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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTACTED

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Fire, 911:whole. [911] There are many types of life to be contacted on the four etheric levels, but we canFire, 912:lavender. Some of the groups of devas to be contacted on the physical plane are as follows: FourFire, 912:also. They are of high development, and will be contacted principally along the lines ofFire, 962:of transmission, and augments it with the energy contacted. It is, therefore, the energy of will,Fire, 981:clue to the discovery of those entities who are contacted on the other side of the veil. But onlyFire, 1022:the sun different types of solar energy are contacted, and expert knowledge is required to utilizeFire, 1049:energy of the lower form, the two rhythms contacted, individualization occurred and the pilgrimFire, 1066:response, until finally electric fire is contacted. This is true of all atoms: [1067] The atom ofFire, 1091:appearance, or that which veils the reality, is contacted and known when we see with the eye of theFire, 1091:soul, the Eye of Shiva, and the true color 14 is contacted after the fifth kingdom has been passedFire, 1270:one which the eye of the average man has never contacted. Only the sense is here given and not aGlamour, 2:time and who have experienced much and who have contacted many other people can usually sum up withGlamour, 19:and write down all that is sensed, seen or contacted. These records will serve as the basis ofGlamour, 54:reaction of the undisciplined mind to the newly contacted world of ideas. This contact opens upGlamour, 55:a supreme wonder and of vital moment. The ideas contacted appear to him of great marvel, andGlamour, 55:of illusion. The idea, or ideas, which he has contacted are, if he could realize, only a fragmentGlamour, 61:energy upon the mental plane, and can there be contacted and forced into embodiment through theGlamour, 61:are placed there by the Hierarchy. When thus contacted and discovered, the neophyte is apt toGlamour, 62:need for right understanding of that which is contacted as well as for right interpretation. Glamour, 63:so seizing upon this idea. All ideas sensed and contacted need not necessarily be ideas with whichGlamour, 64:always in the closest collaboration. The idea is contacted, but is wrongly clothed in mental matterGlamour, 130:and human idealism, but they are also to be contacted and studied in their relation to the [131]Glamour, 204:stage of identification with the Real as it is contacted after the dissipation of the glamor. InHealing, 82:the soul; they come also from associated and contacted groups, from the planetary life, [83] andHealing, 172:in Atlantis" is poured, and the astral light is contacted. It is therefore the center through whichHealing, 377:life itself is electricity, but all that we have contacted and used today is that which is onlyHealing, 612:conscious response to that which is to be contacted under the divine plan and through the medium ofHealing, 627:mankind has evolved. This life principle is contacted and set in motion by the mode of clearingHealing, 657:his own soul contact and then reached out and contacted the patient's soul. This he could doHercules, 71:he is the symbol of the teaching Master. When contacted, especially in the early stages of theHercules, 71:works just as Nereus did. He cannot always be contacted, and only occasionally does the discipleHercules, 76:Intelligence, Love and Will, visioned and contacted by the selfless aspirant through Service. [77] Hercules, 100:a thinking soul. In Taurus the desire world was contacted and a similar procedure pursued. TheHercules, 219:contended, has been and is affected by energies contacted by our solar system as it passes in andInitiation, viii:Intelligence - The Holy Spirit and is only contacted at the final initiations, when man is nearingInitiation, 41:groups we have little concern, for they are contacted only by initiates of the third initiation,Initiation, 79:control, then the effect of the force and energy contacted is to stimulate the response of theInitiation, 104:within his aura. This great Existence is only contacted directly by the adept who has taken theInitiation, 116:latent in the heart of the Lotus, is first contacted. In all these words, "solar angel," "sphere ofInitiation, 117:it, are lacking. The solar angel hitherto contacted has withdrawn himself, and the form throughInitiation, 132:conscious of no anxiety, fear, or doubt. He has contacted the divine "Presence," and has seen theIntellect, 31:are to be found, and wherein that larger Self is contacted which the individual selves exist onlyIntellect, 36:response apparatus, by means of which it can be contacted. The ranks of these "deluded" mystics andIntellect, 77:used intelligence, and the Divine inevitably contacted. This Patanjali emphasizes when he says:Intellect, 116:will of God? Right at this point, Divinity is contacted. The mind ceases to function, and the trueIntellect, 156:until again the vision is seen and the Beloved contacted anew. From certain angles theIntellect, 169:anxious to cooperate with the Plan which he has contacted that his judgment is temporarily impairedIntellect, 178:of the supernatural world. These appear, when contacted, to be as much a natural process and asIntellect, 210:silent place in which the life of the soul is contacted is that point within the head where soulIntellect, 242:then interpret correctly what he has seen and contacted, and later transmit it correctly andIntellect, 246:swept off their feet by the very wonder of the contacted vision and knowledge. But theyIntellect, 252:True servers of the race and those who have contacted the world of the soul, through meditation,Intellect, 260:be an endeavor at all times to keep the energy contacted in the head and to permit it to work outMagic, 20:it is finally the sum total of that which is contacted and known; it is that of which the sensitiveMagic, 39:will be understood when the second aspect is contacted and men understand the nature of the soul.Magic, 60:the Master is found; his group of disciples is contacted; the plan for the immediate share of workMagic, 69:within the soul and the soul, therefore, must be contacted before the intuition can work. One hintMagic, 78:magnetization affects the etheric bodies of the contacted population. These two facts, of time andMagic, 81:strong vibration, casting off all that is contacted, as a wheel casts off all that hinders itsMagic, 87:(in their outer and creative aspect) are contacted by the man, who is the perfected quaternary fromMagic, 94:and groups. Enough human units have now contacted the hierarchical plan so that it may be safelyMagic, 97:to express that aspect of the plan which he has contacted, and which he hopes to bring into activeMagic, 159:who have passed over quite recently can be thus contacted, and they are, in most cases, in aMagic, 167:in the mental world that the Masters are first contacted, and there They must be sought. But theMagic, 172:Thought-Forms The stage wherein a disciple is contacted by the Master through another chela on theMagic, 177:transmitters, enable them to express these contacted thoughts on paper - the accuracy of theMagic, 231:growing recognition of potencies which can be contacted and utilized and which when correctlyMagic, 231:contacted and utilized and which when correctly contacted insure victory at the end. The phraseMagic, 323:which merges itself in the good of those contacted. This self-forgetfulness refers to the lowerMagic, 333:his work forward stage by stage until he has contacted an aspect of the truth hitherto unformulatedMagic, 379:is revealed and His four Avatars are definitely contacted through the direct mediatory work ofMagic, 414:recognized by their fellow group members when contacted in the casual ways of world intercourse.Magic, 456:formulas underlie a world of forms and must be contacted by those who are duly equipped to workMagic, 524:prisoners of the planet which can be more easily contacted, whose general plight can be moreMagic, 527:and mental quiet wherein reality can be contacted, the true and the beautiful can be registered,Meditation, 19:the egoic ray. With evolved egos such as may be contacted among the thinkers of the race and amongMeditation, 91:with all that breathes, to love all that is contacted, and to understand and sympathize with theMeditation, 120:thought-waves are set in motion, currents are contacted and thought-forms circulated that attractMeditation, 146:have been attempted and the Ego is suddenly contacted. [147] Tomorrow we will take up this sameMeditation, 164:imparted by which the three Great Lords may be contacted, and Their attention drawn in any specificMeditation, 173:essence, subhuman. The fact that they can be contacted on the emotional plane is no guarantee thatMeditation, 187:enumerated. There are two groups that are contacted by the use of certain rhythmic sounds. [188]Meditation, 199:in their relation to the streams of force contacted, and their culture and the intensification ofMeditation, 202:aided. The intuition will also be developed and contacted. In the above statements I have by noMeditation, 209:and as the finer matter of the other planes is contacted, the beauty, the softness and theMeditation, 209:loathsome purple, and the lurid greens that are contacted in the dark places of the earth, on theMeditation, 243:and trouble in all the bodies is everywhere contacted, and when conditions are thus recognized,Meditation, 257:mystery that that external wonder can only be contacted by withdrawing within, till the center ofMeditation, 258:(the Divine Ray) that the Lords of Love are contacted, that the Masters of Compassion are known,Meditation, 261:value and true use of form. Thereby reality is contacted and the three worlds can no more ensnare.Meditation, 285:is the means whereby the higher consciousness is contacted. When the contact becomes continuous,Meditation, 289:take away from him the knowledge that he saw, he contacted, he felt. As often I have told you, itMeditation, 291:may be conscious in his physical brain of having contacted his Master. 3. Bringing through into theMeditation, 293:an indication of success. The Master has been contacted, and has responded by sounding the tone ofMeditation, 304:the One Paramount Initiator, until he has contacted the Lord of his Ray and has entered into thePatanjali, 13:true field of soul knowledge, can be seen and contacted. Patanjali, 17:so that the new field of knowledge which is now contacted is seen as it is. That which is perceivedPatanjali, 24:faculty, which are the total of the knowledge contacted and the realizations evoked by the rightPatanjali, 34:activity. Thus through the part, the Whole is contacted and an expansion of consciousness takesPatanjali, 39:as it produces effects on the physical plane are contacted and known. Here however the yogin
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