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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTACT

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Rays, 545:have a potent effect upon those whom they may contact. The effect is produced without intention andRays, 545:of the Master and present no barriers to direct contact with the Master's mind. This contact,Rays, 545:to direct contact with the Master's mind. This contact, leading to the desired fusion, falls intoRays, 546:to be the initiatory agent of impression and of contact and is allowed to evoke the Master'sRays, 546:considered above is between the instrument of contact used by the Master - that of the higher orRays, 547:timely and wise. Relationship to the Ashram and contact with the Master are dependent upon theRays, 547:the Antahkarana is adequate to permit some contact with the Ashram and with certain of theRays, 557:of stimulation to be evoked when brought into contact with any particular ray energy; eachRays, 558:The Ray of Order or Ceremonial Magic It is contact with the energy of the third Ray of ActiveRays, 558:cycle, condition his character (or apparatus of contact) and evoke his essential quality. The threeRays, 562:He then moves into a new stage of conscious contact within the Ashram. This new state of perceptiveRays, 571:duality" and - by the perfecting of the contact - to produce upon the physical plane the emergenceRays, 579:aspiration is occupied with reaching out towards contact with and expression of the mentalRays, 580:which has, for the first time, made direct contact with Humanity, is producing an emotional vortexRays, 582:Later, under the influence of an increasing soul contact (itself the second aspect of his essentialRays, 595:and to shut the Russian people away from world contact, using the implements of deception and theRays, 595:"state of mind" when he closes it to world contact, world news and world understanding, and when heRays, 607:emotional or mental; I mean cessation of contact (temporarily or permanently) with physical form,Rays, 619:the Christ, are in a state of positive contact; when this channel is open and unobstructed, thenRays, 661:that were possible, which it is not) you would contact other Laws and other approaches to truth,Rays, 665:fellowmen and who see an horizon and vistas of contact unperceived by the average man; they realizeRays, 668:of relationships that world servers can contact the initiates and the accepted disciples in theRays, 693:world of phenomena and established an unbroken contact with the Monad, via the antahkarana - heRays, 696:him to the three worlds of human evolution. His contact with those worlds in the future will beRays, 698:at that great moment renounces or refuses contact with the cosmic physical plane on all its sevenRays, 700:physical, just as the human being dies to all contact in the three worlds before resumingRays, 704:three worlds, and having returned - back from a contact of great importance and interest - to thoseRays, 706:Father." This is a symbolical phrase, indicating contact with that aspect of himself which wasRays, 711:and travelling along the antahkarana; these make contact with his now illumined lower mind which,Rays, 711:which is the word we use to describe a direct contact with the Mind of God at some relatively highRays, 712:the antahkarana) it sweeps through the medium of contact into the mind of the soul-infusedRays, 716:are completely detached and divorced from all contact with the energy to which we give the name ofRays, those levels of impression, of contact and of future ascension which are theRays, 728:he for the first time receives his initial contact with what is called in the occult and esotericRays, 731:unduly that which is material and hate to lose contact with the form aspect of nature do they fearRays, 736:only I know: It indicates the Initiate's last contact with what we understand as cosmic evil,Rays, 736:relation to the planet. He is accorded this last contact, but such a contact is not based uponRays, 736:He is accorded this last contact, but such a contact is not based upon anything analogous to evilRays, 737:where evil dwells" and his refusal to make any contact (even with good intention) with cosmic evil.Reappearance, 7:express two basic incentives: the need of God to contact humanity and to have relationship with menReappearance, 7:with men and the need of humanity for divine contact, help and understanding. Subject to thoseReappearance, 19:The facilities of the entire world of contact and relation will be at His disposal; that will beReappearance, 30:He had decided to emerge again into physical contact with humanity, if they would bring [31] aboutReappearance, 58:familiarize ourselves and all men whom we can contact with the following facts: That theReappearance, 96:As you know, He, too, has not relinquished His contact and relationship with humanity, though HeReappearance, 128:individual man was constitutionally unable to contact or to register; neither the mind, nor itsReappearance, 135:has been opened and enlarged, and the contact between these two great centers and humanity has beenReappearance, 148:the history of man's demand for light and for contact with God, and then the giving of light andReappearance, 148:more conscious of divinity and more fitted for contact with the divine. Another great Approach ofReappearance, 153:greater circle of spiritual influences which contact our system as it pursues its orbit in theSoul, 32:as an integrated and orientated individual in contact with other individuals in a complex externalSoul, 34:wonderful part of the human structure, that we contact our environment, the external world, and areSoul, 51:and functioning of man's apparatus of contact and response, is ascribed all that he is. A saint canSoul, 59:planes, so the etheric body has seven points of contact with energy, - but as only three planes areSoul, 70:vital or etheric body and having its point of contact in the brain, drive its instrument into fullySoul, 110:44, 45. The life force has seven main points of contact with the physical body, called the sevenSoul, 134:an appreciation of the true and beautiful, and a contact with the mystical vision is at all timesTelepathy, 7:the individual mind is brought consciously into contact with the mind of God as it expresses itselfTelepathy, 8:to be responsive to the group and to find and contact those minds which are energized by similarTelepathy, 9:between people necessitate only solar plexus contact. Later, when group work in telepathy isTelepathy, 10:which rebuff or repulse that which seeks to make contact, such as the directed thought of someoneTelepathy, 10:similar vibrations attempt to make a telepathic contact when one party is under emotional strainTelepathy, 12:in your equipment, and through which you contact most easily modern living conditions. I mean byTelepathy, 12:again to the stage of higher symbols, vibratory contact, telepathy, inspiration and illumination. ITelepathy, 16:mechanism. This instinctual response to etheric contact was the mode of communication in LemurianTelepathy, 18:instinctual telepathy is still the mode of contact. The throat center is primarily involved whereTelepathy, 23:by the Master and taught the technique of contact. Later, the group of disciples, functioning asTelepathy, 23:and objective groups. I do not refer here to the contact between an inner group of disciples,Telepathy, 23:upon the outer plane to respond to this type of contact until the bulk of their members have theTelepathy, 23:indicates inclusiveness, group appreciation and contact, also group thought and groupTelepathy, 26:and the recipient. The double line of contact must be that of mental energy and brain electricalTelepathy, 26:animal soul, as in the case of the solar plexus contact and response [27] to messages by theTelepathy, 29:desire and effort to see the symbol and to contact the mind of the sender. The brain shouldTelepathy, 49:of the divine nature, deepening subjective contact and bringing about a diviner objectiveTelepathy, 52:and the Etheric Vehicle - The Supreme Science of Contact VIII. The Supreme Science of Contact ItTelepathy, 52:Science of Contact VIII. The Supreme Science of Contact It would be useful if you attempted toTelepathy, 52:of what we might term the SUPREME SCIENCE OF CONTACT. These three sciences are all equallyTelepathy, 54:sights and sounds of the physical plane as you contact it in your daily round of duties. The worldTelepathy, 54:the mental plane, or as the lower psychic can contact the glamors, the illusions and delusions ofTelepathy, 54:its existence, the development of a mechanism of contact, the cultivation of the ability to useTelepathy, 54:and the Etheric Vehicle - The Supreme Science of Contact It might be said that consciousnessTelepathy, 54:simply the demonstrated result of the Science of Contact. It is likewise the goal in some form orTelepathy, 55:or embryonic capacity for all types of planetary contact is inherent in every man and will not beTelepathy, 56:and the "insight" of the Universal Mind which contact with the Monad gives. Sight is the greatestTelepathy, 56:kingdoms pass to human vision, leading to mental contact and intelligent impression. Through theTelepathy, 56:passes to spiritual vision, leading to soul contact and spiritual impression. Through the door ofTelepathy, 56:passes to universal vision, leading to monadic contact and extra-planetary impression. Each timeTelepathy, 58:also over-mixed with personality reactions. Contact, with resultant impact from the soul, is alsoTelepathy, 58:knowledge which will clarify still higher contact, emanating from the Spiritual Triad and openingTelepathy, 58:involve conditions covered by the two words: Contact and Impact. [59] Contact can be defined (forTelepathy, 59:by the two words: Contact and Impact. [59] Contact can be defined (for our particular purposes) asTelepathy, 59:the one who has sensed its presence, and finally contact is made. Impact is something more thanTelepathy, 59:Impact is something more than simply registering contact. It develops into conscious interaction;Telepathy, 60:stages of responsiveness to the two phases of contact and impact, the first task is to develop theTelepathy, 60:first task is to develop the needed apparatus of contact, the medium of learning, the mechanism ofTelepathy, 61:- Personality. Soul and personality have made contact. He is now technically soul-infused. TwoTelepathy, 62:of consciousness itself, for the result of contact and impact leads to the awakening and theTelepathy, 63:is the process whereby forms respond to contact, react to impact, and pass on to greaterTelepathy, 63:bringing into being the varying mechanisms of contact found in the different kingdoms of nature,Telepathy, 64:rapport and of reaction, the Supreme Science of Contact. That is essentially what it is. The
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