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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTEND

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Astrology, 70:At the first initiation, the disciple has to contend with the crystallizing and destroying forcesAstrology, 185:of the forces with which every disciple has to contend and the significance of the ray forces whichAutobiography, 223:will go forward. One of the things we had to contend with was the spirit of evil which permeatedDiscipleship1, 470:love. All three of you have much with which to contend, but both the others have far more toDiscipleship1, 470:to contend, but both the others have far more to contend with than you have. Therefore, be to themDiscipleship1, 501:from the factors with which he has still to contend. [502] Externalisation, 179:and that one must not take part in it. They contend that thinking thoughts of peace and of love canExternalisation, 310:of the factors with which the Hierarchy has to contend. Aspirants are preoccupied with their ownGlamour, 176:ideas the new incoming revelation will have to contend. The fact of the Presence. This Presence isHealing, 255:I call them hierarchical proposals) have to contend? Do you appreciate the dead weight ofHercules, 48:has in sex a real problem with which to contend. Self-indulgence and the control of the human beingMagic, 65:Teachers on the inner planes have much to contend with owing to the slowness of the mentalMagic, 132:the difficulties with which the Masters have to contend as They seek to further the plans ofMagic, 138:count. They look to see who can struggle and contend for principle with personalities, and yet keepProblems, 73:and the love of power with which we have to contend. The war has, however, acted like a purge. ItProblems, 174:wisely but have as yet too much with which to contend; of these Franklin D. Roosevelt was anPsychology1, 246:his training for the first initiation he has to contend with the influences of Pluto and Vulcan;Rays, 182:to know the type of energy with which he has to contend, to understand the nature of the forcesRays, 235:cycle; with these factors the Hierarchy has to contend, changing cyclically its technique and
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