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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTINUALLY

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Astrology, 168:and around the zodiac in the ordinary manner, he continually and consciously enters into life inAstrology, 427:to deal and to them and their interrelations continually make reference. I would ask you to bear inAtom, 20:which defines evolution as "the unfolding of a continually increasing power to respond." Here weAtom, 53:it has been pointed out that: "Evolution is a continually accelerating march of all the particlesDiscipleship1, XI:was the desire to make clear a point which is continually emphasized by the Tibetan as it is by allDiscipleship2, 317:on Initiation - Part VI On Hints I have continually laid the emphasis upon the need of [318]Externalisation, 382:of this, his sphere of constructive influence is continually enlarging. These are the first fourFire, 263:to by astral matter that the two bodies are continually vibrating together, and become very closelyGlamour, 204:dissipation and consequent revelation goes on continually from the time a disciple treads the PathHealing, 233:response to the great Law of Cycles which continually institutes the new and ends the old, or itInitiation, 89:building devas, and at the same time, he works continually at the development of his spiritualMagic, 168:early stages, fanatical to a degree. He will be continually swept off his feet with new ideals, newPatanjali, 84:of perception and as the sense contacts are continually negated by the real man (who no longerRays, 212:personal nature. We come back, therefore (as is continually the case), to the fact that when aRays, 360:which he is still unfamiliar. Bear, therefore, continually in mind that the highest spiritualSoul, 56:we shall make positive statements instead of continually repeating that "the Eastern psychologistSoul, 144:of that which we vainly strive to grasp... By continually seeking to know and being continuallySoul, 144:By continually seeking to know and being continually thrown back with a deepened conviction of theTelepathy, 194:the fourth and the fifth kingdoms is being continually increased, bringing new powers and more
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