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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTROL

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Destiny, 75:which will release France from Leo and from the control of her self-centered personality. I wouldDestiny, 77:in the hands of France, which must let its soul control? It is because of this that, at the closeDestiny, 77:more potent, and its Leo personality can control with force to the detriment of future worldDestiny, 77:of future world understanding, or its soul can control to the furthering of the ends of theDestiny, 80:the soul of the people and its emergence into control is really taking place today in Berlin andDestiny, 81:from the higher angle, Gemini does not entirely control, for the soul of Britain is only nowDestiny, 82:not aided world peace and is indicative of the control of Taurus. I would add here that the beliefDestiny, 83:and are all equally indicative of personality control. This is, as you know, a thing to be overcomeDestiny, 84:giving to the empire its grounded physical plane control over place and circumstance, its legalDestiny, 86:[86] the Aquarian age is flourishing and the Leo control of the Russian personality has beenDestiny, 107:the doctrine of the heart and the law of love control. In this connection, the two groups areDestiny, 118:the dense physical form which is under the control of the third ray. It is the vital or the ethericDestiny, 119:then you have the symbolic representation of the control by the soul of the four higher levels ofDestiny, 123:in nature as it brings the form under its control, thereby effecting needed and developing changesDestiny, 128:which every disciple has to learn is the nature, control and direction of energy; he does this byDestiny, 129:forces. Higher energies may intermittently control, but as a general rule the life incentive orDestiny, 133:desires, personal ambitions, and territorial control produced the many schisms and cleavages andDestiny, 134:differ for each ray. Those which will eventually control the seventh ray types will gradually bringDestiny, 140:also to note that Venus now comes into control in the third decanate of the Aquarian Age. Venus isDestiny, 150:This initiation demonstrates the complete control of the emotional nature and of all PisceanDiscipleship1, XI:beginning to come under the influence and the control of their own souls and are, therefore,Discipleship1, 16:Each of you should remember that purity of body, control of the emotions and stability of mind areDiscipleship1, 19:cases is that the soul may assume an increasing control over the form aspect. Looking at it fromDiscipleship1, 21:the major emphasis laid upon emotional-desire control in all treatises on discipleship or onDiscipleship1, 28:that I seek to accomplish is related to thought control and to the activity of the creativeDiscipleship1, 32:This deals with the new psychology and with the control of the personality and with the MysteriesDiscipleship1, 50:Through the life of meditation. Through the control of the astral body. Discipleship1, 69:and pure intent. In the New Age, a paralleling control will take place [70] over the world ofDiscipleship1, 70:the forces of glamor and illusion. We seek to control them today mentally and theoretically. ButDiscipleship1, 88:attention. The whole history of true emotional control is to be found in the sentence just given.Discipleship1, 88:just given. The process of achieving this control constitutes one of the most difficult periods inDiscipleship1, 102:be transmuted into wisdom and the eye of vision control your living processes and all yourDiscipleship1, 111:the solar plexus must be brought about by right control of the ajna, throat, heart and solar plexusDiscipleship1, 126:factors. This gives you devotion and mental control and it should give you real balance but,Discipleship1, 126:this, my brother, and let the intelligent soul control your devoted personality. There lies yourDiscipleship1, 151:BROTHER OF OLD: In dealing with the rays which control and dominate your life I would remind youDiscipleship1, 171:a powerful astral body of sufficiently poised control to proceed with the task and the solution ofDiscipleship1, 188:result in a pronounced glamor and a glamorous control in some form or another. It can speak to youDiscipleship1, 191:have can be consecrated, through reticence and control, to service. Egoic or soul magnetism shouldDiscipleship1, 191:makes magnetic all three bodies, you must learn control and right use; otherwise soul force,Discipleship1, 192:- whilst the alignment factor is related to the control by your soul, and the establishing of aDiscipleship1, 193:of others. 2nd month - May the love of the soul control my lower nature, and guide me in the way ofDiscipleship1, 199:of this light is achieved through mind control. What does mind control signify to me? [200] By whatDiscipleship1, 199:is achieved through mind control. What does mind control signify to me? [200] By what problems andDiscipleship1, 207:- as I have done whilst studying you - that control of the time factor is the main need at thisDiscipleship1, 219:interesting and an easy matter for the soul to control and [220] illumine the mind when the firstDiscipleship1, 221:of your soul ray and to an achieved measure of control, your effect upon those you seek to serve isDiscipleship1, 222:your last life, for love did not so powerfully control your reactions. It is not dangerous in thisDiscipleship1, 222:the outer forms and techniques of authority and control, thus developing wisdom and practicingDiscipleship1, 229:is good for the aspirant who is working upon the control of the emotional body and the attaining ofDiscipleship1, 232:a correct understanding of the five forces which control you in this incarnation should do much toDiscipleship1, 233:in your case, owing to the two major rays which control you - the first Ray of Power, of isolation,Discipleship1, 233:incarnation, every step forward in soul control must be taken through the facing of certain testsDiscipleship1, 244:your first ray soul is beginning to assume some control over your personality. Is this not a realDiscipleship1, 257:personality so that the energy of the soul may control from mental levels, and so employ yourDiscipleship1, 257:are brought into play when the soul can grip and control the vital body, but they demonstrate moreDiscipleship1, 257:of your life, if you will work with and control (as a soul) your mental body, you will enter intoDiscipleship1, 257:will enter into your next incarnation with the control of the personality centered in the mind.Discipleship1, 258:emphasis into the "mind area" and from there control the physical body instead of controlling itDiscipleship1, 258:(as is now the case) by a great effort of soul control from soul levels. This is a hint to the wayDiscipleship1, 279:remembering that I but suggest and seek not to control or to dictate?... [280] Your otherDiscipleship1, 281:will be no danger of the growth of any mental control over your group brothers. Fifteen minutesDiscipleship1, 283:if you will, a growing tendency towards soul control. I say tendency, my brother, for it is whenDiscipleship1, 283:establish this habit. It lies for you hid in the control of time, which constitutes for you a majorDiscipleship1, 283:types of people demonstrates through their control of force. With other types it shows in theirDiscipleship1, 283:of force. With other types it shows in their control of the time factor and their ability toDiscipleship1, 286:the vision; the power to intuit; the capacity to control that which must be brought through andDiscipleship1, 293:characteristic, should be your main thought and control your hidden life during the next [294] sixDiscipleship1, 312:of many years of reflection and of thought control, plus (in this life) academic training. For theDiscipleship1, 315:mastering of the world wherein love and wisdom control. Your astral body is on the sixth ray but,Discipleship1, 331:in past lives - achieved a fair measure of soul control. Note my words with care. A desire toDiscipleship1, 332:brings release to others. Yours is by the right control of speech and the elimination of allDiscipleship1, 340:and the particular in the glamor which seeks control of you, as is usually the case with the man inDiscipleship1, 340:can be bridged, thus letting in the illumining control of the lower mind, plus normal concreteDiscipleship1, 341:work and the achievement of clear-sighted control over a powerful personality, thus leading you toDiscipleship1, 366:from her group endeavor and from my so-called control and take one year for careful thought, priorDiscipleship1, 370:also to note how much your life of love does control your work and service. I am aware of it. Am IDiscipleship1, 388:action and aspiration, into continued mental control; for you, therefore, there need be noDiscipleship1, 427:case. However, it also makes possible an easier control of the astral body by the mind, if you soDiscipleship1, 428:of 2-4-6. Why is this? The reason is that the control of your soul is, in this incarnation, ofDiscipleship1, 445:of my bodies requires the most observation and control? Have I demonstrated the powers ofDiscipleship1, 462:today, the battle is one of endurance, of the control of the emotions, of the right understandingDiscipleship1, 493:high point of integration has now undue control. It must be dominated by the soul whose nature isDiscipleship1, 498:response to criticism and its dislike of outer control or interference which must be regulated.Discipleship1, 498:which must be regulated. There is no one to control you through your responsibility for them or toDiscipleship1, 505:your mind nature will come increasingly into control and become the transmitter of illumination asDiscipleship1, 509:the point of development and from the lack of control of the personalities with which you areDiscipleship1, 556:life, the right unfoldment and the achieved control of the love nature, as your sentient astralDiscipleship1, 586:beat of your loving soul - now emerging into control. A tendency to criticize. Need I enlarge uponDiscipleship1, 588:a period at least eliminate the mind from astral control. Can you do this? If you can, you willDiscipleship1, 593:The second thing which you have to learn is the control of the fluid map-making, plan-formulatingDiscipleship1, 593:activity that it gets temporarily out of calm control. Too much is seen at once; too much is sensedDiscipleship1, 594:not the domination of a person in a group or the control of two or three people. This means slowerDiscipleship1, 613:may be. The glamor of spiritual dominance or control over others. Therefore, continuously, you seekDiscipleship1, 634:reverts to ancient ways, to ancient thoughts, to control by ancient thought-forms and isDiscipleship1, 642:to this, seeing that your group-soul ray is in control and dominating your personality. This willDiscipleship1, 655:OUTLINE Achieve comfort, alignment and control. These I need not elaborate to you. You know. SoundDiscipleship1, 659:of energy. Thus will your soul assume control. I have stated in the above few words both yourDiscipleship1, 659:the key to release - release from personality control and reactions, release from self-pity,Discipleship1, 663:will, therefore, produce an increasing power of control by the soul - the One who knows no
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