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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTACTS

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Rays, 592:of energy - during the initiatory process - contacts the mind. This comes from the Spiritual TriadRays, 598:made possible. This produces impelling and new contacts. It should here be remembered that when IRays, 668:concern the phenomenal plane with its contacts, duties, responsibilities and obligations. The newReappearance, 73:reappearance), are dependent upon happenings and contacts which are now taking place within thisReappearance, 109:business relations, religious and political contacts, governmental action and the habitual life ofSoul, 136:its own realm as it looks out over the forms and contacts the energies found in the fifth orTelepathy, 22:that concerns man in his own inner individual contacts and work and training. There is, however, aTelepathy, 22:There is, however, a whole range of telepathic contacts which should be noted because theyTelepathy, 23:and their motives, This opens up a wide range of contacts and is one of the ways in which theTelepathy, 48:and perception and point him to the more subtle contacts which lie behind those concepts which areTelepathy, 54:interpret them; can respond to the emotional contacts of the astral plane and succumb to them orTelepathy, 55:emotionally and mentally - in the life and contacts of the three worlds which constitute hisTelepathy, 58:Few do more than register occasionally contacts emanating from a high source, and the result isTelepathy, 58:the Seven Rays, Volume V.) All such developing contacts involve conditions covered by the twoTelepathy, 63:confine ourselves to a consideration of the contacts and impacts which confront the disciples andTelepathy, 75:within the area or region of progressive contacts are only useful and truly available when they areTelepathy, 80:and errors due to wrong reactions, unrecognized contacts, deliberate choices made in defiance ofTelepathy, 95:with his soul; it deepens and grows as those contacts increase in frequency and become eventuallyTelepathy, 101:approaches from a wide area of possible contacts. The disciple has to learn to distinguish betweenTelepathy, 103:invocative appeals from the world of horizontal contacts, the magnetic aura of the disciple isTelepathy, 110:mental body. It is the "seed or germ" of higher contacts and of impressions coming from levelsTelepathy, 111:the aspirants of the world are now sensitive to contacts which are founded upon an astral-buddhicTelepathy, 115:the human mechanism possesses to tune out all contacts and impressions that it may not need, toTelepathy, 124:for all human beings think in terms of their own contacts and relationships, which are strictlyTelepathy, 125:Chamber of Shamballa are these extra-planetary contacts and relationships recognizable. But oneTelepathy, 183:states of being and to all possible impacts and contacts which guarantees the developing
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