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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTACT

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Healing, 512:as human beings express it, but response to contact - a response which does not please. In otherHealing, 513:and by an act of the will brings it into direct contact with the ray of the personality. This has aHealing, 516:as transmitted to the soul by its instrument of contact, the personality form. That form is nowHealing, 519:To the woman at the sepulchre - symbolizing His contact with Humanity. To the two disciples on theHealing, 519:disciples on the way to Emmaus - symbolizing His contact with the Hierarchy. To the twelveHealing, 519:disciples in the upper chamber - symbolizing His contact with the Council Chamber of the Lord ofHealing, 524:will briefly enumerate and comment. The power to contact and work as a soul. "The art of the healerHealing, 524:touch with his own soul, but through that soul contact he can easily contact the soul of hisHealing, 524:but through that soul contact he can easily contact the soul of his patient. The power to commandHealing, 524:will." This necessitates the capacity to make contact with the Spiritual Triad. [525] Therefore,Healing, 525:It comes through mastering an exact science of contact, of impression, of invocation, plus anHealing, 525:and at the point in evolution where he can contact his own soul, the work of the healer is renderedHealing, 533:For each is to be found a central point of contact. The conflict of these energies with forces andHealing, 540:certain facts, and then making certain points of contact effectively useful. The first fact to beHealing, 541:and works with this law, the following points of contact are recognized and used: The soul of theHealing, 542:with the stimulation of that point of soul contact, via the following triangle of energy: ThisHealing, 542:head center of the patient, evoking greater soul contact and producing a resultant inflow of soulHealing, 545:goodwill (the second major expression of soul contact and influence in the individual's life and inHealing, 545:What this really means is that the channel of contact between the individual and his soul and theHealing, 545:in the life of the healer must be laid upon contact and alignment, and why so few succeed. There isHealing, 545:and why so few succeed. There is little if any contact to be found among healers today, and littleHealing, 551:perception but will react immediately upon contact to an impression so powerful, coming from theHealing, 554:preoccupied with the preservation of a conscious contact with his body. When he is unable to focusHealing, 557:presupposes the mastering of the science of soul contact, first of all; the constant practice ofHealing, 559:to that level of awareness or place of contact with the divine Whole or the divine ConsciousnessHealing, 573:consequence, disease; they have "descended into contact" via the sutratma and are anchored in threeHealing, 579:mental plane, prior to achieving a stabilized contact with the soul. In Atlantean times, the shiftHealing, 582:For each is to be found a central point of contact. The conflict of these energies with forces andHealing, 584:form, from a subtler plane, thus making contact with a grosser vibratory force. An energy isHealing, 584:force upon which it makes impact or establishes contact; the force is less potent but is anchored.Healing, 584:energy, from the angle of the anchored point of contact, is in some ways less effective (within aHealing, 586:increase as both personality and soul establish contact and fusion and more people take initiation.Healing, 588:For each is to be found a central point of contact. The two energies which meet in man are the twoHealing, 600:towards the healing art and consequently towards contact with patients; owing to the inevitableHealing, 608:is not necessarily dependent upon conscious soul contact. [609] That can and does produce goodHealing, 611:each other; nations are arriving at a closer contact with one another; statesmen of all nations areHealing, 619:with its source, and possesses (when brought in contact with its petals) one major innate qualityHealing, 621:Him en rapport, therefore, and in full realized contact, with the One in Whom He lived and movedHealing, 642:through the soul as a channel and medium of contact; its direct channel is, needless to say, theHealing, 642:Monad and the personality, have established a contact (non-existent in the average man) between theHealing, 645:that of the patient, which can be used when once contact has been induced, for a definiteHealing, 646:along this line or to endeavor to set up a contact or to invoke his aid. Only initiates of highHealing, 647:where, symbolically speaking, a door or point of contact exists between the two evolutions, for theHealing, 653:about, the healer knows that a channel of contact can be counted upon and that the soul interestHealing, 653:to avail himself of alignment and recognized contact will be the quality of the aid he will be ableHealing, 655:of energies created is different. The means of contact are subtle and not tangible. The energyHealing, 655:The energy released follows a direct line of contact with the brain, and the healer starts with aHealing, 655:is a simple one, and there is no physical contact and outlet as in magnetic healing: The brain ofHealing, 655:the healer is involved, but there is no physical contact of any kind with the patient. The resultHealing, 656:activity around the head center. No physical contact by the hands is now required, and the healerHealing, 656:as if a great vortex of power were set up by the contact between the two auras and by their highHealing, 657:the two auras, both of them responsive to soul contact; the soul aspect of both persons (underHealing, 657:is one of intense quiescence. Having made his contact, he simply waits and has nothing more to doHealing, 657:task was accomplished when he made his own soul contact and then reached out and contacted theHealing, 658:work of the healer ends. He "shuts off" his soul contact and reassumes control of his aura as aHealing, 667:of divinity made its first definite and direct contact with the human mind. The impact was directHealing, 667:of man or group who responded or reacted to this contact, so were the results; they were very goodHealing, 701:ray, and will therefore provide the point of contact. [702] The healer, having to his satisfactionHealing, 714:the explosive nature of energy, when in contact with force, or of the soul in relation toHercules, 19:nature must be responsive to every type of contact; his physical body must be a fit medium ofHercules, 26:he was told that he possessed the horses of contact and that, if he would, the bow and arrow ofHercules, 60:It is the place also where the mechanism of contact is developed, where, little by little, the fiveHercules, Known:that it was invincible only so long as it was in contact with the earth. just as soon as HerculesHercules, 70:consciousness, the disciple has to register contact with the soul and to recognize its qualities.Hercules, 71:of a more advanced disciple who has established contact with his soul and who, therefore, may beHercules, 72:overstrained if one of the Masters made constant contact with a disciple before he had even learnedHercules, 72:so real that we will forego our own desire for contact and seek only to lift the burden that TheyHercules, 82:capacity to register illumination, an ability to contact his immortal aspect and intuitively toHercules, 93:equally aware, but which has its own method of contact and its own response apparatus. Diana, theHercules, 94:gives to the disciple a vision of new fields of contact and opens up for him a new world of being.Hercules, 168:trying to lead the "altar" life, seeking to contact the serpent of wisdom. Begin with thought andInitiation, 79:consciousness and the head centers to egoic contact. [80] Then the otherwise destructive forceInitiation, 84:he does on the physical plane; he is brought in contact with the astral devas; he learns to controlInitiation, 87:the personality [87] through direct contact, a method different to the individualization as shownInitiation, 89:occult books, and after this initiation he can contact not only the Master with whom he is linkedInitiation, 89:worked consciously for a long time, but he can contact and assist (in measure) the Chohans, theInitiation, 90:into closer fellowship in the Lodge, and his contact with the devas is more complete. He is rapidlyInitiation, 90:can wield the law in the three worlds, and can contact his Monad with more freedom than theInitiation, 90:freedom than the majority of the human race can contact their Egos. He is in charge, also, of largeInitiation, 91:the first degree, making for the first time his contact with a certain type of specialized force,Initiation, 91:by gradually expanding realizations, to contact and - under guidance - to employ certain forms ofInitiation, 101:powers. He will realize the methods of egoic contact and the right direction of force. The nervousInitiation, 107:under His jurisdiction for three purposes: To contact Planetary force through the medium of theInitiation, 117:stands free of both, fully liberated and able to contact the Monad, as earlier he learned toInitiation, 117:to contact the Monad, as earlier he learned to contact the Ego. For the remainder of hisInitiation, 118:own tiny "Spark." He thus makes his conscious contact with the solar Logos, and realizes withinInitiation, 147:and of force with which he has been brought into contact. This is a triple oath to retain completeInitiation, 186:out as members of our humanity fit themselves to contact the Brotherhood. Their field of employ,Intellectand insufficient: it demands in order to make contact with reality the complement of someIntellect, 13:the apparatus whereby a human being comes into contact with his environment. But there are menIntellect, 16:subtler worlds where they have been brought into contact with forces and phenomena which are not ofIntellect, 43:apparatus through which he is [43] brought into contact with his environment. Second, according toIntellect, 54:towards the physical body - the sole means of contact with that particular field of activity, theIntellect, 57:this universal energy, and its seven points of contact with the physical organism are covered in myIntellect, 58:a conscious awareness of, and a conscious contact with, his soul - the unseen factor which heIntellect, 61:the keynote of the life, then increasingly soul contact is established. The results of that contactIntellect, 61:soul contact is established. The results of that contact work out in self-discipline, inIntellect, 81:intense focusing upon a new and unusual field of contact. Then "the mind-stuff reflecting both theIntellect, 96:spiritually, to see below the surface and so contact the idea which gave birth to the form.Intellect, 101:ages; as a response apparatus through which we contact aspects of the Universe otherwise
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