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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTINUING

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Astrology, 44:arupa Hierarchies of the next system. Before continuing our consideration of the particularAstrology, 51:and the Rays - The Creative Hierarchies Before continuing with the analysis of the tabulations andAutobiography, 191:until the summer of 1923. In the meantime I was continuing to write for the Tibetan and "InitiationBethlehem, 49:the intellect began to show itself and is continuing to control human affairs, government andDiscipleship1, 314:his outer usefulness. He remains where he is, continuing with the outer and physical fulfilment ofDiscipleship1, 370:you and from your fellowmen. Hence there is a continuing conflict between your loving soul and yourDiscipleship1, 685:stage of advanced evolution. It is a process of continuing integration into centers of force, i.e.,Discipleship2, 9:of reminding you of my major points prior to continuing with the next phase of the teaching. IDiscipleship2, 113:I SECTION TWO TEACHINGS ON MEDITATION Part I In continuing the instructions on the Science ofEducation, 132:the externalization of the body of light. This continuing process (for in all ages this birth intoExternalisation, 25:of service. To this effort I call you. It is a continuing effort which will be spread over manyExternalisation, 548:[548] fashion, only to erupt once more in 1939, continuing with extreme fierceness and cruelty tillFire, 389:Factor c. A Prophecy We might now, prior to continuing with our subject, name the different chainsFire, 670:the Fifth, leaving the Seventh alone." In continuing our consideration of these deva orders, itFire, 693:Elementals (b.) Hylozoistically considered 31 In continuing our consideration of the fifth logoicFire, 1202:arupa hierarchies of the next system. Before continuing our consideration of the particularHealing, 618:the receiving dense physical vehicle. In continuing our consideration of the immediate transmittingHealing, 652:the healer has not need to stop his work. By continuing it, he may increase the evil condition, butInitiation, 148:uttered by them, and the downpour begins, continuing to the end of the ceremony. The question mayMeditation, 20:The Ego can call in again his forces, prior to continuing the work of perfecting the causal bodyMeditation, 104:At all times a student should guard against continuing his meditation when any fatigue is felt, andMeditation, 215:The Use of Color and Sound August 31st, 1920 In continuing our study of color and meditation, andPsychology1, 91:existence in the past, not to speak of their continuing existence in the present? A few bones, aPsychology2, 587:the will is active and the peril entailed by continuing to work on the lowest astral levels isRays, 625:the monarchy has also disappeared, and only the continuing voice of the Vatican is left, but -
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