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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTINUE

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Astrology, 44:principle of the preceding kalpa, and so must continue such contacts in this. They will work out ofAstrology, 174:Evolution The final path Liberation I could continue to summarize the qualities and characteristicsAstrology, 198:were not. This is a point to bear in mind as I continue to teach you, for I may indicate someAstrology, 321:impacting energies can only be grasped as we continue with our studies and investigate these signsAstrology, 324:not been achieved then the soul must return and continue the perfecting process upon the Earth. TheAstrology, 447:into the center of humanity. This inflow will continue its critical work until in the Aquarian Age,Astrology, 555:to a larger whole. The energies of this Cross continue to evoke response until the time of theAstrology, 690:long as His will-to-be persists, the energy will continue to flow through. In the fifth round, itAutobiography, 161:with the matter at all and why I simply do not continue my hitherto fixed policy of letting my workAutobiography, 176:up to his office to tender to him our desire to continue to serve the T.S. Mr. Rogers looked at usAutobiography, 227:anyone could look so desperately ill and still continue to live. During these years in which myAutobiography, 302:stated that after she died He would not continue to function through any other channel as he didBethlehem, 8:and Buddhistic religiousness can in principle continue, on the plane of this life, what they wereBethlehem, 81:Eternally, down the ages, men have made and will continue to make the great transition, proving theDiscipleship1, 7:My anonymity has always been preserved and will continue to be so though members of this group ofDiscipleship1, 49:That is well and good, provided that you continue to love and serve and to refrain from criticism.Discipleship1, 49:the service of humanity and of the Hierarchy. Continue with your own soul discipline and leave yourDiscipleship1, 49:own soul discipline and leave your brothers to continue theirs. The question of psychic powers isDiscipleship1, 55:Disciples - Part VI PART VI I do not intend to continue giving you only reiterated advice upon theDiscipleship1, 56:however, often have a curious capacity to continue with their work no matter what may be happeningDiscipleship1, 141:upon to make it. Your health is better and will continue to be so, if you watch with care and keepDiscipleship1, 141:me. As regards Z, the extroverting process must continue and go forward and I make the suggestionDiscipleship1, 147:the world will surmount all obstacles. Finally, continue with the task of finding those strongDiscipleship1, 147:required. Your problems of adjustment must still continue till solved, and the processes ofDiscipleship1, 166:commend this to you as a real thought and so to continue to use it (employing an American phrase)Discipleship1, 173:to be taught when opportunity offers, ought to continue steadfastly with their work even whenDiscipleship1, 197:of terse terminology but of concise definition. Continue also with the group meditation, but writeDiscipleship1, 225:though to no one else? I stand with you and will continue to stand, for whether I am on the burningDiscipleship1, 238:and integrity. This decision may lead you to continue to form part of my group of disciples - aDiscipleship1, 238:you may make. Secondly, should you desire to continue with my [239] instructions, then discontinueDiscipleship1, 241:processes. Your soul will prove your guardian. Continue to give your physical body rest and sleep.Discipleship1, 246:the following breathing exercise. Please continue with the same meditation. Do a simple breathingDiscipleship1, 252:were honest. It is not wise, however, for you to continue the process of introspection too closelyDiscipleship1, 253:review which I would ask you still carefully to continue. It is of real profit to you. . . . LifeDiscipleship1, 260:but for which you are struggling and must continue to struggle. The cultivation of a divineDiscipleship1, 263:has made it impossible for this disciple to continue at this time. Discipleship1, 266:I am willing to cooperate with the group if they continue to evidence willing service. Given aDiscipleship1, 267:to change your meditation work at this time. Continue with it as outlined to you in my lastDiscipleship1, 270:you along the Path for a very long way. But I continue with my task of awakening each of you uponDiscipleship1, 273:my various books. It is not possible for me to continue ceaselessly telling you that which youDiscipleship1, 281:week and also at the time of the full moon, but continue with that already assigned by me in myDiscipleship1, 282:to you at this time, as I would ask you to continue with the work as outlined by me in my lastDiscipleship1, 287:This all indicates a step forward, provided you continue to hold with care the attitude of theDiscipleship1, 294:loving attentiveness to the service of others. Continue, therefore, with the meditation workDiscipleship1, 294:to aid and help. This expansion should continue and should evidence a growing sensitivity on yourDiscipleship1, 304:the astral on account of your ray polarization. Continue with the breathing exercise as outlined inDiscipleship1, 308:world disciples measure up to their opportunity. Continue with the breathing exercises asDiscipleship1, 309:a position rightly to gauge your own progress. Continue to serve and to work and leave realizationDiscipleship1, 314:play their part, enabling the sannyasin to "continue on the upward way with heart detached andDiscipleship1, 318:freedom. In reference to your meditation work, continue as before, but when you have finished theDiscipleship1, 321:you began to demonstrate last spring. It should continue. Carry your thought in meditation to theDiscipleship1, 321:creative work is carried forward by you and you continue to cause things to be. The lesson of BeingDiscipleship1, 327:when recounted. There is ever the tendency to continue the ecstasy (known on abstract levels) intoDiscipleship1, 332:greater freedom on soul levels... Your work must continue to lie a great deal on buddhic levels.Discipleship1, 333:send forth at will light and strength and power. Continue with this work of attention. May theDiscipleship1, 345:is not yet adequate and it will not hurt you to continue these exercises. Endeavor to clarify andDiscipleship1, 345:silence. This you have attempted successfully. Continue so to do and preserve ever a watchfulDiscipleship1, 352:on this, but become not over-serious about it. Continue with the group meditation along with theDiscipleship1, 355:surprise you. The fact remains that you must continue your mental attitudes, cease in no way to beDiscipleship1, 381:meditation at this time and would ask you to continue with it. It has done much for you, andDiscipleship1, 417:serve. Cultivate, therefore, these qualities and continue the giving of yourself in service. TheseDiscipleship1, 421:and emerge into fuller usefulness; or you can continue marking time - adequately and usefully - andDiscipleship1, 421:mean strength conserved and magnetic service. Continue the breathing exercise as heretofore, andDiscipleship1, 425:I shall not change your work greatly. Continue to Ponder upon the thoughts I earlier gave you asDiscipleship1, 438:problem which you have faced for years and must continue to face. This present cycle or period inDiscipleship1, 459:further release of the inner channel of contact. Continue as heretofore with the breathingDiscipleship1, 466:I would ask you to follow the meditation and continue with the breathing exercises that you are nowDiscipleship1, 468:himself from the rhythm of his glamors. Will you continue still a little while the effort to helpDiscipleship1, 468:it holds in it the seeds of group integration. Continue, therefore, with it. I give you, however, aDiscipleship1, 470:need of love and understanding. I would have you continue with the exercise I gave you in your lastDiscipleship1, 473:the experiment. I suggest that you still continue as you have been doing, building in the attitudeDiscipleship1, 473:word. Go forward as you arc now doing and continue to focus your attention upon the four rules IDiscipleship1, 474:current of thought power is of significance. Continue with the work of purifying thought but doDiscipleship1, 480:been achieved. See to it, my friend, that you continue to do your share. All I seek to do today forDiscipleship1, 484:The keeping of that diary serves, and should continue to serve, a most useful purpose. Therefore,Discipleship1, 484:to serve, a most useful purpose. Therefore, continue with it during this next year, for it willDiscipleship1, 496:years you have been associated with me and will continue so to be. When he asked me not long ago -Discipleship1, 515:is no cause for depression, provided they do not continue, once you are aware of their existence.Discipleship1, 516:undaunted persistence demonstrates thus and will continue to do so. What then lacks? UndoubtedlyDiscipleship1, 522:a place of refuge for a few. Ponder on this and continue your task of beautifying it. RememberDiscipleship1, 529:on each side of the doorway, and firs and pines continue to the back of the pagoda, and go down theDiscipleship1, 538:Your outer obligations and interests must continue to be met, but I am talking to you in terms ofDiscipleship1, 544:no change in your meditation. I would ask you to continue with the one which I last gave to you,Discipleship1, 559:integration and grows in love and understanding. Continue with the group meditation and with theDiscipleship1, 563:upon the little self. I would ask you to continue your study along the lines indicated in my lastDiscipleship1, 567:and your group brothers should be aware of it. Continue with this integrating work. Once in theDiscipleship1, 575:constructively. Your work for quite a time is to continue with the refocusing, realignment andDiscipleship1, 585:exterior to yourself. And why, my brother (to continue with the questions) has this been so?Discipleship1, 601:of identities into this group work. I cannot continue to give you these instructions if you thusDiscipleship1, 619:change the situation. Nor have I. But you cannot continue to work under the liability of theDiscipleship1, 622:to that day than seemed possible ten years ago. Continue with the meditation last given but use noDiscipleship1, 629:lost interest in it and that is a great step. Continue the good work and see to it that this yearDiscipleship1, 640:insight you can use, if you remain humble and continue loving. Your physical body is upon theDiscipleship1, 652:expressed usefulness, or whether you simply continue into the future as you are now, leaving toDiscipleship1, 666:it can constitute a preliminary exercise. Continue with the simple breathing exercise you are nowDiscipleship1, 667:the medium of aspiration and discrimination. Continue then with any meditation such as you may feelDiscipleship1, 667:in the last communication. I would ask you to continue to study them and to go on pondering onDiscipleship1, 717:but exoteric effects of inner attitudes. As we continue our studies on the Stages of Discipleship,Discipleship1, 729:and initiates (whose hearts are aflame) continue to work unimpeded. This covers the individualDiscipleship1, 730:the second ray began to assert itself and will continue to do so until 1945 when the seventh ray
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