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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTRAST

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Astrology, 293:and liberation. This can be clearly seen if we contrast the energies of the four arms of the CrossAstrology, 583:the inherent dualism of His position and of the contrast between His will and God's will. In theseAstrology, 590:has reached the stage where the human mind can contrast its [591] mode of living activity with theAutobiography, 123:like an entirely new incarnation [123] and the contrast between this humdrum life of a housekeeperBethlehem, 63:This character has survived, and is in marked contrast to its nature amongst the Latin races, withDiscipleship1, 771:of Light must be clearly defined. When the contrast between the way of love and goodwill and theDiscipleship2, 179:this meditation. You would find it of value to contrast what is said. Discipleship2, 219:the minds of thousands of people. The pronounced contrast in ideas - as, for instance, the contrastDiscipleship2, 219:contrast in ideas - as, for instance, the contrast between totalitarianism and the democraticExternalisation, 181:decisions. The new world order. This we will contrast with the old order and with the so-calledExternalisation, 237:you to choose right action. The first great contrast might be called the way of appeasement and theExternalisation, 237:the freedom of humanity. I will give you another contrast, growing out of the above. This is theExternalisation, 237:that today the men of vision fight and die. The contrast is the enforced world order, emphasized byExternalisation, 238:possession of other nations, I would ask you to contrast the expressed aim of the Allies,Externalisation, 238:call your attention very briefly also to the contrast in the methods employed: cruelty versusExternalisation, 239:in the process of clarifying issues. The basic contrast between freedom of speech, thought andFire, 653:D., II, 103. The animal forms the basis and the contrast for the divine. - S. D., II, 100. TheGlamour, 128:briefly, but I trust helpfully, with each: The contrast between Illusion and its opposite -Glamour, 128:Illusion and its opposite - Intuition. The contrast between Glamor and its opposite - Illumination.Glamour, 128:Glamor and its opposite - Illumination. The contrast between Maya and its opposite - Inspiration.Glamour, 128:between Maya and its opposite - Inspiration. The contrast between the Dweller on the Threshold andGlamour, 128:- A World Problem - The Causes of Glamor a. The Contrast between Illusion and Intuition I haveGlamour, 128:and Intuition I have chosen this as the first contrast with which to deal as it should (even thoughGlamour, 128:still and, for the majority of you, the second contrast, that between glamor and illumination, mayGlamour, 139:- A World Problem - The Causes of Glamor b. The Contrast between Glamor and Illumination One of theGlamour, 148:- A World Problem - The Causes of Glamor c. The Contrast between Maya and Inspiration Here we comeGlamour, 152:- A World Problem - The Causes of Glamor d. The Contrast between the Dweller and its opposite, theHealing, 699:will be presented; there will also be present a contrast between the soul rays and the personalityHercules, 88:At-one-ment with Capricorn It is interesting to contrast the two signs, Cancer and Capricorn, forHercules, 229:(February 20 - March 20, the Fishes), we find by contrast the most exalted symbol. For hereIntellect, 26:an idea or object of the reason, all of which by contrast are intellectual apprehension." - Carr,Intellect, 40:the western and eastern educational methods. The contrast between the two ways of development isIntellect, 65:Let us consider the last point first, and contrast the two methods of prayer and of meditation.Intellect, 163:idea or object of the reason), all of which by contrast are intellectual apprehension." - Carr, H.Magic, 82:in evolution is reached where the student can contrast preceding lives, and gain knowledge of theMagic, 368:when the materialization comes. The joy of contrast will be yours, for knowing the past of darknessPatanjali, 173:and upon a deep seated capacity to contrast the "Father's" home and the Prodigal's presentPatanjali, 361:of illusion. He will find it also of interest to contrast and compare the first four classes ofProblems, 133:they work; the church suffers sadly through the contrast which they represent and seldom permitsPsychology2, 261:the inner side and if we were in a position to contrast the "light" of humanity as it is today withSoul, 26:Whitman, Walt, Leaves of Grass, p. 10. In sharp contrast with the Western School is the Eastern oneSoul, 102:fuel is consumed; while in S'vet. 5. 9, the contrast between the atman within us and the atman in
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