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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTROL

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Discipleship2, 731:in and love of others, and by stern mental control and unfoldment. [732] Discipleship2, 734:for the unfoldment of the intuition and for the control of the lower psychic nature. This psychicDiscipleship2, 752:have your emotional or astral body well under control. On the inner planes of the personality, yourEducation, ix:of a world crisis far beyond their capacity to control." In an article on Our Goal Is Unity in TheEducation, 7:to, environing conditions, but is under the control of the mind. If the mind is the center ofEducation, 22:Thus and only thus, can he be released from the control of his lower nature. 6. The attribute ofEducation, 30:and emotional relationships, we shall learn to control the mind and to bridge the divisions, and soEducation, 48:of living, foundational truths, coordination and control. The high schools or the secondary schoolsEducation, 60:a true esotericist - even if, in his effort to control the sought-for energies, he denies theirEducation, 61:from the higher mental levels. These seek to control the forces of the threefold man when a certainEducation, 63:of energies, which cannot be brought under the control of that which is spiritual. All that existsEducation, 70:The training of the physical body, the control of the emotional body, and the development of rightEducation, 81:phasis in the future upon: A developing mental control of the emotional nature. Vision or theEducation, 83:schools, the intellectual unfoldment and control of the mental processes will be emphasized, whilstEducation, 97:the antahkarana, the development of the power to control life and to work white magic through theEducation, 97:and also the science of service whereby group control and group relationship are fostered andEducation, 104:and in material attitudes while under parental control and in the educational systems of the day,Education, 107:are undoubtedly there; hence the press and radio control which is found in all countries in someEducation, 107:which underlies our planetary life. This control falls into two major categories: FinancialEducation, 107:falls into two major categories: Financial control, as in the United States. Government control, asEducation, 107:control, as in the United States. Government control, as in Europe and Great Britain. The peopleEducation, 108:urge. The fact that there is a hidden control which has persisted down the ages and which can beEducation, 118:out of the fifth root race. Such is the esoteric control of the Law of Correspondence. I wouldEducation, 119:quality will be the intuitive understanding and control of energy; its contribution to theEducation, 130:for the revolt of modern youth against parental control, though other factors - such as rebellionEducation, 131:the light" yet without establishing undue mental control and authority. This latter sentence willEducation, 131:and also with the problem of the state and its control, far more than is generally conceded. ThoseEducation, 135:but the race is rapidly achieving personality control (e'en though our idea of rapidity may not beEducation, 135:of the human species. This lack of sexual control has brought into the world thousands of unwantedEducation, 136:perfection. The right form of scientific sex control, leading to those right conditions in whichEducation, 140:New Age - Chapter IV - The Angle of Personality Control The Angle of Personality Control Much thatEducation, 140:of Personality Control The Angle of Personality Control Much that I could say here would simply beEducation, 141:talk to you about personality development and control? Is not that something which you have [142]Externalisation, 8:article to distinguish the awakened seeker after control and mastery from the lower type ofExternalisation, 17:the head center is awakened, brought under control and used. When this is the case, the soul andExternalisation, 18:and bring the lower man under the influence and control of the spiritual man; it will awaken alsoExternalisation, 25:inner silence, of introspective thought, of self control and of meditation, to self-forgetfulnessExternalisation, 26:with, therefore, a dominant outer expression and control, and originating as the result of desire.Externalisation, 36:will inaugurate the era of light and of a free control of the astral plane, with its quality ofExternalisation, 51:that the objective of all true governmental control is right synthesis, leading to right nationalExternalisation, 51:will proceed either by the method of enforced control, or would be of such a nature that they willExternalisation, 51:to a world of right values. This form of world control lies indefinitely ahead. When it becomesExternalisation, 72:the Hierarchy at this time is so to direct and control all five of the powerful energies that theExternalisation, 82:Wesak Festival in 1940 let each of you gain that control of speech which has often been your goalExternalisation, 82:remember that the most powerful factor in the control of speech is a loving heart. Wild and fearfulExternalisation, 113:and in no situation does it command or assume control. It can and does bring good out of evil,Externalisation, 113:Hierarchy cannot go. If it assumed authoritative control, a race of automatons would be developedExternalisation, 120:the goal of effort and thus acquired, began to control the purely animal nature; man began to beExternalisation, 121:new standards of material comfort and of selfish control on an increasingly large scale as theExternalisation, 121:intangible values were slowly assuming a vague control, thus making the lines of cleavage betweenExternalisation, 122:water because the guides of the race knew how to control and master the forces of nature and of theExternalisation, 123:show also man's magical ability to subdue and control the subhuman kingdoms and the elementalExternalisation, 125:of the individual to determine the issues which control or should control the group of which he isExternalisation, 125:to determine the issues which control or should control the group of which he is a part. These areExternalisation, 126:ideas and policies as well as by environmental control and bias, the race has gone a long wayExternalisation, 126:meaning) - are still victims of authority, of control, and remain relatively unthinking andExternalisation, 127:in many lands so that they have assumed control of the masses and can thus determine the policiesExternalisation, 128:out in earlier writings - relatively futile to control the situation as yet or to force theirExternalisation, 131:and the mode of applying the ideology. The control of powerful and dangerous personalities, and theExternalisation, 131:need. This, in its turn, is the result of the control for many centuries in the past by theExternalisation, 131:This is brought about very largely because the control is, in this federation of states, in theExternalisation, 132:sense of the higher values can and frequently do control the impulses governing this group ofExternalisation, 136:moving out from under ancient controls into the control of more spiritual and increasingly higherExternalisation, 136:inclusive and there is a fresh and more potent control by the soul as it assumes increasingly theExternalisation, 142:bring due reward of light and love. Let the soul control the outer form and life and all events,Externalisation, 148:personally may choose. There is no authoritative control over the minds of men assumed orExternalisation, 148:of the production of contact and subsequent control of the forces of earth, water, fire and air.Externalisation, 149:workers but it concerns material nature and the control of substance and, in the realm of the lowerExternalisation, 149:on to the higher and more spiritual values. The control of the natural forces and the evocation ofExternalisation, 150:and which is concerned with the invocation and control of the substantial and elemental forces ofExternalisation, 180:the negating of all spiritual teaching, and the control of men's minds and liberties. War is alwaysExternalisation, 188:dominate the economic system of the world and control all imports and exports. The standard ofExternalisation, 190:the case in Great Britain, must disappear. The control of labor by capital or the control ofExternalisation, 190:The control of labor by capital or the control of capital by labor must also go. [191] In the newExternalisation, 197:centralization of the world's produce under the control of a handful of people in each country.Externalisation, 200:of effort and the recognition of the economic control of a league of nations. This league, beingExternalisation, 200:body being chosen by the three blocs, would control all sources of supply, distribute all suchExternalisation, 201:orthodox theology, state ecclesiasticism and the control of the church. They are neither interestedExternalisation, 214:can criticize? Selfishness and separativeness control the other group. You have, therefore, in theExternalisation, 216:kindness and goodwill to rule world affairs and control the policies of the governments. EveryExternalisation, 220:enterprises is now out of the hands and the control of the individual; the responsibility for theExternalisation, 221:result of his material nature and lack of soul control. But - the soul is eternal; its nature isExternalisation, 252:to think that these must lie outside of human control and constitute part of the inscrutable willExternalisation, 252:law which are yet not so far removed from human control. For ages man has generated energies whichExternalisation, 258:Masons.) They are the custodians of forces which control them and over which they themselves haveExternalisation, 258:and over which they themselves have no slightest control. You ask who these seven are: Hitler, vonExternalisation, 266:do They come? All the ideas and concepts which control human life and have given rise to ourExternalisation, 274:place. He aids and makes possible, owing to His control, the precipitating upon the Earth and inExternalisation, 275:has appeared on Earth and sought to gain control over humanity. Note that aim. This will-to-powerExternalisation, 276:"saving force" to take hold of our minds and to control from that directing center, for it embodiesExternalisation, 292:the consciousness of humanity is subject to the control of the pairs of opposites. These two are:Externalisation, 316:of man shall triumph. The Forces of Light do control the forces of evil. The work of the Great OnesExternalisation, 318:other. Let love - not emotion and sentiment - control your thoughts, words and deeds. I would askExternalisation, 339:to be a world in which the spiritual values will control, viewing those values as that which isExternalisation, 339:but should condition man's daily life and control all his planning for the future. For this, menExternalisation, 340:Forces of Light will assume the upper hand and control human affairs. The difficulty with which theExternalisation, 340:and an organized, evil minority took control. Freedom of conscience and of action was removed, andExternalisation, 353:[353] help if you evoke your own will and control your emotions, disciplining your personality.Externalisation, 353:Himself; it is the will-to-goodness, to self-control and to the evocation of right action for whichExternalisation, 355:attitudes which are so largely coming into control, irrespective of any theological trend. These
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