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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTAINING

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Autobiography, 64:"blew" myself. Incidentally, when the trunks containing all my new things arrived in Quetta,Destiny, 146:minded person. But, they all carry the pitcher containing the water of life upon their shoulder,Discipleship1, 528:is a carved wooden bowl lined with silver and containing water, on which floats a single whiteDiscipleship1, 528:are brackets in the open sides of the pagoda, containing sweet-smelling flowers, mignonette andDiscipleship1, 528:of the entrance there are panels with shelves, containing scrolls and occult manuscripts forDiscipleship1, 529:a long flower border set right in the lawn, and containing every flower one ever loved! They are ofDiscipleship2, 153:they are regarded as seed ideas, shielding or containing a flowering - as yet unseen and recorded.Discipleship2, 411:in the "Halls of Initiation" and as, therefore, containing much that is not immediately apparent.Fire, 193:said Vedic recitation is the highest Yagnam containing in itself all minor Yagnams and tending toFire, 246:An Atom 1 An atom consists of a spheroidal form containing within itself a nucleus of life. An atomFire, 256:as a vibrating ball of fire of supernal glory, containing within its circle of influence, theFire, 536:it as a vehicle of rarefied substance, containing within itself the seventh principle of each ofFire, 544:causal body has been seen as a wheel of fire, containing within its periphery three focal points ofFire, 592:human Monads, as they evolve. One group then (containing those who will reach the goal), will passFire, 630:differentiating into the seven great Lives, containing within Themselves all lesser lives. AnotherFire, 689:viewing them as a collective whole, containing the Divine Mind, and considering the individualFire, 857:is embodied in seven sheets of symbols, each containing forty-nine symbols. These sheets areFire, 868:that is possible is to give certain statements, containing: Hints as to the right direction of theGlamourinvolved, in 1944. Unpublished manuscripts containing additional instructions and esotericHealing, 152:again you have a great triplicity of energies, containing great potencies today, owing to the factHercules, 61:told only three facts: that there was a garden containing a tree whereon grew the golden apples;Hercules, 216:equal parts called 'signs of the Zodiac', each containing thirty degrees of space, and on it isInitiation, 165:specific hue, according to the secret imparted, containing five peculiar hieroglyphics or symbols.Initiation, 225:of the monad. It is the germinal spirit containing the potentialities of divinity. TheseMeditation, 31:within the egg-shell, to a thing of rare beauty, containing within itself all the color of theMeditation, 322:and the third will be the place for meditation containing the pictures of the Great Ones dulyMeditation, 359:of the monad. It is the germinal spirit containing the potentialities of divinity. ThesePsychology2, 687:to forget ourselves in the service of touching, containing and holding force for the rest ofRays, 150:or complete group is the Hierarchy itself, containing all the seven major Ashrams and theirSoul, 138:large nucleated ganglionic cells in this system containing a very large proportion of ethericSoul, 150:is only one substance and one universal law containing electric and gravitational components, both
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