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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTAINS

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Astrology, 118:endowed with an instinctual consciousness which contains within itself the potentiality of theAstrology, 155:the "lion and the unicorn going up to town," and contains in a peculiar way the secret ofAstrology, 499:and sense the basic synthesis which life itself contains. Therefore, beyond what I have given you,Atom, 100:the human being is the consciousness of God, Who contains within Himself the past, the present, andAutobiography, 137:was a great world event and the teaching it contains has revolutionized human thought, little asAutobiography, 240:published, Discipleship in the New Age, which contains instructions that the Tibetan gave to aBethlehem, 63:a cup. This is the true Holy Grail, that which contains the life blood, the repository of theBethlehem, 80:this ancient story of the living Christ if it contains for us no specific message, if all that isDestiny, 47:under the phrase "form life." That phrase contains three basic ideas: the ideas of life, of formDiscipleship1has before been published, as far as I know. It contains two series of talks by one of the MastersDiscipleship1, 530:graveled space in the front of the well - it contains a rustic table, where the grapes and fruitDiscipleship1, 542:is formed. Second month... The ivory puzzle box contains the many lesser forms, all true to type,Discipleship1, 711:ask you to ponder on this phrase because it contains much information for those who can bring theDiscipleship2, 167:the door where evil dwells." The final line then contains the idea of restoration, indicating theDiscipleship2, 447:large pod (to use a botanical symbol). This pod contains many similar seeds which will bear manyDiscipleship2, 474:[474] remark above is not simply fatuous, but contains in it the clue to your future. YourExternalisation, 25:II, Esoteric Psychology, Pages 629-751, which contains the writings from May, 1935 to April, 1938,Fire, vi:of the physical vehicle. The Autobiography also contains certain statements by the Tibetan inFire, 41:lying between two sandhis. Every Manu's rule contains seventy-one Maha Yugas, - each Maha YugaFire, 41:360 days of mortals make a year 1 Krita Yuga contains 1,728,000 Treta Yuga contains 1,296,000Fire, 41:year 1 Krita Yuga contains 1,728,000 Treta Yuga contains 1,296,000 Dwapara Yuga contains 864,000Fire, 41:Treta Yuga contains 1,296,000 Dwapara Yuga contains 864,000 Kali Yuga contains 432,000 The total ofFire, 41:Dwapara Yuga contains 864,000 Kali Yuga contains 432,000 The total of the said four YugasFire, 151:accessories, but (like all occult statements) it contains within it the seed of thought, the germFire, 193:fire, water and earth. Human sound or language contains therefore all the elements required to moveFire, 219:fire, water and earth. Human sound or language contains therefore all the elements required to moveFire, 246:within itself a nucleus of life. An atom contains within itself differentiated molecules, which inFire, 246:For instance, we are told that the physical atom contains within its periphery fourteen thousandFire, 246:power. Ability to develop. An atom, we are told, contains within itself three major spirals andFire, 248:middle point between Spirit and matter. A man contains within himself differentiated atoms, whichFire, 248:to increase vibration and to make contact. A man contains within himself three major principles, -Fire, 251:to gain experience. [251] b. A Heavenly Man contains within Himself that which corresponds to theFire, 252:self-apprehension. d. A Heavenly Man contains within Himself three major principles - will,Fire, 255:analogy. (S.D., I 136.) b. A solar Logos contains within Himself, as the atoms in His body ofFire, 257:on cosmic levels. d. The solar Logos contains within Himself the three major principles or aspects,Fire, 317:body. We must not forget that the causal body contains the three permanent atoms or the threeFire, 325:are negative as regards the greater Life that contains Them. Here again is demonstrated the truthFire, 351:Self-knowing, individualized Entity Whose body contains our solar Logos as well as certain otherFire, 513:into mystic union with form. 68 The Divine Ray contains within itself seven other rays. It is theFire, 526:the other two atoms consists in the fact that it contains only four spirillae instead of seven.Fire, 530:or the entire solar sphere or system. This contains: The ten planetary schemes and all that isFire, 593:Ego is love in the solar system, and all that it contains; whilst love in the Monad demonstrates aFire, 653:is the Macrocosm for the animal, therefore he contains all that is meant by the term animal. - S.Fire, 653:last to that of the Monad, or Divine Self. Man contains in himself every element found in theFire, 653:- S. D., I, 205. Read S. D., I, 201. Every atom contains the germ from which he may raise the treeFire, 1047:wherein the pilgrim is confined, and which contains within itself three major centers of force,Fire, 1048:manifesting through the causal body, which contains the three permanent atoms, the centers of forceFire, 1219:a larger number of atomic units, so a group contains (astrally considered) more units than on theFire, 1221:the group, viewed as a unit. Law 6. The symbol contains a flaming rosy sun with a sign in theFire, 1222:this sign is another hieroglyphic which [1222] contains the secret of the astral plane, which hasFire, 1276:nigh upon fourteen rounded terms. The first Word contains the value numerical of the syntheticFire, 1277:securely sealed the key to the outer blue. It contains the order for inversion, and only those canHealing, 369:statements to the effect that the air we breathe contains electrified particles positively orHealing, 521:which emanates directly from the Hierarchy, contains within it the living seed of that which willHealing, 585:easily ascertain. This law is a long one and contains statements of major importance. It would beHealing, 691:where dwells the Lord" (Shamballa) summarizes or contains within himself all the essential goodHercules, 69:Hare, associated with these two constellations, contains a star of the most intense crimson color,Hercules, 144:however terrible it may appear to be, contains a jewel of great value. No attempt to dominate theHercules, 216:which passes the sun's path (the ecliptic). It contains the twelve constellations, which constituteInitiation, 20:compose the Hierarchy, link it and all that it contains with the greater Hierarchy which we callInitiation, 165:peculiar hieroglyphics or symbols. One symbol contains the formula of the law concerned, anotherIntellect, 134:the one and of the other. In its beginnings it contains more of meditation, because it still makesIntellect, 231:paragraph touching the 'I am God' meditation contains a lure as well as a warning. It is quite trueMagic, 597:with all the powers and knowledge which divinity contains. [601] Magic, 601:of the book and would fix the knowledge it contains firmly in the student's memory. One of the mainMeditation, 107:all that transpires within our system, and contains within its bounds our dual manifestation. AllMeditation, 158:yet, if you brood over what I have given, it contains much. It may give those who wisely assimilateMeditation, 230:will repay much [230] earnest thought; it contains a statement of occult fact. According to theMeditation, 334:What then has to be done? The matter I now give contains nothing very unusual, but it does holdMeditation, 345:into action, and comprehending that each day contains but twenty-four hours and that his capacityMeditation, 345:but twenty-four hours and that his capacity contains but the expenditure of just so much force andPatanjali, 8:he remembers that it is the central column which contains the terms applicable to the soul orPsychology1, 252:mistake has involved our planet and all that it contains in the visible misery, chaos andPsychology1, 380:under the phrase "form life." That phrase itself contains three great and basic ideas: the ideas ofPsychology1, 427:mistake has involved our planet, and all that it contains, in the visible misery, chaos andPsychology2, 175:deeply esoteric cosmic truths. This statement contains the very essence of the esoteric knowledge.Psychology2, 204:them can be found among the negroes, which race contains a large number of those who are todayRays, 21:will with love and understanding. The group contains all seven, the perfect group. The lesserRays, 44:is referred to in this Rule. Each of these Rules contains within itself the clue to the particularRays, 48:which is one of prime importance because it contains the motivating force, the conditioning factorsRays, 97:will show the student that this rule contains four sentences which refer to one or other of theRays, 142:are far in advance of the disciples of the world contains little of moment for you, except in soRays, 148:will with love and understanding. The group contains all seven, the perfect group. The lesserRays, 202:of little meaning to you, but it nevertheless contains a truth for which the trials, experiencesRays, 323:the Masters. The second volume of the book also contains much that is new and should serve to bringReappearance, 35:the door where evil dwells." The final line then contains the idea of restoration, indicating theReappearance, 126:Gospel story in its four forms or presentations, contains little else except symbolic details aboutSoul, 41:attached to the third ventricle of the brain. It contains a pigment similar to that in the retinaTelepathy, 155:exists, separating that part of the body which contains the heart, throat and head, plus the lungs,Telepathy, 166:on the etheric body is not long but it contains much that is relatively new and provides much foodTelepathy, 169:undeveloped or developing. This point of life contains within itself all possibilities, all
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