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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTINUITY

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Astrology, 274:This necessitates persistence, endurance and continuity of effort and is one of the characteristicsAstrology, 274:begin to be understood when group awareness and continuity of consciousness are established amongAtom, 127:that we should consciously function, with full continuity of realization, upon the physical,Atom, 137:then not exist for us at all. We shall have that continuity of consciousness upon the three planesAutobiography, 137:beginners for it is badly put together and lacks continuity. H.P.B. starts with one subject,Autobiography, 281:itself, generation after generation, and the continuity of revelation unfolds as the need ofAutobiography, 294:kingdom in nature. That there has been a continuity of revelation down the ages and that from cycleBethlehem, 4:and have overlooked its position in the great continuity of divine revelation. They have endeavoredBethlehem, 5:One - Introductory Remarks on Initiation In the continuity of revelation, Christianity enters uponBethlehem, 6:this recognition from the Father. The great continuity of revelation is our most pricelessBethlehem, 6:which seems so sorely needed. Unless this continuity is emphasized and the place of the ChristianBethlehem, 57:and enriches and colors all our faith. In this continuity (which is the basis of our faith in theBethlehem, 177:deny that Christ was an integral part of a great continuity of revelation. God has never "leftBethlehem, 177:To quote one writer who seeks to prove this continuity: "At the time of the life or recordedBethlehem, 185:in the fact that, though He was one of a long continuity of perfected divine men, He had a uniqueBethlehem, 191:In view of the proven fact that there has been a continuity of revelation, and that Christ was oneBethlehem, 233:the meaning and nature of eternity and the continuity of life can with safety be revealed only whenBethlehem, 235:He revealed to us that great concept of the continuity of unfoldment which it has ever been theBethlehem, 236:of the Mystery Teaching which, with unbroken continuity, has revealed the divinity in Man and shownBethlehem, 238:legend. All these references serve to show the continuity of revelation of which the ResurrectionBethlehem, 243:still remain the highest yet given in the continuity of revelation, and He Himself prepared us forBethlehem, 243:surety, provided we keep in mind the long continuity of revelation given out by God, and realizeBethlehem, 259:and made it available to the masses. Thus the continuity of revelation was perpetuated. The BuddhaBethlehem, 275:human failure, nor for a definite break in the continuity of revelation. There is that in man whichDiscipleship1, 16:will eventually prove no barrier at all and continuity of communication persist? [17] Many suchDiscipleship1, 100:loving soul? It is the establishing of the continuity of this dual process which is your main needDiscipleship1, 256:relations are preserved in order to guarantee continuity and stability. I seek to word the teachingDiscipleship1, 302:lines it will take will depend upon the inner continuity of contact, and upon your sensitiveDiscipleship1, 458:one. Loneliness will end when the inner group continuity of consciousness is established. Your workDiscipleship1, 459:within. . . Eliminate fear, my brother. That continuity of the spiritual consciousness which is oneDiscipleship1, 550:you can do to increase your ability to unfold continuity of consciousness between the variousDiscipleship2, 87:are my books but because they are part of the continuity of the Ageless Wisdom and constitute theDiscipleship2, 94:Some day, when you have established continuity of consciousness, you will know them, for you willDiscipleship2, 101:to your attention the concept of a spiritual continuity of knowledge and of a rightly orientedDiscipleship2, 101:so choose, each and all of you - attain a true continuity of consciousness and it is one of theDiscipleship2, 134:thinking process, wherein he is preserving a continuity of mental impression and a constantDiscipleship2, 204:Hierarchy, but who do not usually possess that continuity of consciousness which will come later.Discipleship2, 284:fact of immortality and with the unshatterable continuity of consciousness and life. It is thisDiscipleship2, 284:when the Eternal Now is realized and when the continuity of awareness and of identity is seen as anDiscipleship2, 386:process of initiation, thus producing a continuity of revelation and of enlightenment. In reality,Discipleship2, 392:and thus ensures the gradual and steady continuity of the Plan; the third group are the agents whoDiscipleship2, 395:of time, he not only begins to develop a needed continuity of consciousness, but he develops also aDiscipleship2, 503:as far as in him lies to preserve the [503] continuity of his consciousness as a working discipleDiscipleship2, 579:consultation establish some uniformity and continuity of work. Continue with the work you are nowDiscipleship2, 647:whenever you may decide to do it. Thus a living continuity of sensed relationship will beDiscipleship2, 687:as a spiritual observer to preserve mental continuity as you do it. Energy follows thought and thisDiscipleship2, 744:of service to you if followed steadily and with continuity. It is largely in the nature of aEducation, 19:consciousness, and the development of an inner continuity of awareness, plus the evocation of soulEducation, 26:basis of immortality and the other the basis of continuity. Herein lies a fine distinction for theEducation, 28:conscious, living personality. The thread of continuity between the three lower aspects of the manEducation, 31:in the consciousness aspect, and concerns the continuity of man's awareness of life in all hisEducation, 51:of spiritual being also, and yet with complete continuity of consciousness and with a completeEducation, 52:light transference. The antahkarana concerns the continuity of man's perception. Education, 85:with permanent effect upon his character. The continuity of effort, the effects upon civilizationEducation, 95:or flow of consciousness and will produce that continuity of consciousness, or that sense ofEducation, 96:personality and the soul. Produce an eventual continuity of consciousness. Meditation isEducation, 97:and is a scientific method of establishing continuity. These three sciences will be regardedEducation, 145:Antahkarana is concerned with the problem of the continuity of consciousness and with the problemExternalisation, 45:bodily ills, but upon the establishing of that continuity of consciousness which carries over fromExternalisation, 45:and of right relationship. To develop that continuity of consciousness which will "open the doorsExternalisation, 286:be found in the doctrine of Avatars, and in the continuity of divine Revelations. This is theExternalisation, 289:as man gets ready for further knowledge. The Continuity of Revelation. Ever down the ages and atExternalisation, 289:aspect of divinity. Upon this fact of the continuity of revelation and upon the sequence of thisExternalisation, 290:individual man and of the masses of men to the continuity of revelation - historically proved -Externalisation, 404:Fact of Immortality and Eternal Persistence The Continuity of Revelation and the Divine Approaches.Fire, 120:ever more frequent intervals into that vehicle. Continuity of consciousness is achieved when a manFire, 121:coordinates His cosmic astral body, and attains continuity of consciousness when He has masteredFire, 121:cosmic ether and has monadic consciousness and continuity of function. At the seventh Initiation heFire, 125:etheric web, and the consequent production of continuity of consciousness and the admission intoFire, 185:third Initiation is reached, the man should have continuity of consciousness. This is so unless forFire, 209:the etheric web. This produces a resultant continuity of consciousness which enables the initiateFire, 499:be fully aware, functioning with uninterrupted continuity of recollection on the physical, astral,Fire, 508:fully vibrant they are the raison d'ętre for the continuity of the consciousness of the manFire, 582:his astral vehicle, establishing a consequent continuity of consciousness. This correspondence, andFire, 647:[647] Consciousness at one of its seven stages. Continuity of existence. Perpetuation of species orFire, 726:the planetary Logos is [726] enabled to preserve continuity of cosmic consciousness even when inFire, 759:incarnation, provided they have achieved continuity of consciousness. He Who is known as D. K. isFire, 790:man escapes out of the dense physical body, and continuity of consciousness (between the astral andFire, 810:and goal, and a conscious manifestation of that continuity of consciousness which is the object ofFire, 912:astral and physical, merge and blend, and continuity of consciousness is experienced upon the two,Fire, 1104:which has been generated is so strong that continuity of consciousness becomes an accomplishedFire, 1122:of the two aspects of the dense body so that the continuity is preserved. This work accomplished,Glamour, 102:or of "occultly healing" [102] this break in the continuity of the spiritual consciousness. I wouldHealing, 318:of euthanasia involves will not exist when continuity of consciousness (which negates death) isHealing, 319:and on mental polarization, or upon an achieved continuity of consciousness, but on emotionalHealing, 388:a physical body and on the physical plane or the continuity of life on the other levels, unseen byHealing, 394:[394] and to the substitution of a concept of continuity which will negate disturbance, andHealing, 406:initiations, the disciple has to demonstrate a continuity of non-response to astralism andHealing, 406:and the institution of direct, unimpeded continuity of relationship between the Monad and theHealing, 410:plane as the soul, he will himself - with full continuity of consciousness - carry out theHealing, 438:the determination to persist and the sense of continuity still rest, even to the most determinedHealing, 439:one of the strongest arguments for the fact of continuity and for individual, identifiableHealing, 442:in the sense in which it is now understood. Continuity of consciousness will be so widelyHealing, 498:incarnating. Thus you will realize also that continuity of consciousness is also being slowlyInitiation, 64:night in all parts of the world, so that the continuity of the teaching is complete. They gather inInitiation, 78:to be used, and all exists but to be transmuted. Continuity of vision, of aspiration, and of theInitiation, 78:to be of more importance than them all. That continuity is the thing to be aimed at, in spite of,Initiation, 100:The link between the two planes exists in the continuity of consciousness which the initiate willInitiation, 134:the causal, or egoic body is aided, and thus continuity of consciousness, and receptivity to theInitiation, 135:controlled, that he knows the real meaning of continuity of consciousness, and can function
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