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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTEMPLATIVE

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Discipleship1, 11:that all disciples in an Ashram should be contemplative, but contemplative in the occult sense andDiscipleship1, 11:in an Ashram should be contemplative, but contemplative in the occult sense and not the mystical.Discipleship1, 11:should, therefore, constitute a group of active contemplative and the result will be facilitated ifDiscipleship1, 12:its roots in united group meditation or in the contemplative life (wherein the soul knows itself toDiscipleship1, 13:forth of love. Group meditation... as a group of contemplative, thus rooting this group within theDiscipleship1, 157:lies in your persistence in meditation and your contemplative endurance. The conservation of energyDiscipleship1, 328:Your work must lie along two lines: Work on contemplative levels, functioning as a soul on its ownDiscipleship1, 634:of the cell in which you lived, dedicated to the contemplative life. Your consciousness was thenDiscipleship2, 201:Sanat Kumara. The Nirmanakayas or the "inspired Contemplative." The higher correspondence of theDiscipleship2, 206:has led to the formation of that major group of contemplative, the Nirmanakayas; they focus theDiscipleship2, 210:[210] 4. The Nirmanakayas, the divine Contemplative. This is the receptive group which receivesDiscipleship2, 210:own level of atmic activity, build - through contemplative meditation - a vast reservoir of potentDiscipleship2, 552:my place of retreat. There sit in quietude and contemplative reflection, and listen. Then acrossIntellect, 148:to the subject; it is a result of the true contemplative state and of soul contact, and indicates,Intellect, 154:and the mind) and the mystic passes into the contemplative state, wherein he functions as the soul,Intellect, 155:steady in the Light. Presently, however, the contemplative state comes to an end, and the mind isIntellect, 182:center, and must be entirely superseded in the contemplative state wherein the man slips out of theIntellect, 183:of this realized union (realized when in the contemplative state) is illumination of the mind andIntellect, 190:the "...psychological experience lived by the contemplative passes through the two phases of mentalMagic, 212:looks and wherein he exercises the faculty of contemplative vision is towards his reflection in theMagic, 516:only becomes possible when the first or contemplative interlude has been achieved. The disciple whoMagic, 516:plane has to learn to work not only through the contemplative realization but through a scientificPatanjali, 41:is of a very high order as it follows upon the contemplative stage and is soul-meditation with thePatanjali, 108:of the race and justly perceives them. The super contemplative state. In this condition perceptionPsychology2, 160:is the task to be carried forward during the contemplative stage of meditation." This statement isPsychology2, 181:have its roots in group meditation, or in the contemplative life (in which the soul knows itself toPsychology2, 182:higher mental levels in the demonstration of the contemplative life. This involves the dualRays, 407:of Nirmanakayas within our planet Who work in contemplative activity with the antahkarana whichRays, 734:Major Initiations Just as there is a group of Contemplative Initiates, called in the Eastern
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