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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTENT

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Astrology, 443:provided the student of esotericism rests not content with study (using it as an escape from theAstrology, 475:by a certain habit and rhythm of the spiritual content of the man's nature. It is the establishingAstrology, 629:an idea which lies beyond or behind the entire content of modern knowledge and is consequentlyAstrology, 629:will lighten. With this promise you must be content for you are not yet initiate. The initiate willAtom, 115:more aware of our environment, and our mental content is increased, it is an initiation on a tinyAutobiography, 162:and so ordinary and mediocre in their content that educated people laugh at them and cannot beDiscipleship1, 66:ask you, therefore, to practice purging the content of your minds of all critical and unkindDiscipleship1, 320:to do to incorporate your aspiration, life content and intelligent consciousness with your group,Discipleship1, 422:the two words that I would seek to add to the content of your thought. Joy is one that I haveDiscipleship1, 456:unit contributes somewhat to the group thought content. Your contribution must be the pouring in ofDiscipleship1, 474:group unity and life is affected by the thought content of the disciples who form the group. See toDiscipleship1, 493:before yourself your paralleling sources of content. Cultivate a sense of the relative values,Discipleship1, 506:the next few months cease from wrestling and be content with the path that your soul has chosen youDiscipleship1, 651:hoping nothing for the separated self; may we be content to be in the light or in the dark, to beDiscipleship1, 684:of every Master is distinguished by its thought content, contributed by the disciples and used byDiscipleship1, 719:with the Atlantean consciousness, emotional in content and focused on the present, are everywhereDiscipleship1, 759:mind. He is, therefore, mentally aware of the content of the Master's mind. This affects his lifeDiscipleship2, 9:minds as to the method whereby I ascertain the content of your papers. Do I read them? Does A.A.B.Discipleship2, 95:into yours and thus find out what is the content of your thought? A major test is here involved,Discipleship2, 132:all of them perforce finding place in the mind content of the One in whom we live and move and haveDiscipleship2, 383:is being made tends to enrich the group content; the more ray types which are found functioning inDiscipleship2, 411:search. This is, curiously enough, a part of the content of the sixth hint which is earlier givenDiscipleship2, 415:which appears to him to be present in his mind content. These factors should manifest if hisDiscipleship2, 500:to do. I am but summarizing. Deepen the content of your own inner spiritual life by mature,Discipleship2, 579:doing it, but deepen (again that thought) the content of what you give to the people who read theDiscipleship2, 601:therefore, my beloved brother, and rest not content until liberation is yours. Discipleship2, 670:there can be built a true expression of the life content - from the angle of a long soulEducation, 86:This will be done in such a manner that the content of the student's mind will not only be enrichedExternalisation, 93:uncertain are your very highest speculations. Be content with your duty and the immediate serviceExternalisation, 140:the world had no true sense of values but were content to give a little time to the spiritual lifeExternalisation, 291:and earlier Avatars, enriches the spiritual content of the human consciousness, enhances theExternalisation, 383:or futile, for you will be helping to change the content of world thought and impressing otherExternalisation, 587:expand the human consciousness and enrich its content. According to his hierarchical status, heFire, 100:convey a knowledge of truths whose caliber and content will prove invaluable and of a kind hithertoFire, 132:the addition of another quality to the logoic content, that of love and wisdom. Therefore at theFire, 151:action of the spheres of the system, and of its content - all the lesser spheres of every degree -Fire, 175:latent in the Self, and is part of the monadic content, but the Brahma aspect, theFire, 184:own vibration, and builds it into its vibratory content. This is but a reflection of the action ofFire, 304:faculty, or the definite increase of the content of the causal body, The making of karma, or theFire, 347:in His Being or Self; it is [347] part of the content of the logoic Causal Body, and thereforeFire, 355:out through all the lesser lives who go to the content of the ring-pass-not or sphere of influenceFire, 356:the globes, and all contained therein, go to the content of the remainder of His body. a. Man andFire, 361:about. He individualized and the four go to the content of His body. They are represented on ourFire, 384:himself unable to express through it the entire content of his egoic consciousness, so a HeavenlyFire, 413:type of force to those units who go to the content of any particular center. They are, in fact, theFire, 543:transferred that which he gained therein to the content of his consciousness; he has in orderedFire, 685:throbs with spiritual energy, when its sevenfold content thrills under the spiritual impulse, thenFire, 1142:as to what is esoterically called "the heat content" of any unit, "the radiating light" of anyFire, 1150:of qualities, to a point of higher vibratory content, thus completing the rounding of his sphere ofGlamour, 36:which is experimentally known becomes a true content of the equipment of the disciple. Earlier IGlamour, 55:the uniqueness of the experience in the realized content of the mind of the disciple leads him deepGlamour, 258:nature, enriching and strengthening its astral content and thereby enhancing and deepening glamor.Healing, 421:the addition of another quality to the logic content, that of love and wisdom. Therefore, at theHealing, 637:take a dense physical body, and have to be content with an etheric vehicle. There are thereforeHercules, 37:criticism constitute a large part of his thought content and that the brood mares of his mind areHercules, 70:This is often forgotten by aspirants. They rest content with aspiration and with the vision of theHercules, 148:unreal. When hate is divested of all emotional content, it can become an energy that causes a manIntellect, 119:train the memory aspect to be retentive, and the content of that memory to be easily available toIntellect, 125:as much a part of the Whole and of the world content as any other field of investigation. This isIntellect, 126:This mind draws on what has been called "the content of the subconscious," on the active memory,Intellect, 192:is the concentration of thoughts, whereas to be content with other than God is a sign of dispersionIntellect, 227:mental one-pointedness with a kind of effortless content which may safely be empowered." - Comfort,Magic, 175:than themselves. Some are simply abstracting the content of their own subconsciousnesses, and henceMeditation, 10:are his, and yet from their use he derives no content; always the urge within persists until theMeditation, 22:has been attained, and when (through its content) the causal body is of a certain specific gravity,Meditation, 29:assigning Meditation The Specific Gravity and Content of the Causal Body June 9, 1920 This subject,Meditation, 32:is garnered into the divine storehouse. The content of the causal body is the accumulation by slowMeditation, 32:and others more elongated in shape. It is the content and the pliability that matter, and above allMeditation, 35:a point where it has somewhat to add to the content of the causal body - a body at first small,Meditation, 37:to the Ego, whose tendency is to rest content with consciousness and aspiration on its own plane.Meditation, 39:The state of the body must be known, and its content; its relationship to other egos must be dulyMeditation, 95:circulating thought-forms of various kinds (the content of the man's mind and the thoughts of hisMeditation, 97:and for reasons of experience in order that the content of the causal body may be increased.Meditation, 97:likewise, and will become a thing of selfish content, of no use in the world and of little value. AMeditation, 109:facts and science and thus to enlarge the content of his mental body, with a view to future work.Meditation, 269:equipping, through study and application, of the content of the emotional and mental bodies. By theMeditation, 349:and women, or the Great Ones Themselves) prove content or silent; he cares not if the result is notPatanjali, 41:Father aspect begins to form part of the brain content of the Adept or Master. He knows the plan asPatanjali, 131:great World Teacher, knows not all that is the content of the awareness of the King of the World.Patanjali, 186:in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." That state has to be attained before the mindPatanjali, 245:these virtues and thus to build them into the content of the personal life, Mental concepts orProblems, 59:This will be done in such a manner that the content of the student's mind will not only be enrichedProblems, 110:innate endowment of the Negro is very rich in content. He is creative, artistic and capable of theProblems, 126:inevitably stepping down the meaning. Not content with this, their followers have forced thesePsychology1, 4:of the ray will produce changes in the mind content and the emotional nature of the man andPsychology1, 7:to add to modern psychology and enrich its content with that esoteric psychology which deals withPsychology1, 219:- In the building process it is the mineral content from the two latter sources that is of primePsychology1, 219:the water and the vegetable kingdom. The mineral content required for the skeleton structure isPsychology1, 229:rhythm have produced this Earth and the molten content of the planet, regarding the earth as thePsychology2, 167:opened wide. He dwells within his world in deep content. Detail on detail enter into the content ofPsychology2, 167:in deep content. Detail on detail enter into the content of his world of thought. He stores thePsychology2, 602:spiritual realization remains latent in the content of the life, later to be resurrected to itsRays, 20:Work from the point of all that is within the content of the group's united life. Rule III ForRays, 48:Work from the point of all that is within the content of the group's united life. A close analysisRays, 66:Work from the point of all that is within the content of the group's united life. This is not, asRays, 140:persistence is that it is not dependent upon the content of the form - whether it is the form of anRays, 392:this imparted knowledge (stored in the soul's content) will then be usefully available. I wouldRays, 549:of the mind of the disciple to register the content of the minds within the Ashram with which he isSoul, 25:grounders. The first group maintain that the content of every conscious process includes a self -Soul, 154:Is it not possible to give the phrase a definite content without departing from the critical
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