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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CONTROL

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Fire, 451:Mantrams which deal with etheric matter, and control the devas of the ethers. Mantrams which dealFire, 451:which deal with dense physical matter and control the subhuman evolution through certain groups ofFire, 451:Words concerning the deva evolution which control, and bring different groups of devas into theFire, 482:substance of his own sheaths, nor in vibratory control of his third aspect, incurs risk when heFire, 482:working from the egoic level through conscious control, knowledge of the protective sounds andFire, 485:universal. In every case, conscious self-induced control, or authority, precedes ability toFire, 485:the earlier stages of initiation, formulas that control the lesser devas, and which produce resultsFire, 486:mineral elements, and builders whom they would control, is the same as in the above mentioned casesFire, 487:within, or the Ego in the causal body, is in control of his threefold personality can he occultlyFire, 487:or alchemist works with deva essence through the control of the lesser Builders in cooperation withFire, 491:worlds, and do evil that good may come; both control the devas, and attempt to produce specificFire, 494:has consequently been lost. Third. Inability to control the fire elementals who are the externalFire, 494:race who have been practically incapable of this control, having lost the Words, the formulas, andFire, 496:ether somewhat comprehended, shall we see that control of the air which lies inevitably ahead.Fire, 501:and vibration, and his utilization of them to control the lower forms. The working out of purposeFire, 501:causal body. Bring about conscious connection or control of the threefold lower nature through theFire, 511:the majority of men inevitably direct and control the physical vehicle. The astral body is in theFire, 517:resistance of force, and is passing out of the control of the Deva Lord and coming under theFire, 517:control of the Deva Lord and coming under the control of positive life. This concerns the evolutionFire, 517:A permanent atom comes under the direct control of the lower of the three groups of Lipika Lords,Fire, 525:them from those who recognize as yet only the control of the lunar Lords. In terms of Fire: thoseFire, 530:Until a man is coming consciously under the control of the Ego and is beginning to sense theFire, 550:the necessary knowledge as will enable a man to control and build his own system, to understand theFire, 554:His centers, but is not as yet fully under His control. The other two are sensed, and felt, but soFire, 563:plane), with the type of elemental which he can control, and send forth as the occupier, orFire, 564:planes (atma-buddhi-manas), who construct and control the work of the planetary schemes. Men workFire, 566:of purpose, of coordination, of direction and control. Even though it may seem that much has beenFire, 569:the atmic to the physical. The Law of Magnetic Control holds sway paramountly on the buddhic plane,Fire, 569:the buddhic plane, and in the development of the control of this law lies hid the control of theFire, 569:of the control of this law lies hid the control of the personality by the Monad via the egoic body.Fire, 573:laws that guide His choice of material, that control the form that He erects, and that indicate toFire, 573:me briefly illustrate: The fourth law, Magnetic Control, for instance, holds sway on the fourthFire, 573:correspondence as follows: 4th Law - Magnetic Control. 4th Ray - Harmony or beauty. 4th Plane - TheFire, 574:buddhic. [574] 4th Subplane - Buddhic Magnetic Control. 4th Round - Dense Physical Magnetism,Fire, 576:On the plane of buddhi, as the law of magnetic control. It shows itself as the love-wisdom aspect,Fire, 578:second subplane of the mental plane, and monadic control then commences. The Monads of love returnFire, 578:of human evolution both groups of Monads have to control atomic and molecular matter as well andFire, 578:by the evolving Monad in his struggle to control each atomic subplane. The Monads of power haveFire, 581:ideals are embodied, - the forms of political control, the forms in which nature itself evolves,Fire, 583:and Fire Elementals 4. The Law of Magnetic Control 82 This law is the basic law controlling theFire, 584:on the buddhic levels, and Who has magnetic control in the three worlds. The lower is alwaysFire, 584:human, was formed), it was this Law of Magnetic Control that effected the juncture of astro-animalFire, 585:the Ray of Harmony or Beauty - Harmony through control, that control entailing the knowledge ofFire, 585:or Beauty - Harmony through control, that control entailing the knowledge of wisdom. It is theFire, 586:of the manifesting Triad, the Law of Magnetic Control - love. Again lower down on the second planeFire, 586:higher laws in the system - the Laws of Magnetic Control, of Disintegration, and of Cohesion. ThereFire, 587:second Ray or the Love-Wisdom aspect wields a control on the fourth and sixth planes, and dominatesFire, 587:and dominates the Laws of Cohesion and Magnetic Control, and the astral Law of Love. There is aFire, 587:and the laws of the planes where they specially control. The third Ray which is the ActivityFire, 587:2, 4, 6, and the Laws of Cohesion, Magnetic Control, and of Love, form another unit. The ActivityFire, 587:It is logical for the first Ray only to have control, as yet, on two planes, for the Power AspectFire, 588:Science, Devotion and Ceremonial Order, their control exists in degrees on all the planes, but theyFire, 588:the three worlds at this time. These four Rays control, in a subtle and peculiar manner, the fourFire, 589:is made. Through Ceremonial Order comes the control of the lesser builders, the elemental forces,Fire, 592:law, and will come under the Law of Magnetic Control. The other will remain under the law in aFire, 624:This is why the physical vehicle has such control during long stages of man's evolution, for theFire, 625:can then safely become a magician and contact, control and work with, the devas in connection withFire, 638:and when he brings under his conscious control the forms built of this substance, he will graduallyFire, 640:departments will be chosen for their ability to control the agnichaitans when manifestingFire, 640:that will swing into action forces which will control the fiery destructive elements. 8 TheFire, 640:devas is very definitely connected with the control of the Manu's department, and of the greatFire, 645:are a group who are coming somewhat under the control of man, and will be more and more dominatedFire, 648:yet be revealed, is largely given over to deva control - the two groups of devas meeting there, andFire, 660:plane, has achieved a more unified conscious control than His brothers of [661] the mental andFire, 661:not yet dissociated himself from, nor learnt to control, his animal nature, he too comes under theFire, 662:of the astral plane at present very largely control what he does and says, and his goal ofFire, 662:goal) is to liberate himself from their control in order that he, the real Ego or thinker, may beFire, 663:and positive power, are as yet practically in control of the majority. Man usually does as hisFire, 667:Limitation is the law for them. Man aims at self-control. Devas must develop by being controlled.Fire, 673:associated with animal man. To the power and control which these pitris assumed must be ascribedFire, 674:living orders is not yet brought fully under His control. The deva evolution has far to travel. IfFire, 688:threshold" of consciousness. Man has to learn to control, guide and use the deva substances ofFire, 689:of wisdom, and by the domination [689] and control of the Agnishvattas, achieve something of whichFire, 696:and with the lower mental, and effect their control. The chief effect being felt in those bodies,Fire, 720:methods will be contacted. They mark the gradual control by the Logos on cosmic levels of HisFire, 721:dominated the material aspect, or gained the control of the third Fire in an earlier system. A hintFire, 791:by man) will bring him to a very careful control of his sheaths, and to a close attention to theFire, 802:center in the planetary body. It involves atomic control, but involves also conscious subjection toFire, 804:of circumstances outside human and even group control, which illustrates the helplessness of man inFire, 804:within limits, man definitely does "control his destiny," and can initiate action which producesFire, 804:may be the meeting place of forces outside his control, yet he can utilize force, circumstance andFire, 808:life upon its sheaths, and their subsequent control, and in the second case we have theFire, 814:is one of the first indications of egoic control, and as more and more of the human family comeFire, 814:direct with the physical brain, and thus control the lower nature and work out its purposes. MenFire, 814:Ego. Then will men be taught to think, to assume control of the mental body, and thus develop theirFire, 815:of the lunar lords through the radiant control of the solar Lord. This is the occult method. It isFire, 819:sheaths for occupancy. The lower vibrations control, and "fire by friction" is that which warms andFire, 819:are eventually discarded. The middle vibrations control and solar fire irradiates; it lights up inFire, 845:so powerfully that it was only possible to control them through the dynamic will of the Logos,Fire, 845:mahamanvantara as it became safe and possible to control and bend them to the will of the greaterFire, 850:the One within the lesser ones assumes supreme control. Death is not known within these halls, forFire, 859:it or not as he may desire. It is under his control. The centers with which the student isFire, 862:the cause of much of that lack of emotional control everywhere to be seen. The astral substance isFire, 867:have been earlier subjugated and brought under control, then the effect of the force and energyFire, 873:of Activity. Theirs is the prerogative to control the electrical forces of the physical plane, andFire, 891:of the central fires are under their control. Their bodies are constituted so as to stand muchFire, 913:certain aspects of electrical phenomena, and control the seas, rivers, and streams. From amongFire, 913:in the care and segregation of types, in the control of the water and air elementals, and much thatFire, 930:work with them intelligently. Some he will control and manipulate, with others he will cooperate,Fire, 930:of the Left-hand Path. A white magician can control and manipulate deva substance, and he proceeds
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