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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTINUED

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Astrology, 346:that inner light, and this must unalterably be continued. That which has entered through the twoAstrology, 690:triangle still persists, and is the cause of the continued inflow of manasic force; it is connectedAutobiography, 24:for the two of us. The discipline, then applied, continued until I was grown up and looking backAutobiography, 199:month after month, I did the same thing as I continued to develop the Arcane School. I wasAutobiography, 207:has been quite extraordinary and has continued even after her death. When things were happening inAutobiography, 236:activity to put these conditions right. People continued to starve; many continued to be underpaidAutobiography, 236:right. People continued to starve; many continued to be underpaid in all parts of the world; childBethlehem, 167:His chosen few. His power to heal still continued, but His work shifted into a field of new values,Destiny, 63:destinies. It might be of interest here if we continued our study by a consideration of some of theDiscipleship1, 388:ray soul can galvanize the personality into continued action and aspiration, into continued mentalDiscipleship1, 388:into continued action and aspiration, into continued mental control; for you, therefore, there needDiscipleship1, 553:the new rhythms. This process is still to be continued and for it you must be prepared. You have,Discipleship1, 594:was right and sound but need no longer be continued. Of one thing I am sure, brother of old, andDiscipleship1, 620:discipline and his steadfast faith, in spite of continued recurrent glamors, brought about hisDiscipleship1, 627:make the needed readjustments. That work must be continued for another year. Have you any idea, myDiscipleship2, 22:been done and has proved effective; it will be continued for those who need its aid, but the moreDiscipleship2, 101:the Hierarchy when she started to serve, but she continued to serve for many years till discoveryDiscipleship2, 115:that I summon you - a retreat which must be continued and consciously held until the next Full MoonDiscipleship2, 428:Polarization upon the mental plane is now being continued, and the result is a definiteDiscipleship2, 548:first cycle of the New Seed Group work this was continued, though in a lessened degree and with aDiscipleship2, 596:brother and teacher - ask and need your still continued help. Discipleship2, 723:who work with us; we shall be grateful for your continued help along this line if your soul soDiscipleship2, 750:soul. I might perhaps call it the "glamor of continued circumstance." This leads to an almostExternalisation, 325:and it is suggested that all of [325] them be continued as a background to all future work and aExternalisation, 331:Work done by you prior to the war is thus to be continued, and along similar lines. 10. Make aExternalisation, 336:[336] a sense of separation, leading if continued, to disruption. Let the consciousness beExternalisation, 409:on Earth. Aeons passed away whilst primitive man continued to evolve, and then the second greatExternalisation, 444:be done during the next twelve months (and then continued during the ensuing years), I make oneExternalisation, 474:For another three years Their labor of love continued; They struggled to save humanity and toExternalisation, 581:evil "pull" of the substantial assets and the continued control, even though greatly lessened, ofFire, 53:kingdoms of nature. Radiatory fire causes the continued growth of that which has progressed, underFire, 699:triangle still persists, and is the cause of the continued inflow of manasic force; it is connectedFire, 933:preservation of the planetary web. This will be continued until the sixth round. During this periodFire, 938:does not cease at the birth of the man, but is continued likewise in three stages, which find aFire, 1132:with their immediate group soul, and their continued manifestation in any particular kingdom.Fire, 1253:peculiar form of development and the faculty of continued awareness along with spiritualHealing, 168:Causes of Disease The Seven Major Centers (continued) Let us now continue with our consideration ofHealing, 265:inhabited it for many centuries; and by their continued emphasis upon material possession they loseHealing, 322:and of rest for the body, preparatory to continued life on earth. Those which produce theHealing, 664:these successful aspirants, and subject to their continued activity, it was decided by them but forHercules, 55:towards the south and in the place of darkness continued with his search. At first he dreamed ofHercules, 57:yet full of questioning relief, Hercules continued with his search and wandered far. The year,Hercules, 170:And yet his will was firm. This steep descent continued long and long. Alone, yet not all alone, heInitiation, 6:All's change, but permanence as well..." and continued: "Truth inside, and outside, truth also; andInitiation, 178:effort (inaugurated in Atlantean days and continued to this time) made by the Hierarchy of theIntellect, 119:in Meditation CHAPTER SIX Stages in Meditation (Continued) Milarepa was one who eventually ridIntellect, 257:lessen the meditation periods - these should be continued as per schedule, - but to become moreMagic, 343:to see the fruit of action. This process, long continued and pursued with patience, will resultMeditation, 2:less degree has to enter in before the Ego takes continued notice of the personality or lower self.Meditation, 18:the source of all knowledge. As the process is continued, the piercing of the periphery of theMeditation, 182:of the evolving and the involving lives has continued up to date. With the coming in of thisPatanjali, 142:that we do is automatic and the result of long continued emotional and mental habits.Problems, 23:which they are as yet apparently unaware. Their continued emphasis upon territorial possessionsPsychology1, 327:is "raised up into heaven." The effect of continued aspiration, when followed by right action, isPsychology1, 377:remembered that a law is but the effect of the continued intelligent activity of the Life aspect asPsychology2, 322:which we call the soul. In its turn, the soul continued in this process of exhalation orPsychology2, 525:Path. A period wherein the transference is continued. The sacral forces are carried to the throatPsychology2, 717:must succeed this present time of crisis must be continued as usual. In the higher levels of theRays, 478:of them, and quite unconsciously made use of and continued to make use of their presence. TheRays, 490:process is a combination of will, further and continued visualization, and the use of the ray WordRays, 519:and unconsciously. 4. Invocation and Evocation (continued from Pages 493-495): These two words areSoul, 40:experiments with the ductless glands have continued. Details given here are not final or conclusiveSoul, 44:sex epochs. We are told that it is a gland of continued effort, of energy consumption, and isSoul, 116:conditions of stimuli which are essential to the continued existence of the organism. The Medulla,
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