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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTEMPLATION

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Meditation, 349:his very best, and wastes not time in backward contemplation, but steadily presses forward to thePatanjali, 37:book: Aspiration, Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation, Illumination, Inspiration. It is ofPatanjali, 37:in meditation and meditation flowers forth as contemplation. Patanjali, 92:- its soul, key or quality. Then follows Contemplation, the identification of the knower with thatPatanjali, 97:the realm of ideas and of causes. This is pure contemplation, free from forms and thought. In itPatanjali, 101:for what he essentially is (being lost in contemplation of his own pure spiritual nature), canPatanjali, 112:attention or Dharana, Meditation or Dhyana, Contemplation or Samadhi. 30. Harmlessness, truth toPatanjali, 177:then, when complete rest is known can the true contemplation and samadhi of the highest kind bePatanjali, 180:attention or Dharana, meditation or Dhyana, and contemplation or Samadhi. It will be noted thatPatanjali, 184:higher and lower mind. [184] Means VIII. Contemplation. Samadhi. This relates to the ego or realPatanjali, 212:and steady. The state of samadhi or spiritual contemplation [213] can then be entered, when thePatanjali, 229:of yoga, abstraction, attention, meditation and contemplation can be properly undertaken. The mindPatanjali, 229:of their own. Before attention, meditation and contemplation, (the last three means of yoga) can bePatanjali, 231:man. When this can be done, true meditation and contemplation becomes possible. Dvivedi says in hisPatanjali, 234:of separateness or the personal self, this is contemplation or samadhi. 4. When concentration,Patanjali, 234:samadhi. 4. When concentration, meditation and contemplation form one sequential act, then isPatanjali, 247:desire for anything else, that, 0 King, is contemplation. It is brought about by the first six aidsPatanjali, 247:about by the first six aids of yoga." The word contemplation here is synonymous with meditation.Patanjali, 248:of separateness or of the personal self, this is contemplation or samadhi. The simplest way inPatanjali, 249:or explanation of the high state of samadhi or contemplation exceedingly difficult, for words andPatanjali, 249:it to appreciate and comprehend the process. In contemplation, the yogi loses sight of: His brainPatanjali, 250:Results 4. When concentration, meditation and contemplation form one sequential act, then isPatanjali, 251:lower planes. He has acquired the faculty of contemplation or the attitude of the real IdentityPatanjali, 253:Polarization in the soul or egoic consciousness, Contemplation, or the turning of the soul-lightPatanjali, 256:the powers of concentration, meditation and contemplation. Having contacted the subjective inPatanjali, 259:This is not the true and highest form of contemplation. It is but one of the earlier stages, but itPatanjali, 261:also perceives, and true meditation and contemplation for the first time become possible. At firstPatanjali, 300:Masters, and all liberated souls whose "food is contemplation" and whose lives are "for a thousandPatanjali, 301:of all sentient existence. [301] They delight in contemplation of varying kinds. Our worlds are butPatanjali, 384:force, abstraction, attention, meditation and contemplation. (See Book II. Sutras 29 to 54, andPatanjali, 384:force, abstraction, attention, meditation and contemplation. It might be noted, therefore, that wePatanjali, 415:is the immortal imperishable ego, the soul in contemplation. Psychology2, 164:Four "The soul is in deep meditation" 8. Result Contemplation Complete spiritual detachement APsychology2, 182:intelligent activity; that of the soul is loving contemplation. Group Activity. Each group willPsychology2, 249:of persistence, the revealer of the rewards of contemplation and the creator of all forms upon thePsychology2, 393:with that stage of development wherein, in deep contemplation, the man is consciously merged withRays, 140:Of that Life, we know nothing whatsoever. The contemplation of its significance belongs to ThoseRays, 408:third Path takes the form of cyclic periods of contemplation and mental activity, followed byRays, 511:Mysteries of Initiation Outline for Reflective Contemplation on Constructing the Antahkarana I.Soul, 136:statement that, "as a man thinketh, so is he." Contemplation is the act of the soul in its own
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