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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTEMPLATES

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Externalisation, 526:the problems which have to be faced as It contemplates exoteric manifestation and work. Fire, 1007:is transmuted into solar substance. The Ego contemplates his lunar bodies, and gradually the workHercules, 132:are frost-bitten at the first temptation. He contemplates the long onward march of the human race,Intellect, 137:a higher agent enters in. It is the Soul that contemplates. The human consciousness ceases itsIntellect, 140:all [140] reasoning as things passed and known, contemplates its object in God Himself..." -Intellect, 142:soul, the spiritual man, the perceiving being, contemplates." In a former book I have dealt moreIntellect, 188:us that: "The Yogi, whose intellect is perfect, contemplates all things as dwelling within himselfMagic, 212:the forces emanating from the soul as the soul "contemplates" his triple instrument. There is anMagic, 214:this point of focus the soul looks out upon, or contemplates the mental plane, including the mentalPatanjali, 184:the realm of the soul. The spiritual man contemplates, studies or meditates upon the world ofPatanjali, 266:(the subjective aspect or symbolic nature), and contemplates the life veiled by the form butPsychology2, 725:skillful action in the immediate future. As one contemplates the New Group of World Servers in its
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