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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTRIBUTE

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Astrology, 628:of consciousness; science and psychology contribute to this a gradually developing whole orAstrology, 631:the entire story; the minor Rays of Attribute contribute the detail in process and enterprise. TheyBethlehem, 16:(St. Matt., V, 48.) in order to have somewhat to contribute to the group good, and in order toBethlehem, 91:up in Himself all that the East had of worth to contribute, but He gave to our occidentalBethlehem, 245:in His evolution wherein He had somewhat to contribute to the good of the whole; He had attainedBethlehem, 267:motivating factor in life and something which we contribute to the whole. If each would think outDiscipleship1, 99:be saved; all else may have to go. Many things contribute to the inertia that today seems toDiscipleship1, 132:You have, therefore, two definite assets to contribute to world service and two points ofDiscipleship1, 159:of my group has been chosen for what he can contribute to the whole... Discipleship1, 160:of the Plan to which it is your purpose to contribute. This conditions the form which your workDiscipleship1, 160:The demand is already there. Your work is to contribute to the success of the New Group of WorldDiscipleship1, 173:the gap between the higher and lower mind can contribute much to our endeavor, for you can build onDiscipleship1, 223:of the group and of the individual, you can contribute much and your ability so to serve willDiscipleship1, 242:spiritual natures with such purpose that you can contribute much to the work of my Ashram. Each ofDiscipleship1, 357:give along the indicated lines and thus contribute to the group life. There is the gift of beingDiscipleship1, 426:the sum total of that which is revealed can contribute a glamor, a rising fog, a miasma ofDiscipleship1, 475:to all. This I must deepen and, with love, contribute to the whole. Above all, my brother, arrestDiscipleship1, 597:Each group of my disciples has somewhat to contribute, and the group to which you belong shouldDiscipleship1, 617:to be group activity and to which you can contribute power (gained in meditation) and understandingDiscipleship1, 638:something of major value which [638] you can contribute? Two questions are arising in your mind.Discipleship1, 683:referred above and to which all disciples can contribute, the work and the task of the Masters isDiscipleship1, 686:substance of all creation, thus enabling him to contribute to the creation of the new world. ThereDiscipleship1, 694:or nothing that the disciple will be able to contribute of any kind for a long time. Only thoseDiscipleship1, 694:meditation and growing purity of intention) can contribute anything to the life of the Ashram.Discipleship2, 74:be making no progress at all and has nothing to contribute to the life of the Ashram. But - in theDiscipleship2, 185:the disciple how to absorb energy and what to contribute of energy to the whole; it does this notDiscipleship2, 205:to this, habits of meditation rapidly contribute. As the members of this group meditate and serve,Discipleship2, 330:whom he is associated; gradually he begins to contribute his own quota of light and ofDiscipleship2, 330:that of the sumtotal of all that its members can contribute, plus that which those above the thirdDiscipleship2, 357:which are taking place within the Hierarchy. Contribute to the wise circulation and direction ofDiscipleship2, 377:knows that he must, inevitably and eventually, contribute something. He realizes that he mustDiscipleship2, 417:all lie within your range of capacity and would contribute much to your unfoldment. You would findDiscipleship2, 453:the world of men that which it is your duty to contribute. Then let there be the final interlude ofDiscipleship2, 606:of world crisis wherein every disciple has to contribute all that is in him. You yourself know thatDiscipleship2, 619:doubt. Two factors which almost defy definition contribute to the fact that esoterically you standDiscipleship2, 681:quickens - you will arrive at understanding. Contribute your ideas and suggestions to the reservoirDiscipleship2, 691:new development faces the human family? Can I contribute by my thinking to this new unfoldment?Education, 70:so numerous and separate, will each eventually contribute its particular and peculiar truth, andEducation, 86:[86] and capacity. Thus he will be induced to contribute what he can of beauty to the world and ofEducation, 88:background and history which enables him to contribute something to the good of the whole, and thatEducation, 100:of similar units, each of whom is expected to contribute his quota of good to the whole. TheExternalisation, 197:etc.) and will know also what they can contribute to the family of nations; all will be animated byExternalisation, 242:life and to each other that which they have to contribute. This will be made possible because theExternalisation, 272:is something that humanity itself will contribute as an expression of the third aspect of divinity,Externalisation, 377:parts of one corporate whole and that they must contribute to that whole all they have and are.Externalisation, 379:would enable him really to grasp the problems or contribute to their solution. What, therefore, canExternalisation, 379:in her home, and the average citizen everywhere contribute at this time and in the future to theFire, 649:fact that those units of the human family who contribute to the constitution of this particularFire, 845:will become animal-men, and the lower four will contribute to the quaternic forms of the men of theFire, 988:their work, under the great law of evolution, contribute to the general purpose of the solar Logos,Fire, 1133:lower kingdoms possess no permanent atoms but contribute to the formation of those atoms in theFire, 1139:are to man or to the Logoi. The lunar Pitris who contribute the human form are (to the planetaryFire, 1211:the latent forces and energies which it has to contribute to the good of the whole. Man, standingGlamour, xi:in various parts of the world and may well contribute to the success of the work of the New GroupGlamour, 76:swell the potency of the world desire; they contribute to the world glamor and form part of a greatGlamour, 111:and sensitive man. It is the advanced people who contribute the most to the world glamor. The majorGlamour, 211:and the other which groups can use as they contribute their united effort to the dissipation ofGlamour, 260:being has his peculiar chord and all chords contribute to the great symphony which the HierarchyHealing, 227:something different, however, to that which they contribute to the life of the soul on its ownHealing, 251:of life and various occupational diseases - all contribute their quota to the general ill health ofHealing, 281:consciously chosen his parents for what they can contribute to his physical makeup whilst inHealing, 282:constitution to which the parents chosen contribute a definite tendency. The man is thereforeHealing, 296:are only of importance just in so far as they contribute to the enrichment of soul experience. TheHealing, 481:stage and all of which have somewhat to contribute to medical science as a whole; out of the unitedHealing, 496:only donate the dense physical body. They contribute naught else save a body of a particularHealing, 632:of mental healing have relatively little to contribute in comparison with the work and theHercules, 117:story not to be overlooked. What did Hippolyte contribute to the error? Perhaps this: she profferedMagic, 13:nature - human, animal, vegetable and mineral - contribute to that manifestation. The energy of theMagic, 407:and nurture of each part in order that it may contribute to the well being of the entire organism.Magic, 624:valuable assets and know they have somewhat to contribute. They are still, however, so full of whatPatanjali, 123:of Patanjali's work. The Aryan race will [123] contribute this fuller development to the generalPatanjali, 231:Not only this but they will be ever ready to contribute collectively toward the absorbingPatanjali, 397:teaching given here. We learn that four factors contribute to the existence of mind-images, or theProblems, 28:human relations. Every country also has much to contribute but as long as that contribution isProblems, 59:and capacity. Thus he will be induced to contribute what he can of beauty to the world and of rightProblems, 61:an historical background which enables him to contribute something to the good of the whole, thatProblems, 72:the millions by whom they are surrounded; they contribute to charities and church agencies as aProblems, 109:rich and varied in that wonderful continent, and contribute their trained skill, their provedPsychology1, 217:system is the vegetable kingdom. Other planets contribute forms and appearances which are theirPsychology1, 367:prevent a nation having [367] aught to contribute to the world of nations and lead to that nation'sPsychology2, 197:it, His life can flow and the group members can contribute their quota of energy to the lifePsychology2, 424:thus meeting the desire to be noticed and to contribute. Much artistic effort or literary andPsychology2, 519:III of A Treatise on the Seven Rays, and it will contribute an entirely new approach. The effect ofPsychology2, 735:should give of himself, or in what way he could contribute for the aiding of humanity. The case hasRays, 38:do you, as an individual, register and therefore contribute to the greater light? Is the groupRays, 343:in group formation the group members unitedly contribute something to the enrichment of the Ashram.Rays, 419:qualities and intentions, for they all contribute to the evolutionary process as they cycle in andRays, 472:of the will. Soul energy and personality force contribute to the experience of the Monad in theRays, 749:event is a real factor in our time. Many factors contribute to this awakening. In most countries,Rays, 754:is true and right and good in the old forms will contribute, for the forces of right will withdrawSoul, 38:us here. The second group, whose duty is to contribute fluids which, acting in concert with each
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