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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTINUOUS

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Astrology, 121:many experiences which lead to successive and continuous expansions of consciousness. It isBethlehem, 130:wine of the divine life, shared by all. We, by continuous though possibly unconscious effort, mayDiscipleship1, 219:emphasis has changed from that of the continuous impressing of your personality attitudes, ideasDiscipleship1, 473:doing, building in the attitude of constant and continuous meditation. Discipleship1, 490:What can prevent this in your case will be the continuous application of your soul light and loveDiscipleship1, 540:in fulfiling your group tasks in spite of continuous change of environment and constant movement. IDiscipleship1, 765:the process of living on the physical plane a continuous rebuilding. The analogy is closer than youDiscipleship2, 545:nature. Intense focus is, therefore, the continuous theme of your life expression for - as you knowDiscipleship2, 600:not enlarge. We might call it the "glamor of continuous frustration." In your case and in theExternalisation, 117:upon it. I would remind you, however, that the continuous emphasis laid upon the malevolent aspectsExternalisation, 492:of the evolutionary process and to the continuous crystallizing of the material forms which hideFire, 549:higher center of force, and thus draw down a continuous supply of energy for the strengthening ofFire, 1131:measure of alignment through self-induced and continuous effort. He is then taught how to utilizeFire, 1188:Spirit on its own plane. It is the cause of that continuous cycle of form taking, of formGlamour, 122:"God in the machine." The glamor of devious and continuous manipulation. The glamor ofHealing, 497:from incarnation to incarnation and during the continuous process of rebirth. This constitutes aHealing, 645:planetary etheric body is a whole, unbroken and continuous; of this etheric body, those of theHercules, 46:or of bringing together. It exerts a steady and continuous pull and in both the symbolical and theHercules, 216:is the Vernal Equinox which, as we know, is in continuous retrograde movement through a circle ofInitiation, 18:spiritual and Divine - consists in conscious, continuous functioning. In all cases it is precededInitiation, 18:between the bodies of the personality becomes continuous and complete, and the three lower vehiclesInitiation, 96:between these two planets, Earth and Venus, is continuous. A similar process has but lately beenIntellect, 92:and to which the Knowers of the race bear continuous witness. If our will is strong enough and ourMagic, 264:constant changes and differentiations, and continuous building and breaking, planning and seeingMagic, 269:might be few yet the import would be worthy of continuous consideration. His master made thisMagic, 514:whole of life is not concentrated in one furious continuous stretch of rushing forth to work, norMagic, 515:of desire that they have learnt to preserve a continuous activity - based on discipline andMagic, 604:inner esoteric sense, meditation is needed, and continuous meditation, in the early stages ofMeditation, 111:until the downflow from that higher will be continuous. With most of the advanced students atMeditation, 258:is that of occult meditation; the reward is the continuous expansion [259] of consciousness thatMeditation, 285:is contacted. When the contact becomes continuous, meditation, as you understand it, is superseded.Meditation, 343:A right beginning is liable to eventuate in continuous correctness, and helps much in the endeavor.Patanjali, 61:Arjuna, the aspirant, on to steady and continuous effort. The same thought is to be found in thePatanjali, 234:one-pointed concentration upon moments and their continuous succession. 53. From this intuitivePatanjali, 317:achieved. Gradually the light shines forth in a continuous stream until the aspirant walks in thePatanjali, 362:one-pointed concentration upon moments and their continuous succession. It has been said that aPsychology1, 317:further that in every root-race you have a continuous mingling and intermingling of the rays withRays, 7:of the mental plane may become complete and continuous. This only becomes possible as the other twoRays, 348:as a result of experiment, experience and continuous expression, and should be common to allReappearance, 65:are one"; they know that divine revelation is continuous and ever new, and that the divine Plan isSoul, 87:which communicate with one another and are continuous with the third ventricle - called in ancient
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