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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTRIBUTION

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Glamour, 99:at the solution in your own lives as part of the contribution which you can make to this mostGlamour, 130:formulations of God's Idea has its specific contribution to make; each of them is a true idea whichGlamour, 179:supremacy, without obliterating the Eastern contribution, and the functioning of the Law of RebirthGlamour, 185:but an extension of Their central themes. Their contribution was an integral part of the generalGlamour, 188:of the past, and to them adds His Own contribution of the new revelation which it is His specificGlamour, 230:forward as a group, each member making his contribution and consciously attempting to visualize theGlamour, 260:completed and our Earth will then make a notable contribution to the great chords of the solarHealing, 265:which the Jews themselves must make the larger contribution. They have never yet faced candidly andHealing, 279:They thus attempt to throw overboard the contribution of the ages to man's knowledge of the humanHealing, 280:They are pioneering groups, and have a real contribution to make, but this will only be possible ifHealing, 281:It might therefore be said that the main contribution which I am making at this time is to indicateHealing, 331:to matter, or to the aggregated cell lives, the contribution of quality - consciousness and pureHealing, 358:becomes inverted and turns inward to make its contribution to the reservoir of physical force heldHealing, 373:in order to arrive at the vital and true contribution which they have to give. Others of a modernHealing, 481:to medical science as a whole; out of the united contribution should come a richer and more fluidHealing, 481:will be long in painting; in the meantime, the contribution of medicine is indispensable. In spiteHealing, 500:very small part in the death process, beyond the contribution of a simple soul determination to endHealing, 589:of the mental plane which then makes its own contribution. Its reaction produces what we call theIntellect, 201:may, in the last analysis, be as vital a contribution [202] to the sumtotal of spiritual endeavorMagic, 4:higher up the mountain than some) is my main contribution. Upon these points the students are atMagic, 169:He works at his own job, and carries forward his contribution to the activity of the whole, to theMagic, 267:and of physical substance. It lacks the soul contribution. Its purpose is in line with theMagic, 406:the work that they did for the race and their contribution to the pageant of the progress ofMagic, 406:of groups, each custodian of a special contribution, and trace for you the work they did or theMagic, 410:are few in number. Their personnel, their contribution to the growth of human expression, and theirMagic, 427:and symbology. Little by little also the special contribution and note of each group will bePatanjali, 64:appreciated. When this is realized, the contribution to human development by the great schools ofPatanjali, 72:largely contributory factors. The [72] great contribution of education (in schools, colleges,Patanjali, 233:control of the mind, which should be the contribution of that race to the evolutionary process.Problemslargely ignored by the majority of humanity. The contribution of esoteric students in creating "theProblems, 23:eyes to the true value of their possible world contribution. Being a strongly emotional andProblems, 28:also has much to contribute but as long as that contribution is considered, as it now is, in termsProblems, 28:value or its political usefulness, that contribution will not be given in aid of right humanProblems, 29:enrich the whole world with its own individual contribution. These two activities - national andProblems, 58:to the whole and the value of the contribution which he can and must make to the group. It isProblems, 59:an appeal for his individual effort and personal contribution. The above in no way implies anProblems, 62:proved. Some day an analysis will be made of the contribution of the three great continents -Problems, 89:its individual civilization but as a national contribution to the general good of the comity ofProblems, 103:in all open-minded [103] countries. Their contribution to the solution of this ancient problem is aProblems, 110:into the world arena a race with an amazing contribution to make of spiritual assets, culturalProblems, 157:proving survival and have thus made a valuable contribution to the structure of the New WorldPsychology1, 5:existent supernormal. What I seek to do, and the contribution I seek to make to the subject, havePsychology1, 49:teaching truth to humanity which is its unique contribution, and in this way develops man by aPsychology1, 57:persists and enriches the individual contribution, which is now intelligently and willinglyPsychology1, 118:The many psychologies have made their contribution to the whole subject, and all of them havePsychology1, 217:color. The vegetable kingdom is the outstanding contribution of our Earth to the general solarPsychology1, 217:we shall see why this has produced so unique a contribution. Its success is demonstrated in thePsychology1, 222:lower three, will the true significance of the contribution of the fourth kingdom to the entirePsychology1, 383:of Scientific Understanding. Hence their amazing contribution to the knowledge and thought of thePsychology2, 58:human form, places in that Temple his particular contribution to the whole, which might be statedPsychology2, 100:Life Let it not, however, be forgotten that the contribution to these three great planetary Lives,Psychology2, 101:through pain and rebellion, is a major contribution to the whole, and greatly enriches the sumPsychology2, 181:which will constitute the distinguishing contribution of any particular group to the raising of thePsychology2, 216:as a whole, particularly in relation to its contribution to the entire evolutionary scheme. HoweverPsychology2, 223:they are contributing to the total planetary contribution, as part of the great systemic Plan. ThePsychology2, 286:levels of the mental plane, and is definitely a contribution of the human being himself. The energyPsychology2, 295:intelligence or automatic activity was the contribution of the earlier manifestation of God, inPsychology2, 349:this, he necessarily has had to make some living contribution to the whole, in order to evoke itsPsychology2, 349:whole, but the focus of his activity is contribution, not acquisition, and, by [350] the working ofPsychology2, 462:vision of the whole, and in the nature of the contribution which the many aspects and attitudesPsychology2, 469:something - no matter how small the contribution may be. He becomes then constructive. I havePsychology2, 606:the mystical approach and the beauty of that contribution will still be the heritage of the race.Psychology2, 606:purpose, its place in racial unfoldment and its contribution to the "doctrine of Reality" will bePsychology2, 624:faith in his group affiliations. The greatest contribution to world thought at this time is thePsychology2, 694:with care what they can do and what is the contribution which they can make. Let them weigh up,Rays, 106:it has imparted in substance is left as its contribution - individual, group or planetary - to theRays, 194:of God at the moment of initiation made a major contribution to the human consciousness throughRays, 293:outside himself that which is his individual contribution to the totality of the creative formsRays, 294:and effectively. Recognition of the immediate contribution of the Ashram and his immediateRays, 294:contribution of the Ashram and his immediate contribution as an integral part of it. This does awayRays, 294:has taken due form. Conscious projection of his contribution onto the outer physical plane. ARays, 295:because of his development and because of the contribution he should be able to make to theRays, 344:[344] enterprise, a group service and a group contribution. The specific contribution of theRays, 344:service and a group contribution. The specific contribution of the individual does not appear. Rays, 424:an unknown source, via Gemini. In this latest contribution on the subject I mention that Libra, theRays, 531:(which is of major importance) constitutes his contribution to the future externalization of theReappearance, 107:the true death of the spirit. He made a unique contribution to the teaching given by Hercules andTelepathy, 17:up to feeling; the communicator's one thought-contribution was the name of the recipient, plus the
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