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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTACTED

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Patanjali, 40:group. Then the Presence itself is later contacted and that Presence is pure spirit, the absolute,Patanjali, 47:in manifestation, that Christ or soul may be contacted or known. Ishvara is God in the heart ofPatanjali, 64:soul culture. The apparatus of thought must be contacted and used before the nature of the thinkerPatanjali, 70:process of pondering upon what the soul has contacted and knows. These two will later be dealt withPatanjali, 86:through which a new realm of realization may be contacted, once the dreamer can identify himselfPatanjali, 87:the "images" which the Deity has created can be contacted and seen. Thus the adept canPatanjali, 94:Having reached the soul in any form and contacted it through the medium of his own soul, he findsPatanjali, 96:intermediate sounds and these can therefore be contacted and known. [97] Patanjali, 99:called Pradhana, which is the cause of what is contacted physically and sensed subtly. ThisPatanjali, 110:levels or planes of our solar system are contacted, seen and known. The field of knowledge of thePatanjali, 110:the realm of maya and of illusion, can be contacted at will by the seer using the instrumentPatanjali, 130:known. The solar life at its densest point is contacted and man emerges fully human." Then the manPatanjali, 130:the Hall of Learning, the central mystery is contacted. The method of release is seen, the law isPatanjali, 134:vision whereby the realm of the soul itself is contacted and known. The final three means of yogaPatanjali, 195:for we shall see Him as He is." Only that can be contacted which is already present or partiallyPatanjali, 213:brain via the mind that which is visioned, seen, contacted and known; and in this way, thePatanjali, 234:who have attained self-mastery can be seen and contacted through focusing the light in the head.Patanjali, 250:of sense perception, so that only is known and contacted which is free from form, from desire andPatanjali, 256:meditation and contemplation. Having contacted the subjective in himself and become aware of thatPatanjali, 265:idea is dealt with, and that which can be contacted through the medium of the senses is firstPatanjali, 274:is, therefore, en rapport with all that can be contacted on that plane. If, however, he is a higherPatanjali, 292:is to be found a point of luminosity which (when contacted) will pour the light of the spirit uponPatanjali, 307:procreate, and through it the lower centers are contacted and work with them is carried forward. InPatanjali, 313:who have attained self-mastery can be seen and contacted through focusing the light in the head.Patanjali, 316:utilized by the aspirant. The light having been contacted, is used, and the result is that thePatanjali, 336:is known and the second aspect of divinity is contacted. 1. The Akasha The Word The sound ThePatanjali, 350:the subtle apparatus through which forms are contacted and likewise turned to specific purposes. WePatanjali, 352:as through the senses the objective world was contacted. 5. Useful purpose. When the relation ofPatanjali, 412:of the true spiritual man, who can be known, contacted and obeyed once the mind is relegated to itsPsychology1, 12:of the intuition much of wonder; this can be contacted. It is now the privilege of the race toPsychology1, 20:influence and also upon every other human being contacted. Man is a psychic entity, a Life Who,Psychology1, 100:is made to produce creatively some of the beauty contacted, some of the ideas revealed and some ofPsychology1, 115:will they grasp the fact that until a man has contacted his own [116] soul, and has learned toPsychology1, 116:your own individual soul, having not yet duly contacted it, and having but perhaps sensed itsPsychology1, 153:of, the twelve constellations whose energies are contacted by our solar system during the course ofPsychology1, 194:individual consciousness to the consciousness contacted. This is brought about through the mediumPsychology1, See pa:of life and centers of consciousness can be contacted and known. This [261] applies to all forms inPsychology2, 54:between the unit of energy and the field contacted, and so will be the quality and vibratoryPsychology2, 126:This occurs when the soul has been definitely contacted and the mechanism of the soul begins toPsychology2, 136:amazing personal contacts, whereas he has only contacted some group thought-form of the Great Ones.Psychology2, 191:should not be forgotten. These ideas have to be contacted and [192] noted. Their energy has to bePsychology2, 248:and a desire to express that which he has contacted, such as he has never experienced before. HePsychology2, 278:World Saviors. These stations of power must be contacted by humanity as time transpires, throughPsychology2, 321:experience can be expressed, and the environment contacted. In the early stages of manifestation,Psychology2, 357:whilst under illusion and glamor, that which is contacted is a vision of the astral, [358] illusoryPsychology2, 358:disciples and followers. The Master Himself is contacted. This can take place when the disciple hasPsychology2, 397:within the Whole, and which can only be contacted and sensed by those on, or nearing, the Path ofPsychology2, 467:world which includes our little world is first contacted, there is always a moment of crisis and aPsychology2, 470:ordinary good judgment. The light that can be contacted in meditation has revealed a level ofPsychology2, 478:plane and in handling the phenomena there contacted, and if the life of mental attention and mentalPsychology2, 489:awaiting their time to be reborn, they are oft contacted subjectively and unconsciously by humanPsychology2, 490:world is full of thought forms and these can be contacted by man and be interpreted by him asPsychology2, 572:and proclaiming that which they have astrally contacted may not like to follow them. The attitudePsychology2, 605:the astral consciousness of the planet and there contacted and sensed by those human beings whosePsychology2, 679:to consider and to work, must be found and contacted in every country. Secondly, these men andPsychology2, 688:measure of spiritual energy that may have been contacted. Our work then in this particular andPsychology2, 694:be utilized, and all men of good will must be contacted, even if unenlightened from the occultRays, 90:time has now been reached when Shamballa can be contacted and its energy evoked. Hence we have theRays, 125:the inner and with that which is not so easily contacted or expressed. This is a great and mostRays, 153:within the vital body - through which the contacted energy must flow under soul direction, and itRays, 254:members of the New Group whenever and wherever contacted. This will not be at all an easy task, myRays, 296:to impose their comprehension of that which they contacted upon the rest of the world. Knowers,Rays, 298:begin to grasp the hidden revelation which that contacted and utilized light can reveal. Here isRays, 345:were admitted in groups of seven, but had not contacted their fellow group members in physicalRays, 431:emotional states and the thoughts of the people contacted in the environment. The brain is largelyRays, 436:are therefore phenomenal in nature. As they are contacted and recorded and the knowledge isRays, 436:register what the perceiving consciousness has contacted. When the time factor no longer controls,Rays, 477:in no way able to interpret that which they contacted; they were not able to distinguish astralRays, 484:they dreamed dreams; they saw a vision; they contacted intangible beauty; they touched the Mind ofRays, 644:is the Ray of Love-Wisdom, and this is now contacted; this is made possible by the Master'sRays, 644:have three aspects, and that all three can be contacted by the human consciousness of the spiritualReappearance, 88:group to that higher center where the Father is contacted, where, recognition of Sonship isSoul, 145:we are considering, or the forms visioned and contacted in the Kingdom of the Soul, it may beTelepathy, 53:so familiar) is ever with us and can be seen and contacted and proved as a field for experiment andTelepathy, 78:free as regards their reaction to these contacted impressions; this reaction is necessarilyTelepathy, 174:effect wherever and whenever it touched or contacted those in his environment. The control of the
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