact that they are not preoccupied with soul contact and with the idea of academic service.Externalisation, 586:soul, who work diligently at the problem of soul contact, who are busy with the art of servingExternalisation, 611:familiarize yourselves and all men whom you can contact with the following facts: That the returnExternalisation, 631:belong. On November 19th, 1919, I made my first contact with A.A.B. (much to her distress andExternalisation, 634:of each other physically, or arrive at any open contact, yet they are animated by the sameExternalisation, 645:will not have as wide or potent an effect or contact as may the others. Its inflow will, however,Externalisation, 645:and is not stepped down for them through contact with the Hierarchy of Love; it naturally expressesExternalisation, 656:emphasize the widespread nature of this energy contact because esoteric students have veryExternalisation, 658:it has in the past only been permitted to make contact with "the substance of humanity" via theExternalisation, 680:the ashram with which the aspirant must make contact. This attitude has now widened in its approachExternalisation, 683:was relatively small compared to that today; contact between peoples was practically nil, and whereExternalisation, 683:in the three worlds to the higher field of contact and inspiration. Much of this can be noted inExternalisation, 686:that the minority - in renewed and closer contact with Shamballa - have to master the technique ofExternalisation, 686:minority" but relinquish the "joy of Shamballic contact". Temporarily, the training which theExternalisation, 686:is focused upon the expert use of the Science of Contact. This time, the science is used upon aExternalisation, 687:remain in complete sympathetic and understanding contact with all humanity and with all events thatExternalisation, 690:of those with whom they are immediately in contact. The more advanced the disciple, the greater isExternalisation, 691:by the will which keeps the channel of contact open between the disciple and the ashram and betweenExternalisation, 691:recipient, but protects the disciple from undue contact; it will then evoke in the person to beExternalisation, 691:to purify himself and his three vehicles of contact; upon acceptance into an ashram, a largeExternalisation, 693:and the bringing of spiritual energy into contact with substance, and consequently with matter, isFire, vi:This includes the circumstances of her first contact with him, on the physical plane, which tookFire, VII:amazement at the glimpses she obtained through contact with the Tibetan's mind, of limitless vistasFire, 46:thus permitting the spiritual unit to contact the plane of densest matter. It has itsFire, 46:the Monad or spirit with its lowest point of contact, the personality, functioning through aFire, 51:Flame Divine and the fire of Mind brought into contact through the medium of substance or form.Fire, 60:pole to the solar electrical fluid, and the contact of the two and their correct manipulation isFire, 61:and which creates electrical response to contact between the nerves and the brain. It should now beFire, 74:our planet, the Earth, They find Their points of contact through the three "Buddhas of Activity,"Fire, 76:one individual will have upon another in worldly contact, in molding and influencing, inFire, 78:system by one of the three main channels of contact, and producing on the bodies then contactedFire, 89:man will be brought into closer conscious contact with the other evolutions [90] that evolve inFire, 109:and this thickening may prevent, for instance, contact with the higher Self or principles and itsFire, 113:it otherwise, when he has developed the power to contact ever so slightly the buddhic plane, thenFire, 121:lowest cosmic plane, escapes from all etheric contact, and functions on the cosmic astral plane.Fire, 125:astral and mental planes, so that a paralleling contact is brought about, and the great work ofFire, 136:further along the etheric spinal channel they contact the fire of manas as it radiates from theFire, 143:By means of these forms He gains the needed contact, and develops full consciousness on the fiveFire, 154:the basis of that separation which prevents the contact of any atom with any other atom, whichFire, 186:but as media whereby the Thinker comes in contact with his environment. They are the means wherebyFire, 193:other ends. Touch is that innate recognition of contact through the exercise of manas or mind in aFire, 195:outwards towards that which is heard; and when contact is made with the not-self it is calledFire, 198:the Law of Attraction, man touches and makes contact with that which is brought to his attentionFire, 199:can dissociate itself from every veil, every contact, and every sense. This leads in everyFire, 201:unity and is the capacity of the Self to contact other selves, and is not a faculty whereby theFire, 202:five senses, as we know them, are the means of contact built up by the Thinker (polarized in hisFire, 230:specific purpose of Gaining experience. Making contact. Developing full self-knowledge. AchievingFire, 248:to evolve, to increase vibration and to make contact. A man contains within himself three majorFire, 250:of consciousness, of responsiveness to contact, involving therefore the growth of awareness. Fire, 252:vibration, to gain knowledge, and to make contact. This increased vibration is of a gradual andFire, 252:spirillae. Their aim is to achieve uniformity of contact with each other, and to merge eventuallyFire, 261:lower threefold personality [261] as a means to contact the lower three planes. All this has forFire, 286:two factors of the senses and of experimental contact can be seen working out in the animal andFire, 292:schemes, reach a stage of accurate response to contact and stimulation. He has to attain to theFire, 311:body on the cosmic mental plane, and makes contact with the first cosmic etheric, or the solarFire, 406:entities at this stage who are willing to make contact with the physical plane are clothed inFire, 449:(the Brahma or manasic aspect) is brought into contact with the first aspect and produces thatFire, 454:Ego, The influencing of groups, The making of contact with the Occult Hierarchy, The cooperationFire, 455:there are dangers incident also upon contact with the deva evolution and the knowledge of theFire, 466:eventually will be one of the chief agents of contact, and as men are as yet not ready for suchFire, 472:beneficent, and before the true method of contact is comprehended, and the consequent Fire, 472:for in days to come (when units here and there contact the devas, and inevitably pay the penalty)Fire, 473:solar fire or on the cosmic etheric levels may contact be permitted; on the planes of the cosmicFire, 473:and physical planes) disaster only results from contact. I have dwelt on this point, for the dangerFire, 491:Spirit, the tendency is to deva worship, deva contact and black magic, for the form is made of devaFire, 494:been due to three things: First. Inability to contact the central electric spark. This is due toFire, 504:meets and contacts matter; the result of that contact is the birth of the Son, or the Ego, theFire, 507:at the moment of individualization by [507] the contact of the two fires. The force or energy thatFire, 508:the central life has an adequate point of contact which can originate the necessitated vibration inFire, 524:solar electricity. When man has found out how to contact and utilize positive solar electricity inFire, 535:have discussed the permanent atom as a point of contact with the force of a plane, of a planet, ofFire, 538:initiation, through being brought into conscious contact with the electric spark of his ownFire, 549:upon [549] how best the young can be taught to contact their own ego or higher energy; how bestFire, 552:is to enable the Thinker to respond to every contact fully and consciously, and thus to utilize hisFire, 552:or sheaths, as adequate transmitter of such contact. The most easily studied human thought-form isFire, 572:is the one in which desire, or response to contact and sensation is being brought to its fullestFire, 588:also developed the astral capacity that made contact with the fourth or buddhic level possible. InFire, 589:their own paths, finding their next point of contact on the fourth or buddhic level, and a finalFire, 599:third Outpouring, the merging and the point of contact between the Spiritual Triad and the LowerFire, 610:Agni, the Lord of Fire, but until They can contact that of which He is an emanation, a reflectionFire, 625:nature he can then safely become a magician and contact, control and work with, the devas inFire, 640:the alchemists of the lower regions, and through contact with them, and through the knowledge ofFire, 644:in the active desire of the lower to embrace or contact the higher. This is of paramountFire, 645:collectively or individually. Man is coming into contact with them along medical lines and
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