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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTRADISTINCTION

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Astrology, 108:of the seven solar systems," as it is called in contradistinction to "the freedom of the sevenAstrology, 220:life and assumes the attitude of the Observer in contradistinction to that of the Experiencer. OldAstrology, 224:produces an unfolded spiritual consciousness in contradistinction to [225] the human; for thisAstrology, 237:crime is), and just as the social attitude (in contradistinction to the anti-social position of allAstrology, 336:energy which upon the returning wheel (in contradistinction to the wheel of rebirth or the outgoingAstrology, 369:in the basic, spiritual dualism of Jupiter in contradistinction to the body-soul dualism of Gemini;Astrology, 471:nature; it is the aspect of the mediator in contradistinction to the medium. It is intuitionalAstrology, 567:bring." This refers to the mass consciousness in contradistinction to the initiate consciousness ofBethlehem, 139:strictly human problem. The secondary self, in contradistinction to the divine self, is a fact inDestiny, 63:we call essential astrology esoterically, in contradistinction to predictive astrology. PastDestiny, 91:Messenger, and emphasizes the harmony aspect in contradistinction to the conflict angle which theDiscipleship1, 249:who are primarily concerned with group life in contradistinction to the individual unfolding life.Discipleship1, 710:later appearance of responsive organisms, in contradistinction to created forms. I would ask you toExternalisation, 117:over-emphasized. It is the rhythm of matter in contradistinction to the rhythm of the soul, andExternalisation, 190:Picture Steps Towards the New World Order In contradistinction to the totalitarian world order,Externalisation, 301:Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, in contradistinction to the focused leadership of theExternalisation, 584:will later emerge and condition the new age in contradistinction to past and present methods.Fire, 215:All-Self, and also of essence with essence in contradistinction to the synthesis of matter andFire, 640:scientific alchemists (I use this expression in contradistinction to the idealistic alchemists ofFire, 832:and to think in terms of energy and of force, in contradistinction to the sheaths or instrumentsGlamour, 156:incarnations in the life of the soul in contradistinction to the many unimportant and rapidlyGlamour, 179:characteristic of the Western disciple in contradistinction to the Eastern disciple who escapesHealing, 235:technique, and it promises to be successful. In contradistinction to the great Lemurian andHealing, 291:initiation. There is also the Karma of Reward in contradistinction to that of Retribution; this isHealing, 400:of the "I," the awareness of a personality in contradistinction to all other personalities,Healing, 546:nature of the spiritual will will be taught in contradistinction to that of the selfish personalHercules, 102:be the man with a universal consciousness, in contradistinction to the self-assertive individualityInitiation, 18:when man becomes a conscious rational entity, in contradistinction to the animals. As evolutionInitiation, 97:reality, or the things of the spirit - this in contradistinction to the objective unreality, or theInitiation, 136:body of what has been called the lunar self (in contradistinction to the solar self, being but itsIntellect, 43:the wave of human evolution) the great Groups in contradistinction to the great Individuals. [44]Intellect, 49:that: "When we speak of the Being of a man in contradistinction to his ability, we mean his vitalMagic, 228:factor in the struggle is his divine will, in contradistinction to his selfish will. [229] Thus theMagic, 405:I prefer to call "scientific brotherhood" in contradistinction to the sentimental connotation ofMeditation, 239:the path of return, renunciation is the rule, in contradistinction to the earlier method. ThePatanjali, 365:in the sutra. This is the subjective aspect in contradistinction to the objective and thePsychology1, 150:what anyone has hitherto surmised. Energy (in contradistinction to force, and using the word toPsychology1, 392:have the pattern for future racial light in contradistinction to the many separative nationalPsychology2, 69:and not of six energies. The human soul (in contradistinction to the soul as it functions in itsPsychology2, 79:that is implied in that phrase. Love of God in contradistinction to love of self. Attachment to thePsychology2, 155:necessity to seek the good of one's neighbor in contradistinction to one's own good, and to advisePsychology2, 449:of applied occult or intellectual meditation (in contradistinction to the mystical approach) mustPsychology2, 565:towards the world of mystical realization (in contradistinction to that of psychical realization),Psychology2, 580:here to point out that I use the word "Aryan" in contradistinction to the majority of the racesPsychology2, 678:an illustration), the ideal of group welfare in contradistinction to individual aims of a selfishRays, 292:which must precede esoteric action. In contradistinction to this, the words for the disciple andRays, 308:all forms in the three worlds are tangible, in contradistinction to forms in the two higher worldsRays, 356:Testament, except the vaguest generalities, in contradistinction to the wealth of detail givenRays, 444:of experiment and testing. The human soul (in contradistinction to the soul as it functions in itsRays, 534:You will note that I call it a process in contradistinction to the theosophical definition whichReappearance, 68:can give the name of "spiritual perception," in contradistinction to the mental perception which isSoul, 70:Being. When we speak of the Being of a man in contradistinction to his ability, we mean his vital
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