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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTEMPLATION

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Astrology, 228:given to that stage in meditation which we call contemplation. In the five stages of meditation (asAstrology, 228:have the following: Concentration, meditation, contemplation, illumination and inspiration. TheseAstrology, 228:Personality, as hiding the Christ life. Libra - Contemplation - Life of soul and form is balanced.Astrology, 424:of Triangles (I had well nigh said "in the contemplation of the basic Science of Triangles," forAtom, 19:the intelligence will inevitably lead us to the contemplation of the evolution of consciousness inAutobiography, 277:stages (alignment, concentration, meditation, contemplation, illumination and inspiration) areBethlehem, 255:joy of self-abandonment, the calm of absolute contemplation, the vision of God. On the other hand,Discipleship1, 11:of concentration, alignment and meditation to contemplation. Having achieved that high point, youDiscipleship1, 309:1, 2, 3, and then sink back into the stage of contemplation, holding it as long as you can. AssumeDiscipleship1, 309:the attitude of a soul as it lives the life of contemplation in its own world, and endeavor then toDiscipleship1, 309:soul sees and knows. 1st month - The nature of contemplation. 2nd month - The necessity forDiscipleship1, 309:the six themes which I have given above for contemplation. My brother, I ask you to persevereDiscipleship1, 328:your meditation take the form more and more of contemplation. In order, however, safely to increaseDiscipleship1, 328:to increase the length of time you can spend in contemplation, you must achieve an attitude ofDiscipleship2, 206:received energies - after due reflection and contemplation - to Shamballa. One of their functionsDiscipleship2, 210:the aeons of their planetary service: In active contemplation of the divine Purpose. In a developedDiscipleship2, 213:nature of form; from thence it passes into that contemplation which is the source of inspirationDiscipleship2, 401:the initiate to one of the highest points of contemplation; we are here concerned with his suddenDiscipleship2, 419:initiate becomes a "static point of concentrated contemplation." He then stands before the [420]Discipleship2, 490:OM and attempt to withdraw to a point of silent contemplation upon the mental plane. Again soundFire, 147:it all can be found at this time by man in the contemplation of his own nature in the three worldsFire, 255:and electric, inevitably brings us back to the contemplation of fire, the basis and source of allFire, 382:Doctrine. The student is narrowed down to the contemplation of the seven globes of the chain ofFire, 412:of Existences. The very brain of man reels in contemplation of such a concept. Yet just as thereFire, 436:general ideas which may be of value in the contemplation of Ray cycles in general. [437] These RayFire, 601:energizes and the Life that animates; to the contemplation of the Fire that drives, propels, andFire, 1004:safety of the one who thus creates, and steady contemplation. Thus are the heart, the throat, andFire, 1006:and the worker in magic maintain an attitude of contemplation, [1007] or that profound conditionFire, 1007:which succeeds that called meditation. In contemplation, the inner eye is fixed upon the object ofFire, 1007:the inner eye is fixed upon the object of contemplation, and this produces (unconsciously in mostFire, 1007:the work of thought-form building, the man, in contemplation, pursues the work of energizing andFire, 1007:When the third eye is used, which is the case in contemplation, it is the synthesizer and directorGlamour, 42:Dispelling Path of Initiation World of Ideas Contemplation by soul Glamor Astral IlluminationGlamour, 67:it a true spiritual and infallible perception is contemplation, - a contemplation necessarilyGlamour, 67:and infallible perception is contemplation, - a contemplation necessarily carried on by the soul.Glamour, 67:- Glamor. The Initiate - Path of Initiation - Contemplation - Illusion. The above tabulation willGlamour, 68:of illusion, as used by the initiate, is that of contemplation. But of what use is it for me toGlamour, 68:the peculiar processes, employed by a soul in contemplation for penetrating and (through an act ofGlamour, 195:the five stages of Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation, Illumination, and Inspiration areHercules, 136:are the tests of mastery." Let your mind rest in contemplation of these beautiful words. It isIntellect, 39:words - concentration, meditation, and contemplation. From being a process of memory training, andIntellect, 86:seekers. According to Plotinus, the act of contemplation which essentially constitutes the life ofIntellect, 99:steady holding of the mind on any desired idea. Contemplation. An activity of the soul, detachedIntellect, 109:is transcended, just as later in the stage of contemplation, thought is transcended. When the mindIntellect, 109:repetitions, it cannot be transcended in contemplation, nor used in meditation. To practise makingIntellect, 110:power of one-pointedness make the development of contemplation." - Bailey, Alice, The Light of theIntellect, 122:of the final stages of the meditation work, - contemplation and illumination. Concentration andIntellect, 122:nor they from it. What is given for reflective contemplation is a world-plan of natural events. IIntellect, 131:concentration. This again prolongs itself into contemplation, and the result of the latter isIntellect, 132:and... is the necessary prelude of pure contemplation." - Underhill, Evelyn, Mysticism, page 58. Intellect, 132:Six - Stages in Meditation III. The Stage of Contemplation We are entering a realm of realizationIntellect, 133:which we call meditation, and that of contemplation, which is of an entirely different category,Intellect, 133:seed," or, "without an object." It is not contemplation. It is not a process of thought. That isIntellect, 134:prayer, which, being between meditation and contemplation, as the dawn is between the night and theIntellect, 136:which is the defining mark of the stage of contemplation, is not the end of the mystic's career. ItIntellect, 136:personal self," this brings him to the stage of contemplation and he enters into the consciousnessIntellect, 137:and ceases." - The Vishnu Purana, VI, 7, 90. In contemplation, a higher agent enters in. It is theIntellect, 138:direct to the physical brain, via the mind. In contemplation a still higher stage is entered uponIntellect, 139:of the mystic. Cardinal Richelieu [139] calls contemplation that state "in which man sees and knowsIntellect, 139:P., S. J., Graces of Interior Prayer, page 272. Contemplation has been described, as a psychicIntellect, 139:the "transition from intense meditation to that contemplation which attains to the vision of theIntellect, 139:puts it most beautifully. He says: "This act (contemplation) is also more perfect than reasoningIntellect, 140:F., A Simple Method of Raising the Soul to Contemplation, page 102. Through this gateway of visionIntellect, 141:(that is, meditation) make the development of contemplation." - Bailey, Alice, The Light of theIntellect, 141:threefold power of attention, meditation and contemplation is more interior than the means ofIntellect, 141:the same point, linking faith, meditation and contemplation together as a synthetic act. TheIntellect, 141:Intuition - Chapter Six - Stages in Meditation Contemplation has been also defined by EvelynIntellect, 141:and the most practical ways of understanding contemplation. It is the interlude wherein the soul isIntellect, 142:also perceives, and true meditation and contemplation for the first time become possible. At firstIntellect, 147:its stages of concentration, meditation and contemplation) has been applied by the westernIntellect, 149:supervenes directly upon the stage of contemplation, and might be described, in its turn, asIntellect, 151:that, after proper concentration, meditation and contemplation, [152] "that which obscures theIntellect, 165:world plan. They have, through steadfastness in contemplation, equipped themselves to act asIntellect, 186:we have the same procedure - mental activity, contemplation, union and illumination. Intellect, 192:powers, purity of the inmost heart, and perfect contemplation.' Annihilation of the lower soul isIntellect, 192:of the inmost heart only by love; and perfect contemplation only by purity of the inmost heart." -Intellect, 194:there is the same entering into the state of contemplation of Reality, the same assimilation intoIntellect, 199:obstacles which hinder their course to perfect Contemplation." Michael de Molinos, The SpiritualIntellect, 227:even those who have arrived at the stage of contemplation test themselves out quite often by theMagic, 128:Enter with relative facility into the state of contemplation. Recognize the vibration of your ownMagic, 150:world. In the higher sense this is the stage of contemplation, that "lull between two activities"Magic, 151:or arrived at dynamically in the interlude of contemplation or retention of the breath, the createdMagic, 151:aspect of the plan which he has appreciated in contemplation, and that part of the general purposeMagic, 157:safety of the one who thus creates, and steady contemplation. Thus are the heart, the throat, andMagic, 158:The safety of the one who thus creates. Steady contemplation. We will deal briefly with these threeMagic, 163:Five - The Soul and its Thought-Forms 3. Steady Contemplation You will note here that the wordMagic, 211:situation depicted in the rule lies in the word contemplation found in the preceding one. Let usMagic, 212:relation between these three "directions of contemplation" and the awakening in the three majorMagic, 216:by the focused attention of the soul in contemplation acting through the head center, focused inMagic, 342:upon you, in quietness adjust yourself, and in contemplation sense the ultimate achievement of thatMagic, 366:to "bring through" the needed ideas. Through contemplation he finds himself able to enter into thatMagic, 457:into activity, and, through steadfastness in contemplation, receive accurately the vision of theMagic, 515:their consciousness into that of the soul in contemplation and can control and wisely guide theirMagic, 515:is first of all the interlude which we call contemplation. I would remind you of the definitionMagic, 515:in a book by Evelyn Underhill which describes contemplation as "an interlude between twoMagic, 516:out the plans formulated in the interlude of contemplation. The emotional nature is swept by desireMagic, 517:achieved the power to follow the interlude of contemplation affecting the soul and the mind and theMagic, 518:the brain and having participated in the work of contemplation can now proceed to the work ofMeditation, 18:be bends every faculty and every effort to the contemplation of what is required, and in sacrificeMeditation, 292:Their world. The faculty of abstract thought and contemplation, the power to transcend the
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