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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTACTING

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Astrology, 419:on a tiny scale a condition analogous to the contacting and interlocking series of triangles suchAtom, 28:and assist. It really involves the conscious contacting of the ideal of brotherhood, and - until weAutobiography, 212:known to me. I had been given the privilege of contacting K.H. when I chose, for I could now beAutobiography, 292:this spiritual fact, nor can they prevent his contacting his soul. We only ask that he keep an openDestiny, 122:It is all a form of astral glamor, and the contacting upon the astral plane of that which willDiscipleship1, 306:the energies which you may have succeeded in contacting. It will be obvious to you that I amDiscipleship1, 334:various vibrations by practicing the habit of contacting them with deliberation and determination,Discipleship1, 490:to be the "turning wheel" or the "moving lotus," contacting life in all directions and radiatingDiscipleship1, 548:and of equal importance to the observing, contacting soul. This, I would ask you to remember andDiscipleship1, 561:which I seek to teach you. Work strenuously at contacting your fellow disciples. Think far less ofDiscipleship1, 584:soul force which you have at last succeeded in contacting and if you can stabilize the workDiscipleship2, 126:- the process of entering my study and there contacting me. I will give you another symbolicDiscipleship2, 456:The quality of the vibration which is felt when contacting you is of the nature of harmlessness andDiscipleship2, 597:have been or will be trained for the work of contacting the public. Many of them (perhaps theEducation, 116:there is no training given upon the process of contacting the world of patterns and upon the trueExternalisation, 12:from it and do not employ it as a means of contacting those I teach, for I work from choiceExternalisation, 644:(and will be) especially trained for the work of contacting the public. The stimulation which canExternalisation, 686:to an active stimulation from the senior "contacting minority" but relinquish the "joy ofFire, 50:of spirit and of mind (electric and solar fire) contacting each other through the medium of matter.Fire, 273:to bear upon them. When the vitalizing force is contacting at stated periods a certain set ofFire, 539:with the stimulus which He receives Himself in contacting the logoic electric spark, or the pureFire, 668:and balanced modulations are the method of contacting them, and of producing varying phenomena.Fire, 690:plane, the cosmic mental. This dual energy, contacting that which is inherent in the dense physicalFire, 1039:felt, which draws together, or dissipates, those contacting coalescing atoms. Thus forms are builtFire, 1087:information as He studies the influences contacting our solar system. Planetary wheels. For theseFire, 1117:kind, the tendency to increase the vibration of contacting streams of energy, the accentuation ofGlamour, 52:might be expressed thus: An aspirant succeeds in contacting his soul or ego through right effort.Hercules, 100:procedure pursued. The means of sentiently contacting the world of feeling and emotion wereHercules, 151:if I get rid of physical form I have no means of contacting one divine expression, because God isIntellect, 239:right interpretation of, the ideas we succeed in contacting in meditation. Intellect, 242:He must learn the nature of the energies he is contacting, and train himself to utilize themIntellect, 243:of the spiritual world which he may succeed in contacting. The probability is, however, that itMagic, 67:to be carefully guarded. Those who are contacting the higher truths and becoming sensitive to theMagic, 107:to be like a sun in the head. This is the contacting of the etheric light, plus the physical atomicMagic, 171:and stimulus, that it is their own soul contacting them, the Master in the heart, and not run offMagic, 268:by occult work? True occult work involves: The contacting of the Plan. Right desire to cooperateMagic, 636:all men more and through love and understanding contacting them with greater facility. LoveMagic, 638:this and put out of their minds any hope of contacting a phenomenal individual whom they call aMeditation, 62:effect will be as follows: On Mental Levels: The contacting of the head center, causing it toMeditation, 63:body through the permanent atom, and the contacting and setting in motion of the heart center. TheMeditation, 67:of strengthening equilibrium, and the contacting of the higher mind. [68] Groups for the healing ofMeditation, 72:by informing entities. It is the life force contacting those entities that is the issue and aim. InMeditation, 129:with the Sacred Word with the object in view of contacting the Builders who are so largely affectedMeditation, 154:Forms for calling elementals. Forms for contacting the devas. Special forms connected with Fire. Meditation, 172:on the ideals as he senses them; he aims at contacting the Universal Mind, at wresting its secretsMeditation, 173:them as one, for the mantrams and forms used in contacting the devas, angels or builders, and inMeditation, 176:to the danger that lies in the calling and the contacting of these groups of builders, and moreMeditation, 176:groups of builders, and more especially in the contacting of the elemental forces. Why especiallyMeditation, 177:of mantrams refer especially to the calling and contacting of the lesser grades and are not muchMeditation, 199:Groups will apply themselves to the work of contacting certain types of logoic force, of passing itMeditation, 212:the robe in which the earth is clad he is contacting some of the force that reached itsMeditation, 238:use to the student. Color may be employed in contacting other evolutions, subhuman or superhuman;Patanjali, 133:the spiritual man, has various instruments for contacting his environment and thus becomingPsychology1, 181:there is no training given upon the process of contacting the world of patterns and upon the truePsychology1, 194:or less developed than the one that does the contacting. It is this interplay between thePsychology2, 569:pointing out that the phenomena which they are contacting is astral in nature and that anyonePsychology2, 598:Vision This process of sensing the goal, of contacting the ideal and of visioning the many symbolsPsychology2, 668:should be formed, dedicated to the work of contacting the vision and of drawing in the neededPsychology2, 680:upon the public consciousness. In this way the contacting of the true intelligentsia of the world
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