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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTROL

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Externalisation, 372:no sure future. Millions have known no parental control; they have been separated by war from theirExternalisation, 372:the children have therefore no home life or control. Malnutrition has weakened their stamina andExternalisation, 372:and conduct and some measure of understanding control. This is essentially a problem of education.Externalisation, 374:the family of nations into a superstate for the control of Europe and another for Asia, and regardExternalisation, 375:sun, Lebensraum, financial supremacy, economic control [376] and power must end. At the same timeExternalisation, 416:Hierarchy, functioning under the guidance and control of the Christ and related to the highestExternalisation, 425:the human consciousness through the complete control of men's minds, through the withholding ofExternalisation, 442:mental world? Do I need to ask for the control of emotions in the general interest, and for theExternalisation, 448:pacifism or a dominating, religious, temporal control. The long rule of the various churches isExternalisation, 454:driven back; the Forces of Light will then take control. Externalisation, 457:forces are under the direction and the control of One Whom we might call (speaking symbolically,Externalisation, 481:both Germany and Japan are under the complete control of the United Nations, through whom theExternalisation, 499:permit, if they can help it, the passing of the control of this illimitable power into the hands ofExternalisation, 499:right human relations and to prevent selfish control, financial or ecclesiastical, by any group ofExternalisation, 504:Certain of the Masters have the work under Their control, and through Their grouped disciples areExternalisation, 509:hence fatigue will be eliminated. In the human control of etheric levels lies the overcoming ofExternalisation, 512:and of those whose souls are in sufficient control so that the will of the Hierarchy may beExternalisation, 512:and when we comprehend more fully the laws that control the subtler bodies, and through themExternalisation, 569:which will be coming into activity and control when the intended project is carried out. You haveExternalisation, 570:appear and take outer and recognizable physical control of world affairs. The time for this will beExternalisation, 572:gradually the Hierarchy will take over the control upon the physical plane - subjectively as wellExternalisation, 572:not involve the imposition of any hierarchical control or authority; it will simply signify theExternalisation, 573:the choices of an unintelligent public or on the control which the hierarchical technique evidentlyExternalisation, 573:the new religion; by the time they come into control the old theological activities will have beenExternalisation, 573:take certain initial steps towards reassuming control of His Church; the Buddha will send twoExternalisation, 580:exchange (to the benefit of all concerned) will control. Owing to the development of atomic energyExternalisation, 581:Upon this threefold condition of the basic control of the products of the planet, these third rayExternalisation, 581:of the substantial assets and the continued control, even though greatly lessened, of humanExternalisation, 588:perfection of the visionary mystic, but the control of the instrument, man in incarnation, by theExternalisation, 588:earth in everyday life and at all stages of that control. From a recognition of this relationship,Externalisation, 615:antagonisms, and the selfish motives which control so many national units, plus the dull apathy ofExternalisation, 615:the struggle between Hindu and Moslem for the control of India, and the fight over Palestine -Externalisation, 625:donors or the religious prejudices of those who control the disbursement of the funds. In theExternalisation, 639:to the cycle of well-intentioned money control. A world divided into "blocs" for mutual aid andExternalisation, 651:of Christ's mission; therefore the struggle for control is with us now. If the forces of evil, plusExternalisation, 651:forces of evil, plus the groups of men who seek control of the human spirit (no matter in whatExternalisation, 669:is the Head of the third Ray of Aspect and is in control, therefore, of the two Rays of AttributeExternalisation, 677:as world unity or hierarchical gradations and control - have distorted the truth and produced theFire, 6:The Law of Disintegration. The Law of Magnetic Control. The Law of Fixation. The Law of Love. TheFire, 24:Lords from Their high place, view the past, control the Now, and ponder on the Day be with us. TheFire, 47:and therefore part of the sphere, or system of control, of the Monad. These form an esotericFire, 51:of life in the fourth kingdom, and united they control (partially now and later entirely) the lowerFire, 51:the lower threefold man or the personality; this control lasts up to the time of the firstFire, 52:All these elementals and devas are under the control of the fire Lord, Agni. When considering HimFire, 75:with the karma of the individual. It involves a control of the evolution of the monadic essence,Fire, 107:attention, therefore, to the spleen, and by wise control of living conditions, some of the troubleFire, 120:subplane of the mental plane, man begins to control his causal or egoic body, and to polarize hisFire, 131:and the great Law of Attraction ceases to [131] control it; hence disintegration is the ensuingFire, 139:this subject. He who directs his efforts to the control of the fires of matter, is (with aFire, 139:Spirit, and then by self-discipline, mind-control and a definite refining of his material bodies,Fire, 139:heart, then that divine guest can consciously control the lower material bodies by means ofFire, 139:Only when buddhi has assumed an ever-increasing control [140] of the personality, via the mentalFire, 148:still higher than our Logos, and is the law of control exercised by Him upon the Logos of ourFire, 151:upon the centers which come primarily under its control. As we have been told, and as is generallyFire, 162:and to a strenuous endeavor to purify and control his sheaths. When he has done this and has bothFire, 166:of the centers as the Ego first comes into control, or activity, and later (after initiation) theFire, 174:the human being comes more and more under the control of his intellect, operating through hisFire, 188:Creation. - S. D., III, 567. Indriya - The control of the senses in yoga practice. These are the 10Fire, 205:as the Spirit or Will aspect takes ever fuller control. The unifying triangles are produced by theFire, 218:to the true inwardness of matter and also to its control, - this control being based on the rightFire, 218:of matter and also to its control, - this control being based on the right interpretation of theFire, 230:has included within his sphere of influence and control the mental plane. He is then considered aFire, 230:full self-knowledge. Achieving full mastery or control. Attaining "manhood" cosmically. The cosmicFire, 231:more complete, brings the form more under control and develops a conscious realization of the SelfFire, 249:of life at the center increases its radius of control until the whole is brought under rule andFire, 253:Note therefore the gradual stepping-up of the control and the fact that: First. The Law of EconomyFire, 253:the atom. The Law of Attraction is coming into control of the atom. The Law of Synthesis is butFire, 254:the planetary chain. His spiritual life control at any given period. It is the power whereby HeFire, 258:to ascertain the extent of the subjective control, by the measure of the solar sphere of influence,Fire, 258:animating the ten schemes. By the extent of the control exerted by the Logos at any given period.Fire, 259:constructed. When the lower is under the control of the higher, or when the quaternary is mergingFire, 260:intelligent cooperator, and (escaping from the control of the Law in the three worlds) wield theFire, 282:Man has to bring down into conscious full control, the God within. Through that control he mustFire, 282:full control, the God within. Through that control he must dominate circumstance, make hisFire, 285:is as yet in any way brought under conscious control. The knowledge which deals with that plane,Fire, 287:yet conquered, and brought within the radius of control of the indwelling Entity. The point to beFire, 289:To attain the consciousness of the realized control of their own individual ring-pass-not, or ofFire, 290:time into love-wisdom, and entail the conscious control of the entire seven planes of the solarFire, 290:with it the capacity to have full conscious control on the seven planes of the solar system, andFire, 291:time to a solution is due to the fact that the control of the Heavenly Man, Whose body our schemeFire, 291:in His body in the same way that lack of astral control in the case of a human being, affects hisFire, 291:and that our planetary Logos has not the control, for instance, that the Heavenly Man of the VenusFire, 291:of the cosmic astral plane is brought under control, and the consciousness of the Heavenly ManFire, 291:it might be explained thus: He is perfecting the control of the fourth subplane on the cosmicFire, 291:completed it. He is beginning to work at the control of the fifth subplane - a control which willFire, 291:to work at the control of the fifth subplane - a control which will be perfected in the fifthFire, 292:Law of Action and Reaction. It brings within His control not only the seven subplanes of the cosmicFire, 295:form to Itself, and of its slow utilization and control. This persists until that RealizationFire, 308:lives, was the development of a conscious control, and a psychic awareness within certain setFire, 318:plane, as a unified whole, under the complete control of that cosmic Entity Who is seekingFire, 338:Perfect the form as well as use it. Obtain control of active substance, and turn its forces intoFire, 407:also be remarked that more and more will the control of the fourth Kumara be evidenced and felt. OnFire, 407:plane in conscious activity, and thus out of the control of manas pure and simple, a very seriousFire, 410:little is as yet brought under the intelligent control of the entity within the form. Only theFire, 410:Man is gradually achieving that conscious control over matter in the three worlds which his divineFire, 410:already achieved. They are attaining a similar control on higher levels. Below man come many livesFire, 423:purposeful, ordered, intelligent activity, will control in the life of the peoples of this world.Fire, 432:the right to enter the Path, and procure that control over his lower bodies which will make him aFire, 435:on the astral plane in an intelligent conscious control which will be based not so much on theFire, 451:in matter of all grades, sound all notes, and control all types of force. He stands ready then to
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