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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTACTS

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Patanjali, 79:detachment. The aspirant (as he makes his sense contacts and through the medium of the five sensesPatanjali, 84:as the organs of perception and as the sense contacts are continually negated by the real man (whoPatanjali, 108:his mental body (and is not used by it) that he contacts the thought forms created by the guides ofPatanjali, 125:back of every form and circumstance in my daily contacts? [126] Patanjali, 129:and a circumscribing of itself, and only the contacts of existence itself and the struggle of thePatanjali, 130:in ignorance of all outside of itself. The contacts, brought about by desire, are the factorsPatanjali, 134:and commonest use is a gathering of the realized contacts together and their transmission asPatanjali, 134:system telegraphs to the brain the external contacts it makes. It is this use of the mind whichPatanjali, 135:God within. All desire then leaves him. He makes contacts, and continues to manifest [136] and workPatanjali, 138:their purpose of providing media for experience-contacts and can teach no further lessons, evilPatanjali, 144:have led to the development of response to sense contacts on the three planes. These impulses havePatanjali, 154:heavy and gross a nature that many and violent contacts are needed before he becomes aware of hisPatanjali, 164:Man's tiny world, his small environment and contacts, exist for the sake of the experience theyPatanjali, 167:of the phenomenal world which he perceives, contacts and uses. The organ of perception is the mindPatanjali, 174:dependents, his family, friends and all whom he contacts. This new tendency is the beginning of thePatanjali, 174:activity in his search. His response to outer contacts is ever more rapid and his capacity forPatanjali, 183:man withdraws himself gradually from all sense contacts. The next two means relate to the mentalPatanjali, 202:body and the mental body) through which man contacts the three worlds of his endeavor. We might,Patanjali, 211:every form (in the three kingdoms of nature) he contacts. He seeks to see below the surface and toPatanjali, 211:aspiration, 4. Environment and physical plane contacts spiritual reading, 5. The one Existence, GodPatanjali, 213:world, sees the vision of things as they are, contacts reality and "knows God." Following upon thisPatanjali, 234:even the celestial, for the recurrence of evil contacts remains possible. 52. Intuitive knowledgePatanjali, 313:in full waking consciousness, registering those contacts with his physical brain apparatus. HencePatanjali, 317:and increasing his efficiency. What he sees and contacts through the use of this spiritual lightPatanjali, 318:direct from the Monad, our Father in Heaven, contacts or reaches. It is the termination of thePatanjali, 334:and the senses, exoteric and esoteric, produce contacts. Plane I. Fire The Breath Plane II. AkashaPatanjali, 342:of all the subtler sheaths through which a man contacts a plane or peculiar rate of vibration.Patanjali, 352:are only five responses possible to him as he contacts vibration of any kind and in our solarPatanjali, 358:even the celestial, for the recurrence of evil contacts remains possible. Rama Prasad's translationPatanjali, 399:cycle of lives up to date. The product of the contacts, unfoldments and developments which havePatanjali, 401:the desire to experience through physical plane contacts is so dominant, that the manyPatanjali, 414:before, capable of a dual function, registering contacts from one of two directions andProblems, 5:basically condition human objectives, all human contacts and underline with understanding andProblems, 100:destiny, and Jehovah is jealous of their contacts and interest in any other people or God. To thesePsychology1, 12:will enable him to register a wider field of contacts than is at present possible. Many are as yetPsychology1, 16:and a growing capacity to make understanding contacts with that emerging Truth, Reality and BeautyPsychology1, 43:as well as the superhuman, within its range of contacts, the true Plan cannot be rightly grasped.Psychology1, 97:All over the world aspirants are registering contacts hitherto unknown, are seeing a phenomenalPsychology1, 136:responds to, and is influenced by, all the contacts to which the subhuman forms respond, but he isPsychology1, 136:of reacting, not only to external stimuli but to contacts emanating from within himself, from thePsychology1, 193:unit cells which compose the form) the range of contacts extends indefinitely, and the response ofPsychology1, 196:the outer forms. Thus the range of his conscious contacts extends, and he passes (throughPsychology1, 330:consciousness he finds that multiplicity of contacts which is needed to awaken his response to hisPsychology1, 336:more freely and reacts to a far wider range of contacts in the animal kingdom, and the basicPsychology1, 338:to another in an ever widening scale of contacts. It is this Ray of Intelligent Activity whichPsychology2, 32:identifications and focusings, awarenesses and contacts, ray impulses, approaches and withdrawals,Psychology2, 128:group to the neighborhood. A wider range of contacts becomes possible, until eventually (if severalPsychology2, 136:the idea, for instance, of his amazing personal contacts, whereas he has only contacted some groupPsychology2, 149:in seven directions, and forces all that it contacts back unto the bosom of the seven spiritualPsychology2, 163:in seven directions, and forces all it thus contacts back to the bosom of the seven spiritualPsychology2, 176:be shown in relation to the following subtle contacts: The vibration of the soul itself. ThePsychology2, 176:The soul vibration of other people whom he contacts. The vibration of such a group as the New GroupPsychology2, 189:Students must remember these two distinctive contacts, and bear in mind also that the greaterPsychology2, 247:sense of awareness is occupied with subjective contacts and impacts and is not predominantlyPsychology2, 320:of evolution as it expands The sphere of its contacts, The range of its influence, The field of itsPsychology2, 338:awake and more inclusive in its range of contacts and in its awareness. Others again will bePsychology2, 338:shifts from one body to another and its range of contacts, therefore, steadily expands, the centersPsychology2, 402:of the unit to the whole, to the environment and contacts; it studies man's equipment and apparatusPsychology2, 413:by a study of astrology from the angle of energy contacts, of the [414] lines of least resistance,Psychology2, 468:and interprets all the mental activity and contacts, all the fluidity, the constant analysis toPsychology2, 485:they indicate soul expansions but not graded contacts with personalities. According to the realizedPsychology2, 488:nature, established by conscious physical plane contacts, and is greatly helped by the fact thatPsychology2, 489:emotional nature, and is the result of the contacts made by the aspirant (firm in his aspirationPsychology2, 493:ancient memories, on present teachings, and on contacts of various kinds. A true understanding ofPsychology2, 556:be more accurately sure of the nature of the contacts of which they become aware and of the meansPsychology2, 556:they become aware and of the means whereby these contacts are approached and gained. The major ideaPsychology2, 570:aspiration at the moment so will be his contacts. If he is an earnest and devoted Christian, hePsychology2, 571:never moved from off the astral plane and his contacts have only been a wonderful and inspiringPsychology2, 590:with light diet and complete freedom from all contacts. It may be necessary at times to put himPsychology2, 593:man stands in relation to consciousness and its contacts. The adept, when seeking information uponPsychology2, 620:work, the difficulties which arise from group contacts are frequently of a purely physiologicalPsychology2, 706:sense almost to an impasse. The results of soul contacts on human beings and the effect to be seenPsychology2, 729:of a new era of right and constructive world contacts. Hitherto this has never been [730] possiblePsychology2, 746:agency - the press, correspondence, personal contacts and above all the radio - the avoidance ofRays, 4:and [4] starts upon his day's experience and contacts with the realization that he is only theRays, 27:the penetrating point of the antahkarana as it contacts the manas or lower mind and is thus theRays, 37:interested in seeing the situations which he contacts in terms of a world whole, and in searchingRays, 67:power, and its responsive sensitivity to all contacts. Rule III Dual the moving forward. The DoorRays, 100:and the ending (through completed use) of all contacts which are now regarded as militating againstRays, 103:that form, and his consciousness of form and its contacts (which we call knowledge), have inRays, 118:touch with current developments. Hitherto, all contacts and spiritual impulses from this highestRays, 140:embodies the principles of responsiveness to contacts and to environment, and which embodies itselfRays, 141:for the first time the initiate senses and then contacts the universal will; from that moment theRays, 156:and not the character undertakings and the soul contacts which are so necessary upon the Path ofRays, 206:Chamber of the Lord of the World. Their normal contacts are extra-planetary and are very seldom ofRays, 234:developed the sensitive response of humanity to contacts, and to such a degree of sensitivity thatRays, 283:static. His field of work is clear; His realm of contacts - human, subhuman and superhuman - isRays, 386:Himself admitted the initiate to the higher contacts. Between that time and the crucifixion of theRays, 408:brain of states of awareness and of progressive contacts with phenomena. There is no such thing asRays, 416:dwell on the Earth and yet stand free from all contacts, except with Those Who have trodden theRays, 435:or the soul plane is slow; it takes time for contacts and for knowledge gained to penetrate fromRays, 443:is then wielded by the disciple in order to make contacts higher than with the soul, and to bringRays, 449:within the form to a steadily expanding range of contacts within the environing whole. One is theRays, 544:energy. Those who make occasional and rare soul contacts (and there are many who do) in theirRays, 545:or radiance to that of the person or group he contacts. The impression he makes producesRays, 546:to the final four considered in that book. These contacts are naturally in the field of telepathy,Rays, 547:perfects itself, higher and more durable contacts become possible. The results of these developedRays, 547:The results of these developed and registered contacts are finally seen in the completeRays, 549:the calm procedures of the life of ashramic contacts. Rightly followed, it produces the possibilityRays, 592:mind is regarded both as illumined when higher contacts are present and as an illuminator where the
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