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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTINUE

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Meditation, 162:Mantric Forms August 20, 1920 We must today continue the discussion on the forms that will some dayMeditation, 204:mind. These questions are of great value, if you continue to apply yourself to the search for theMeditation, 210:of the Colors August 29th, 1920 Tonight we must continue our study on color and take up our firstMeditation, 220:were allied in the first solar system, and continue their alliance here. I have opened up for allPatanjali, 145:realm if he wants to deal with that which will continue to keep him on the wheel of rebirth. WhenPatanjali, 286:working out of prior causes. He may, however, continue or resume his work of service in the threeProblemsproblems relating to the world's children continue to exist but in different forms and underProblems, 17:those who lie beyond her boundaries, or will she continue to think in terms of France? These areProblems, 19:of right human relations? Can they then continue this educational process for a long enough time?Problems, 73:they realize that the capitalistic system cannot continue indefinitely in the face of humanity'sProblems, 87:have fostered and which today they deliberately continue to foster. The narrowness of religiousProblems, 104:people in every nation are seeking and will continue to seek a solution, and one will be found.Problems, 132:and cooperation have recently emerged and may continue to grow. The question arises whether ChristPsychology1, 63:that will produce liberation. We shall see as we continue to study first ray egos and personalitiesPsychology1, 67:or Adaptability Let the Warden of the South continue with the building. Let him apply the forcePsychology1, 103:light." This intensification of the light will continue until A.D. 2025, when there will come aPsychology1, 165:years ago (1860), and of course will continue as such. The first outcome of this seventh subrayPsychology1, 189:contradictions which occur (and which may continue to occur) in this treatise. Sometimes a ray willPsychology1, 349:wars and the great World War. This ray will continue declining for another one hundred forty years.Psychology1, 350:to pass into the stage of revelation and so continue their cyclic work. Only one ray is todayPsychology1, 362:peace and good will between the peoples. I could continue emphasizing these relations, but I havePsychology2, 145:has been used with marked effect. It should continue to be used, for it is the inaugurating mantramPsychology2, 237:ended up in a maze of astral phenomena, and must continue their search later when they [238]Psychology2, 253:appearance of new and unpredictable forms to continue indefinitely. Humanity will go on perfectingPsychology2, 253:is no need for further drastic distinctions to continue to appear in the outer world of phenomenaPsychology2, 253:future, the consciousness aspect of Deity will continue to perfect the forms in the fourth kingdomPsychology2, 458:purpose, for it enables the obsessing entity to continue in possession. I refer to those casesPsychology2, 593:been in incarnation and how long it will still continue to "appear". The state of the pranicPsychology2, 606:who are still Atlantean in consciousness will continue with the mystical approach and the beauty ofPsychology2, 613:and occultists; and many aspirants must continue for some time destroying themselves (from thePsychology2, 619:normal and usual circumstances? Nothing, but continue in the work; retreat within themselves; speakPsychology2, 674:New Group of World Servers. Such action would continue the old methods and perpetuate the oldRays, 33:aspirant as he attempts to tread the Way. As we continue our studies of the rules to be followed byRays, 77:they are seeking to render to humanity. As we continue our study of Rule III, I am myself struckRays, 109:focus and results. The little wheels can continue to revolve in time and space, hindering theRays, 152:There are certain major frameworks (if I may continue to use this phrase) within which the initiateRays, 169:who are on the third and fifth rays and who can continue with the work, being trained alongRays, 230:established. The Masters, in the meantime, must continue to work "within the silence of theRays, 244:out the slowly unfolding design, and will continue to do so; every [245] great world cycle sees theRays, 496:Your outer obligations and interests must continue to be met, but I am talking in terms of innerRays, 571:This period started in the year 1825 and will continue until the end of this century. TheRays, 655:and under the suggestion of the Christ, [655] continue to make the decision which will controlRays, 672:lit "cave of the spiritual birth"; he has to continue his struggle to reveal divinity, primarily onRays, 678:still at times assume control; selfishness may continue to play a potent part in his lifeRays, 718:through which humanity is today passing and will continue to pass [719] during the next fifty yearsRays, 725:He achieves a point of tension which He will continue to hold until the final or ninth initiation,Reappearance, 50:successful procedures, is aiding and will continue to aid. Reappearance, 83:that point His Aquarian work began, and it will continue for two thousand five hundred years. ThusTelepathy, 33:with superiors will fall into disuse. It will continue to be used in reaching the masses and thoseTelepathy, 141:about three hundred years) the astral body would continue to govern the mass of human reactions and
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