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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTACTS

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Astrology, 28:and circumstances of the individual. Their force contacts should be interpreted largely in terms ofAstrology, 44:are the present. They had not finished their contacts with the active intelligent principle of theAstrology, 44:the preceding kalpa, and so must continue such contacts in this. They will work out of it in thisAstrology, 118:which will enable him to respond to all contacts in the cycle of manifestation. He is, at thisAstrology, 122:ever changes, constantly aware of all impinging contacts, but unable as yet to interpret themAstrology, 322:every side and his rapid ability to respond to contacts coming from "all points of the compass,Astrology, 334:it opens up, nevertheless, new astrological contacts and influences most of which are establishedAstrology, 382:being related not only to Aries with its cosmic contacts, but also to the Pleiades and the GreatAstrology, 389:(coming from the form) and which are energy contacts (coming from the soul). This digression wasAstrology, 396:Bull can be both destructive within its field of contacts and [397] at the same timeAstrology, 493:response to and interpretation of the environing contacts is one which is to be found on everyAtom, 99:respond to stimuli, the faculty of recognizing contacts, and the power to synchronize vibration.Atom, 104:various kinds in human affairs, and conscious of contacts of every kind; then we meet people whoAtom, 107:senses are utilized by the self in making its contacts, those of taste and smell, but they are notAtom, 113:undreamed of hitherto, will reveal to him contacts that as yet he does not realize, and will enableAtom, 146:with its own evolution, and the effect of the contacts it makes. As evolution proceeds, it becomesAtom, 147:and through which we can make the necessary contacts. These atoms are to us, the central life, whatAutobiography, 7:possibility of telepathic and direct spiritual contacts and knowledge - what I say may prove to beAutobiography, 28:Galloway. I can realize now what a rich life of contacts it was; there was much leisured beautyAutobiography, 43:a good stage setting and wide personal contacts. I think it was a very real relief to our unclesAutobiography, 139:two things; the fact of Christ and certain inner contacts which I could not possibly deny and notAutobiography, 200:or any other nation have always had plurality of contacts. Out of all this promiscuity and out ofAutobiography, 270:to train its students to make the preliminary contacts and to work as true servers in the world.Autobiography, 270:to be ascertained individually, and through contacts in the world of spiritual being. Autobiography, 283:academic knowledge, to have certain spiritual contacts and arrived at certain great recognitions. Bethlehem, 72:into a new world where higher ideals and deeper contacts and richer understandings willBethlehem, 78:divinity in us can be expressed. We have those contacts in the world and the kind of work which areBethlehem, 94:its capacity for free movement and for wider contacts, through its instinctive nature. The humanBethlehem, 94:himself. He is sensitized to a subtler range of contacts and to impressions which he callsBethlehem, 196:the higher self with its values and its range of contacts is instinctively contacted, and the lowerBethlehem, 220:had to disappear, and He be left bereft of all contacts. All sense of feeling and all possibleBethlehem, 274:time has arrived when we are aware of greater contacts, of wider implications, and of a moreBethlehem, 276:to reach toward family life and social contacts. It is therefore just as capable of achievement asBethlehem, 277:to share in its wonder and its larger sphere of contacts. We ourselves may have to change in orderDestiny, 115:being, which is the mechanism whereby the soul contacts the three worlds which would be otherwiseDestiny, 148:as a season of new beginnings, of better human contacts and of happier relations among families andDiscipleship1, X:his fellowmen and of a growing responsiveness to contacts and to individuals of which the averageDiscipleship1, 18:its intentions and they make the [18] human contacts. There are many such disciples and they areDiscipleship1, 30:prior to the Full Moon of each month open for contacts with their disciples, so that at any timeDiscipleship1, 36:Disciples must remember these two distinctive contacts and bear in mind also that the greaterDiscipleship1, 57:the conditions, the personalities and the soul contacts of those with whom we are associated andDiscipleship1, 82:attitude of indifference where personal desires, contacts and goals are concerned. Such anDiscipleship1, 93:may have dreamed, become his. New hierarchical contacts are now possible to him; new responsibilityDiscipleship1, 110:detachment from the world of intellectual contacts. This is a detachment based on an inner [111]Discipleship1, 116:life of service, your life in the home, and your contacts in the world. This calls perhaps for aDiscipleship1, 127:ability to make and hold certain spiritual contacts, enables them to work together more easily as aDiscipleship1, 141:More air and sun, less sleep and fewer human contacts are for you the rule in the future. IntoDiscipleship1, 142:and the past year has seen you making many contacts and the increase of your influence in your ownDiscipleship1, 151:tiny orbit kept its place and slow revolved. Its contacts with the circle's edge proved adequate.Discipleship1, 184:the choice of others opening to him avenues of contacts which he, himself, working alone, wouldDiscipleship1, 242:of being in the center of your circle of human contacts and have a feeling of resentment - oftDiscipleship1, 243:this will give fruitful results in your other contacts as well. The above is all that I have to sayDiscipleship1, 245:Lose interest in your personality life, in its contacts and affairs by substituting a dynamicDiscipleship1, 245:at your problem. You are facing strange and new contacts and hence you can, if you so choose,Discipleship1, 283:objective of the experience. Outer personality contacts have a definite place and are of value ifDiscipleship1, 284:of your life experience through fuller human contacts and a deepened understanding has for you theDiscipleship1, 297:see clearly. Within the limits of your range of contacts, you must love deeply, and upon lovingDiscipleship1, 306:and not of any external responsibilities and contacts. [307] Discipleship1, 307:I do not here refer to outer relationships and contacts. They exist and have their purpose and, asDiscipleship1, 310:center) and the developing of a wider range of contacts must come slowly. But it must surely comeDiscipleship1, 311:must be felt outside the home circle and contacts or your relationships with your group brothers.Discipleship1, 311:life, and not through an outer search for such contacts; it will come through the development of aDiscipleship1, 321:it can produce also the severing of lower contacts unless the energy is carried through on to theDiscipleship1, 324:enlightenments and an unabated keying-up to high contacts would eventually dull the instrument soDiscipleship1, 355:the medium of the brain and of physical plane contacts, you must aim at being more at-one with yourDiscipleship1, 373:your sense of withdrawing from all personality contacts. It will place the glamor before your eyesDiscipleship1, 373:place the glamor before your eyes that the only contacts possible for you are those reached via theDiscipleship1, 405:detaching itself deliberately from all other contacts, by an act of the will and (from that pointDiscipleship1, 436:environment and in the field of human contacts, but most of them of an interior nature and in theDiscipleship1, 436:serve them from there without the rough outer contacts that more physically robust workers canDiscipleship1, 437:do more than indicate to you that the following contacts are easy for you to make, owing to thisDiscipleship1, 437:you know without my telling you. But all these contacts involve the handling of force and presentDiscipleship1, 504:of people and find your major pleasure in your contacts with the positively polarized disciples ofDiscipleship1, 510:you know, but when a man becomes a disciple, he contacts so much force (especially in the [511]Discipleship1, 540:Out of a widened horizon and greatly extended contacts should emerge [541] a richer and a fullerDiscipleship1, 549:whose lives can be shielded from the rougher contacts of life through whom we can work? If some ofDiscipleship1, 560:kindred souls, with a consequent grasp of group contacts and less interest in the personality, plusDiscipleship1, 576:yourself and constantly tearing down the contacts you make, the work you do and the bridges whichDiscipleship1, 586:the time, conscious of it. Cooperation and human contacts are easy for you in theory, but difficultDiscipleship1, 592:and raise their vibration by brief and potent contacts, making each hour spent with them to countDiscipleship1, 644:You will learn much more through personal contacts and service than you will from lectures andDiscipleship1, 645:likewise a strong liking for close personality contacts. Neither of these attitudes interests youDiscipleship1, 648:desirable; the tension, incident upon your inner contacts and your spiritual work, takes ever itsDiscipleship1, 660:snare of many words when again you resume old contacts. Enter into a period of happy silence andDiscipleship1, 673:wherein, according to necessity, the Master contacts the chela through: A vivid dream experience. ADiscipleship1, 704:of daily living, the many and diverse family contacts, the resentments against life and itsDiscipleship1, 712:wherein, according to necessity, the Master contacts the chela through: A vivid dream experience. ADiscipleship1, 732:with the Path of Discipleship. The angle of the contacts which become possible upon the Path ofDiscipleship1, 733:these episodes of symbolic teaching, these contacts with thought-forms will steadily increase andDiscipleship1, 738:lays the emphasis (in his few and rare contacts with his disciples) upon their failures andDiscipleship1, 752:of influence." What the clairvoyant really contacts is an impression which the mind rapidlyDiscipleship1, 753:the next step is to react intelligently to such contacts, thus producing an ever increasing rangeDiscipleship2, 42:of your individual lives and your humdrum contacts; it takes courage to discard the alibis whichDiscipleship2, 45:own souls and of the Spiritual Triad when these contacts are made and utilized. In my previousDiscipleship2, 96:and strengthening of your life, your spiritual contacts and your group relation; you may also findDiscipleship2, 120:field steadily increases and widens, until it contacts the periphery of the magnetic fieldDiscipleship2, 154:advanced than he. He must learn to make his own contacts and to tap the "raincloud" for himself. HeDiscipleship2, 190:a growing potency as the will-to-good (which he contacts indirectly in the Ashramic life) begins toDiscipleship2, 254:the bounds of the Hierarchy. New hierarchical contacts and new responsibilities which face theDiscipleship2, 254:new." It is not simply a question of vision and contacts but of vital interrelation and of
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