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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTACT

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Magic, 415:added touch of genius which indicates a certain contact with the soul. The group that is now inMagic, 416:flexibility and experience, and his stability of contact can be all subordinated to the groupMagic, 418:and persistently influencing through soul contact one or more members of the new slowly emergingMagic, 421:constitute part of this group when they meet and contact each other in the ways of worldMagic, 487:and the mental plane when first you meet and contact it. Will you vitalize it, or will you arrestMagic, 489:relation to his own soul and the strength of the contact with the world of spiritual ideas is at aMagic, 490:truly, judge rightly, and so preserve his mental contact with his soul and with the souls of hisMagic, 498:to the death period; this is incident upon egoic contact and awareness of the wishes of the ego. ItMagic, 498:though without an apparatus whereby he can contact the physical plane. He remains aware of theMagic, 498:of those he loves, though he cannot perceive or contact the dense physical vehicle. He canMagic, 518:as he sees fit; in them, he consciously comes in contact with those forces and lives which he canMagic, 522:up" in the occult sense of the term by its contact with spirit so-called. Spirit, in its turn, isMagic, 535:is circumscribed, and where the radius of contact is limited there you have a prison. Ponder onMagic, 565:it must, inevitably and unavoidably, make a contact with the matter aspect. It is the stage duringMagic, 566:fire and fire by friction must be brought into contact with three "most ancient fires". These areMagic, 567:energy of the dense physical plane is brought in contact with vital etheric energy. Thus the embryoMagic, 581:things: Recreate his instrument or mechanism of contact, so that the solar Angel has a vehicle,Magic, 591:and awareness. It is the cause of response to contact and confers the ability to register andMagic, 591:to preserve - in full awareness - a point of contact in the head, and from that point direct theMagic, 592:vibration, and this increased activity sets up a contact with the protective "webs", or disks ofMagic, 594:and may get much real good and inspiration from contact with the reflected reality, but it is notMagic, 594:and know that soul as your director. When soul contact is established, your own soul will, if I mayMagic, 602:from the mechanism of observation [602] and contact; he must recognize himself as essentially aMagic, 602:employ. He must realize his unity and lines of contact with all similar workers and thus arrive atMagic, 603:subjectively, to possess a constant inner contact with the soul and the world in which it is found,Magic, 603:of the disciple himself, but of all whom he may contact. By the strength of his silent thought, heMagic, 613:turn, from the standpoint of consciousness, has contact with both the realities and learns littleMagic, 620:means of communication, except that of personal contact, which was frequently impossible. Meditation, 8:OF MEDITATION June 3, 1920 It results in egoic contact and alignment. It brings about a state ofMeditation, 9:is to assist alignment and so permit of contact with the Higher Self; hence its institution. IMeditation, 10:within himself the pairs of opposites, and to contact within his consciousness possibilities andMeditation, 10:Things Meditation Does: 1. It enables a man to contact the Ego and to align the three lower bodies.Meditation, 28:enough to act as a transparency and, where the contact of the Ego is made with the Triad, a pointMeditation, 30:which is the term used to express this hour of contact, on the third subplane of the mental plane aMeditation, 32:of the lower auric egg that permits of contact with other egos, yet retains identity; that mergesMeditation, 37:definite work on abstract levels. It aspires to contact and enclose the permanent atom, its firstMeditation, 40:has not the capacity of causal consciousness and contact. When the teacher knows the note, the rateMeditation, 42:a point of least resistance comparatively. They contact six other types of force in the worlds andMeditation, 61:as a protection and make the desired higher contact more easy. The matter of that spot, the matterMeditation, 66:that stimulates vibration and facilitates the contact between the higher and the lower is anMeditation, 68:Groups that definitely work at making contact with the devas, and collaborating with them under theMeditation, 79:downward into fuller expression and widening its contact on all the three planes in the threeMeditation, 97:These lower bodies exist for purposes of contact, for the apprehension of knowledge on the lowerMeditation, 99:even in the moments of highest vibration and contact is alert to watch and guard the lowerMeditation, 103:Higher Self. In meditation the student seeks to contact the divine flame that is his Higher Self,Meditation, 118:life when members of an emotional plane family contact each other on the physical plane. InstantMeditation, 121:with certain groups of devas, bringing him into contact with the devas of the emotional or mentalMeditation, 122:to force himself to a place where he can contact the teachers or even the Master, and in hisMeditation, 126:anxious to undo the deed and to again get into contact with earth. Earth-bound spirits, good andMeditation, 128:by those who can function there freely and so contact the Thinker in his mental body. TheMeditation, 128:it has been said earlier in these letters that contact with the devas can be brought about throughMeditation, 128:specific forms and mantrams and that in this contact lies peril for the unwary. This danger isMeditation, 128:the seventh or Ceremonial Ray, has rendered this contact more easy of attainment than heretofore.Meditation, 133:inmost center of the heart hides our points of contact with the Universal Logos. Finally (for IMeditation, 157:for three objects: They put the pupil in direct contact with his own ray, either the egoic orMeditation, 160:the mental body. It is always much more easy to contact a body and to manipulate it when it is theMeditation, 164:Bible. One of these mantrams, which causes contact with the Logos of our planet, is known to theMeditation, 164:some such note or phrase whereby its guides may contact their Planetary Logos. The seven Logoi inMeditation, 165:him with his Higher Self or Ego. It puts him in contact with his Master, and through that MasterMeditation, 168:yesterday) there are three direct lines of contact between the higher and the lower, all findingMeditation, 169:from the other, though having their points of contact. In reality - apart from the illusion thatMeditation, 171:man therefore who attempts through meditation to contact these powers, to rise to union by theseMeditation, 177:unwittingly lays [177] himself open to direct contact with any elemental, runs a risk, and mayMeditation, 178:mantrams, that put the one who uses them in contact with the deva group he seeks. These mantramsMeditation, 179:in groups and not as individuals until you contact devas of a very high order. Mantrams thatMeditation, 180:to control some involutionary life, and to contact and cooperate with some group of devas. TheMeditation, 181:Should anyone - not thus capable - be able to contact the devas, and, through the use of mantramsMeditation, 191:the value and efficiency of a united attempt to contact the Divine. Results are inevitablyMeditation, 192:The funnel [192] forms a channel whereby the contact can be made. The whole process is purelyMeditation, 199:then the Nirmanakayas will be able to directly contact the physical plane, and so act with greatMeditation, 204:bounteous supply of the All Father is brought in contact with the children's need is better still.Meditation, 211:down athwart the five lower planes till they contact the earth plane and are absorbed into denseMeditation, 221:the deva and human kingdoms can find a place of contact. Esoterically violet is white. In theMeditation, 233:influences (which show forth as colors when they contact matter) move in their own ordered cycles.Meditation, 236:Certain things will then be possible: Direct contact with the deva or angel evolution will comeMeditation, 254:the method more simplified; and the effect of contact with Them will be so demonstrated in the lifeMeditation, 257:glory at a lofty moment only again to lose the contact and to sink back again into the murky gloomMeditation, 259:and more advanced Initiates whom he may contact in that Master's aura, till he finally contacts theMeditation, 264:means of the intuition, the [264] Initiate can contact the stores of knowledge inherent in theMeditation, 264:When He has taken other initiations He can contact and work in conjunction with all the sevenMeditation, 267:to be developing three things: 1. The ability to contact his group, or in other words, to beMeditation, 267:Then he will relax, drop back and lose the contact. His bodies are not refined enough and hisMeditation, 267:of the pupil) the frequency of the times of contact increases; he can hold the vibration somewhatMeditation, 267:time comes when he can be trusted to hold the contact fairly stable. He passes then to the secondMeditation, 268:mind, via the causal body. He must learn to contact the lower mind simply as an instrument wherebyMeditation, 268:levels. Until he can do this he cannot really contact the Master, for, as you have been told, theMeditation, 269:bodies so that they form no hindrance to that contact, and so to dominate his lower mind that it isMeditation, 273:the outer life of practice; the inner ability to contact the higher, and the outer ability toMeditation, 273:and carries a man from an occasional outer contact with [274] a Master and His group to a positionMeditation, 275:ways, and develops his capacity to include and contact other rates of vibration than the human, toMeditation, 276:ability of the student to shut off the lower and contact the higher, so will come the opportunityMeditation, 277:brain is not often receptive to the higher contact, and though his Ego [278] is fully aware of hisMeditation, 280:the Master takes His pupils, and enables them to contact other evolutions, such as the great angelsMeditation, 281:be slightly enlarged upon which will facilitate contact, but forget not that the life of objectiveMeditation, 281:and approved are the necessary steps for contact permitted. A Master is only interested in a manMeditation, 285:the higher consciousness is contacted. When the contact becomes continuous, meditation, as youMeditation, 290:I speak of a definite vibration that accompanies contact with one of the Great Ones. The student atMeditation, 291:off with greater use. It is all caused by a contact, momentary at first, with some one Master. InMeditation, 291:His pupils in a specific manner. This method of contact is frequently attended by perfume. In timeMeditation, 291:already dealt with the two that touched upon contact with the Master in the cave of the heart, and
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